270 Really Delicious National Food of the World

Did you know there are National Foods for Countries? Which Countries have the Most Delicious Food?

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There are more than 195 countries in the world, but the number of dishes is innumerable. Today, we will tell you about 270 really delicious national food of the world. Do not think anymore and just begin this journey to discover the delicacies that are designated as the national food of various countries across the globe.

Table of Contents

1. Kabuli Pulao (Afghanistan)

It is their national dish made with long-grained basmati rice and lentils.

2. Tave Kosi (Albania)

This dish is a simple dish made of baked lamb and rice, served with yogurt sauce traditionally.

3. Fergese Verore (Albania)

It is the summer version made from vegetables. (See Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?)

4. Couscous (Algeria)

The semolina is steamed and tossed with vegetables. 

5. Escudella (Andorra)

It is a meat stew made with different meats and is traditionally enjoyed on holy days.

6. Moamba de galinha (Angola)

A national dish made with chicken cooked in palm oil (Muamba). (Read 56 Types of Deliciously Famous Soups from Around the World)

7. Fungee and Pepperpot (Antigua and Barbuda)

A cornmeal dish served with a heavy stew made from okra in a pepper pot.

8. Harissa (Armenia)

This porridge of wheat and meat is cooked for hours.

9. Asados (Argentina)

This dish is made up of a variety of barbecue meat grilled on a large grill and accompaniments. (Read Argentine Lake Duck Overview)

10. Roast Lamb (Australia)

Slowly roasted lamb glazed with spicy sauces is one of the most famous national food of the world.

11. Tafelspitz (Austria)

A broth made with boiled beef and served with vegetables and spices is one of the tastiest national food of the world.

12. Plov (Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan Plov or Pulao is their national dish made with rice, meat, and different ingredients. (See Rum Ingredients)

13. Crack Conch with peas & rice (Bahamas)

Tempura, style fried conch shells served with black-eyed peas and tomato rice.

14. Chicken Machboos (Bahrain)

The dish is made with chicken cooked with rice, nuts, dry fruits, and rose water added for fragrance.

15. Flying Fish and Coo-Coo (Barbados)

It is porridge similar to polenta but with steamed fish in spicy sauce. (See What is a Good Substitute for Worcestershire Sauce?)

16. Fish and Rice (Bangladesh)

Steamed fish and rice that is served in a banana leaf is the traditional national dish of Bangladesh.

17. Draniki (Belarus)

Draniki is composed of pancakes or fritters of potatoes.

18. Moules-frites (Belgium)

Olive oil, thyme, shallots, and white wine vinegar add flavors to fresh mussels. (See What happens when you mix Vinegar with Baking Soda?)

19. Boil up (Belize)

This national dish consists of boiled dumplings along with veggies, poultry, and fish.

20. Ema Datshi (Bhutan)

Hot chilies are cooked with yak milk in rural areas and cow milk in urban areas.

21. Kuli-kuli (Benin)

Kuli-kuli is prepared with roasted and smashed ground peanuts further made as deep-fried balls or pretzel sticks. (Also read Legend of the Pretzel)

22. Saltena (Bolivia)

This national food of the world is made by mixing beef or chicken with olives.

23. Ćevapi (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

This dish contains small patties of grounded grilled beef.

24. Seswaa (Botswana)

A simple dish made with meat on the bone and basic salt-pepper seasoning. (See How is Salt Water Taffy Made?)

25. Feijoada (Brazil)

They cook kidney beans with meat and make a delicious stew.

26. Ambuyat (Brunei)

Thick tapioca starch wrapped on a long bamboo skewer/prong and served with sauces or stews.

27. Riz Gras (Burkina Faso)

Riz gras is a one-pot dish made with white rice, vegetables, tomato paste, and other ingredients. (See How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots)

28. Shapska Salad (Bulgaria)

Of 270 really delicious national food of the world, this is a simple dish with basic salad ingredients, parsley, and grated sirene cheese.

29. Mealie Meal Pap (Burundi)

A national breakfast dish made with milled white maize, chicken stock, and seasonings.

30. Ndole (Cameron)

Fish, nuts, and Ndole (ndoleh) leaves are stewed. (See How Are Peanuts Made?)

31. Amok Trey (Cambodia)

Fish coated with the native Cambodian spice paste and coconut milk extract.

32. Cachupa (Cabo Verde/Cape Verde)

It is a stew of beans, beef, corn, and fish.

33. Poutine (Canada)

French fries are covered with mild-spicy turkey or chicken gravy and fresh cheese curd. (Also read Interesting History of French Fries)

34. Poulet Moambe (Central African Republic)

It is an African chicken recipe that includes bananas, rice, and cassava, with meat.

35. Boule (Chad)

A porridge-like texture made with millet or maize turned into balls.

36. Cazuela de Ave (Chile)

This chicken stew dish is made especially on Chile’s Independence Day because it is their national dish. (See What Name Is Given To A Group Of Chickens?)

37. Peking Duck (China)

This dish is made with dark brown baked duck glazed in maltose syrup.

38. Bandeja Paisa (Colombia)

For this dish, red beans are stewed with various vegetables.

39. Poulet à la Moambé (Congo)

This dish is made with chicken stew, spices, vegetables, and seasonings. (See What Everybody Ought To Know About Seasoning Uses Of These 53 Different Spices)

40. Langouste a la Vanille (Comoros)

A delicious dish made with roasted lobster in vanilla sauce.

41. Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

This dish of 270 really delicious national food of the world is made with rice and beans (kidney, black, or pigeon).

42. Istrian Yota (Croatia)

It is made with ribs, pancetta, bacon, sauerkraut, pinto beans, other vegetables, and spices. (See Where Did Pasta Originate?)

43. Ropa Vieja (Cuba)

Shredded flat steak (meat from the lower abdomen near the rear legs) is cooked with tomato sauce.

44. Magarina Bulli (Cyprus)

One of the traditional dishes of Cypriot culture is made of the bucatini paste of chicken and pasta. 

45. Bramborak (Czech Republic)

A patty made with strips of raw potatoes, marjoram, and garlic. (Read How much garlic powder equals one clove of garlic?)

46. Fufu (Côte d’Ivoire)

A dish made with grains (rice, maize, and peanuts), plantains, and root vegetables (yams).

47. Frikadeller (Denmark)

Minced meat, eggs, onions, and milk combined, made into patties.

48. Skudahkharis (Djibouti)

A dish is also known by the name Djiboutian lamb stew is commonly prepared during the Islamic festival Eid-al-Adha. (See What does islam say about astrology?)

49. Mountain Chicken (Dominica)

This dish has no chicken, but the legs of a giant frog are its main ingredient.

50. La Bandera (Dominican Republic)

La Bandera is a dish prepared with white rice, meat curry, bean stew (black bean or red bean).

51. Kushari (Egypt)

This national food of the world dish is a mixture of rice, macaroni, and green lentils and topped with caramelized onions and tomato sauce. (See What are Some Examples of Green Fruits?)

52. Ceviche (Ecuador)

Fresh and raw fish (shrimp, sea bass, and crab) marinated with lime and spiced with Chile.

53. Pupusas (El Salvador)

It is made with thick tortillas with meat, cheese, squash, and other fillings, as per your preference.

54. Traditional Roast Beef Dinner (England)

Beef is roasted with gravy made with boiled or mashed potatoes, vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding. (See Why did the Pilgrims leave England?)

55. Fish & Chips (England)

Fish is cooked in a beer batter, deep-fried, crumbled, and served with potato chips (thick-cut).

56. Chicken Tikka Masala (England)

This dish is mild spicy masala gravy filled with oven-roasted chicken chunks. 

57. Succotash (Equatorial Guinea)

Local or seasonal vegetables are sautéed in butter and served in the form of salad. (See What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses of General Spices)

58. Zigni (Eritrea)

It is a flavorful national dish made with beef stew.

59. Verivorst (Estonia)

It is a winter dish prepared with meat, blood sausage, spices, onions, and marjoram.

60. Karoo (Kingdom of Eswatini)

This dish is made from roasted ostrich steaks served in spicy sauces, dips, and salads. (See 20 Revolutionary Diet Plans to Lose Weight)

61. Doro Wat (Ethiopia)

The stew of chicken and egg, spiced with berbere.

62. Fiji Kokoda (Fiji)

It is the national dish prepared with various types of fish as a raw fish salad.

63. Crepe (France)

Of 270 really delicious national food of the world, It is made with buckwheat flour or thin wheat flour pancakes filled with sweet or savory filling options. (See Why Do We Eat Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?)

64. Karelian Stew (Finland)

It is prepared with a combination of various meats and is filled or served with Karelian pasties.

65. Poulet Nyembwe (Gabon)

It is a spicy chicken dish made in palm oil along with different spices.

66. Domoda (Gambia)

It is a peanut (groundnut) stew with a saucy base, cooked with any vegetable, and one of the best national food of the world from the Gambia. (Also read The 15 Most Successful Football Clubs in Africa)

67. Khachapuri (Georgia)

Baked bread, leavened, filled with Sulguni cheese, and topped with butter.

68. Sauerbraten (Germany)

Sauerbraten, the beef marinade is made from peppercorns, clove, nutmeg, red wine vinegar, ginger, cinnamon, and juniper berries.

69. Fufu (Ghana)

It is dough-like food made from boiled and grounded/mashed starchy food items. (Read How Hot is Lukewarm?)

70. Moussaka (Greece)

Potato, sautéed eggplant, and spicy ground lamb, topped with Bechamel sauce (white sauce) and baked.

71. Oil Down (Grenada)

It is prepared with local vegetables, salted meat, and aromatic spices.

72. Chicken Pepian (Guatemala)

The chicken is cooked in a spicy sauce along with pumpkin and sesame seeds. (See 22 Magnesium-Rich Foods that are Healthy)

73. Poulet Yassa, (Guinea-Bissau)

The chicken is tenderized in a marinade and then cooked with vegetables and served with rice.

74. Pepperpot (Guyana)

A dish made from skewed meat glazed with a sauce of cassava root with peppers and cinnamon.

75. Poulet Aux Noix (Haiti)

This chicken and cashew nuts dish is cooked in chicken broth with vegetables and salt-pepper seasoning. (See Who Knows The Coca Cola Recipe?)

76. Fettuccine alla Papalina (Holy Sea)

A creamy pasta recipe is named after Pope Plus XII and is among the 270 really delicious national food of the world. 

77. Plato Tipico de Honduras (Honduras)

Refried beans, rice, and beef cooked together and served with sour cream and fried plantains (bananas).

78. Dim Sums (Hong Kong)

It is a bite-sized fried or steamed dumplings with different fillings. (See What are some foods that starts with Letter D?)

79. Goulash (Hungary)

Meat, noodles, and potatoes cooked in the tomato stew filled and spiced with paprika.

80. Hakarl (Iceland)

Greenland sharks or sleeper sharks are fermented by a special process with hanging it to ferment for four to five months. (See Why do sharks attack humans?)

81. Biryani (India)

Meat gravy flavored with various spices is added to boiled rice and slow-cooked.

82. Tandoori Chicken (India)

Whole chicken (with/without skin) is marinated in spices, yogurt, lemon/lime juice, and then baked in the tandoor (an Indian clay-based oven).

83. Masala Dosa (India)

Very thin sheets of fermented pancake batter are filled with potato filling. (Read Who Invented The Potato Chip)

84. Chelo Kebabs (Iran)

Grounded meat is marinated and then wrapped on skewers in a cylindrical shape and grilled.

85. Nasi Goreng (Indonesia)

Rice is stir-fried with shallots, soy sauce, and shrimp then topped with fried eggs. (Read Why eggs make some people feel sick?)

86. Masgouf (Iraq)

It is made of seasoned and grilled carps and barbs.

87. Irish Stew (Ireland)

Mutton cooked with carrots, onions, and potatoes and served with sprinkled fresh parsley.

88. Falafel (Israel)

Mashed chickpeas made into balls and deep-fried. (See How Israel was formed?)

89. Lasagna (Italy)

Of the delicious national food of the world, it has random layers of flat pasta and meat (any preferred), tomato sauce, and cheese flavored with spices.

90. Pizza (Italy)

The different flavored sauce is spread over the round flatbread, topped with meat, vegetables, or seafood, and baked. (Also read Who Invented Pizza?)

91. Polenta (Italy)

It is a cornmeal porridge that is eaten fried, grilled, or plain flavored.

92. Aloco (Ivory Coast)

Slices of plantain (banana) are rubbed with a spicy paste and deep-fried.

93. Ackee and Saltfish (Jamaica)

Originated as a slave dish, this recipe soon became the national dish as it is made with ackee and salted codfish. (See Why is spilling salt considered bad luck?)

94. Japanese Curry (Japan)

A simple curry sauce is filled with meat and vegetables and seasoned with Japanese spice additions.

95. Japanese Sushi (Japan)

Rice rolls filled with raw or cooked fish fillings and wrapped in Nori (seaweed).

96. Ramen (Japan)

A meat or fish broth flavored with soy sauce and floating wheat noodles. (See Ninja vs Samurai)

97. Mansaf (Jordan)

Lamb cooked in fermented yogurt sauce and served with bulgur (semolina) or rice.

98. Beshbarmak (Kazakhstan)

It is a national food of the world dish made with lamb/horse meat served with flat noodles.

99. Palusami (Kiribati)

Coconut milk and taro leaves (a vegetable similar to colocasia) are the main ingredients. (Read What is the plural of leaf? Is it leafs or leaves?)

100. Ugali (Kenya)

Ugali is a type of dense porridge vegetable or meat stew.

101. Machboos (Kuwait)

Chicken, vegetables, and rice are cooked in chicken broth with various spices.

102. Mutabbaq Samak (Kuwait)

Rice cooked in the well-spiced fried fish (Stromateus) stock. (See 45 Types of Fish)

103. Beshbarmak (Kyrgyzstan)

The dish can be made from a variety of meat (horse, beef, or mutton).

104. Larb (Laos)

It is a ground meat salad cooked with fish sauce accompanied with roasted ground rice. (See What is Yellow Mustard Made of?)

105. Kibbeh (Lebanon)

It is made from bulgur wheat (a cereal food made from cracked parboiled groats of several wheat species).

106. Pap-Pap (Lesotho)

It is made with a cornmeal dish with different sauces as accompaniments.

107. Cuscus Bil-Bosla (Libya)

Chicken, couscous, chickpeas, tomatoes, lamb, and potatoes are cooked together. (See Are Potatoes Vegetables or Fruits?)

108. Dumboy (Liberia)

The cassava is turned into balls in this dish.

109. Cepelinai (Lithuania)

It is the main dish of the nation, which is their version of potato dumplings.

110. Kasknopfle (Liechtenstein)

A simple dough-based dish with various accompaniments like local cheese, apple purée, and fried onions. (See 11 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Apple Fruit)

111. Bouchee a la reine (Luxembourg)

The name of the dish means queen’s morsel (inspired by Marie Leszczynska, Queen of France), and it is created from an individual vol-au-vent and its garnish.

112. Romazava (Madagascar)

It is a type of laoka (stew) with different local green vegetables and meat. (See 27 Types of Green Apples)

113. Malawian Nsima (Malawi)

It is mounds or patties of thick corn porridge and is best known out of 270 really delicious national food of the world.

114. Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)

Rice for nasi lemak is soaked overnight, next day cooked with flavoring leaves and other spices.

115. Gulha (Maldives)

It is made by filling smoked fish into deep-fried pastry balls. (Read What is Blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus)?)

116. Rabbit Stew (Malta)

Rabbit stew is prepared slowly to keep the meat tender and juicy.

117. Barramundi cod (Marshall Islands)

It includes cod wrapped in banana leaves and baked till cooked.

118. Tiguadege Na (Mali)

This dish is enjoyed in both vegetable and meat versions. You can prepare it with chicken or lamb with peanut butter sauce. (See Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

119. Thieboudienne (Mauritania)

This coastal fish and rice dish is cooked with fish, rice, and tomato sauce in one pot.

120. Dholl Puri (Mauritius)

Lima beans and green sauce (chutney) are spread on a yellow split pea flatbread to form this dish. (See How Are Jelly Beans Made?)

121. Taco (Mexico)

The folded tortilla is filled with ground beef (or any preferred meat) and cheese filling.

122. Mahi Umw (Micronesia)

This dish is made from breadfruit/Mahi mangoes steamed wrapped in taro leaves.

123. Barbagiuan (Monaco)

It is a stuffed pastry with a filling of chard or Swiss chard leaves, cheese, onions, and ham. (See Is Nougat Healthy?)

124. Mamaliga (Moldova)

This porridge is made from yellow maize flour with bread-like consistency.

125. Buuz (Mongolia)

This national dish is a meat-filled dumpling.

126. Tagine (Morocco)

Chicken stew flavored with preserved lemons, olives, spices, and vegetables. (Read Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

127. Njegusi prosciutto (Montenegro)

This dish is a part of their legacy, made from dried and durable meat of ham.

128. Xima (Mozambique)

This flavorful national food of the world is made from corn flour cooked in the form of porridge. (See Why are they called “Ears” of Corn?)

129. Mohinga Rice (Myanmar)

Rice noodles in a seafood broth.

130. Pap (Namibia)

Pap is a national dish made with pearl millet and meat.

131. Dal Bhat (Nepal)

Plain steamed rice served with stewed lentils is another national food of the world. (See 34 Brilliant Ways to Make Drinking Tea More Exciting and Flavorful)

132. Coconut Fish (Nauru)

It is made with white fish fillets and other ingredients.

133. Stamppot (Netherlands)

Endive (fermented raw cabbage), sauerkraut, turnips, kale, etc., are pot cooked.

134. Pavlova (New Zealand)

It is a cornstarch dessert with a crispy crust and meringue-like textured core. (Read What are the Best Alternatives for Parchment Paper?)

135. Gallo Pinto (Nicaragua)

Gallo pinto is a traditional dish is made with stale rice and bean base.

136. Jollof Rice (Nigeria)

A Cajun dish made with long grain rice and vegetables.

137. Djerma Stew (Niger)

This national dish is made with a combination of chicken, onions, garlic, curry powder, tomatoes, thyme, peanut butter, and bouillon cubes. (See What are the health benefits of garlic?)

138. Kimchi (North Korea)

It is the seasoned, fermented, or pickled vegetables (cabbage, radish, or scallions).

139. Tavche Gravche (North Macedonia)

Tavche gravche is a baked bean dish combined with other veggies.

140. Farikal (Norway)

Norwegian lamb meat pieces with bones cooked with vegetables. (See What Is the Funny Bone Nerve?)

141. Shuwa (Oman)

Shuwa is made with meat and spices with slow-cooked for 24 hours.

142. Nihari (Pakistan)

It is made with meat (beef or mutton) and spices.

143. Sancocho (Panama)

This 3-meals dish is made with chicken, corn, and other vegetables. (See How many Tablespoons are in a third of a cup?)

144. Ulkoy (Palau)

Ulkoy is a deep-fried Palauan shrimp and squash fritters.

145. Mumu (Papua New Guinea)

This meaty dish is perfectly balanced with vegetables.

146. Sopa paraguaya (Paraguay)

One of the most delicious national food of the world, sopa paraguaya, is a spongy corn flour cake. (Also read How Are Photographs Put On Cakes?)

147. Ceviche (Peru)

The raw fish chunks marinated and seasoned with fish-bone broth to prepare ceviche.

148. Chicken Adobo (Philippines)

This shallow-fried marinated chicken is simmered in the leftover marinade. (See 75 Little Known Uses of Vinegar)

149. Bigos (Poland)

It is an assortment of various meats with ham and vegetables.

150. Bacalhau (Portugal)

This salted-dried cod is served with mashed/boiled potatoes.

151. Sarmale (Romania)

The meat is wrapped in cabbage and served in the Turkish style. (See 11 Interesting Facts About Bubble Wrap)

152. Warak Enab (Qatar)

The grape leaves are wrapped around rice with meat/vegetables.

153. Pelmeni (Russia)

The meat filling is 45%-35%-20%, seasoned, and served with accompaniments.

154. Isombe (Rwanda)

In this national food of the world dish, mashed cassava leaves are served with meat/fish. (See Hydroponics: Plants That Grow In Water Only)

155. Stewed Saltfish (Saint Kitts & Nevis)

A dish made with salt fish, plantains, and coconut dumplings.

156. Saltfish (Saint Lucia)

This dish is enjoyed with green figs or unripe bananas. (See 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas)

157. Panipopo (Samoa)

A morning pastry or dessert, their national dish, is baked in sweet coconut milk.

158. Torta Tre Monti (San Marino)

It is a layered waffle dish filled with Nutella.

159. Kabsa (Saudi Arabia)

A traditional dish made with meat, vegetables, rice, and spices. (See How many Arab countries are there? What are their names?)

160. Calulu (Sao Tome & Principe)

Calulu is a smoked fish cooked with spices and vegetables.

161. Haggis (Scotland)

Heart, liver, and lungs of sheep sautéed and wrapped in a sheep’s stomach. (Also read How many Animals are there in the World?)

162. Thieboudienne (Senegal)

Thieboudienne is a fish dish made with tomato sauce and optional vegetables.

163. Gulas (Serbia)

It is a seasoned meat and vegetable soup.

164. Poison ek Diri (Seychelles)

This dish is made with seasoned fish and rice. (Read How Do Fish Sleep with Their Eyes Open?)

165. Binch Dishes (Sierra Leone)

It is basically a black-eyed beans (binch) stew.

166. Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore)

Boiled chicken is tossed in spices and served with rice boiled in coconut milk.

167. Slovenian Dumplings (Slovenia)

These dumplings are a traditional dessert made from buckwheat. (See What is Fondant?)

168. Bryndzove halusky (Slovakia)

The word halusky means boiled lumps of potato, and it consists of boiled lumps of potato and bryndza (a soft sheep cheese).

169. Bariis Iskukaris (Somalia)

A popular dish consisting of rice (bariis) cooked with meat.

170. Poi (Solomon Islands)

It is a savory dish made from taro roots. (See Rhode Island Smallest State in USA)

171. Bobotie (South Africa)

A dish made from minced meat, dairy, poultry, and a strong spice blend.

172. Bulgogi (South Korea)

Fire meat (beef) dish made with thin slices of prime meat mixed with sauces and other ingredients. (See What Is the Color of Fire?)

173. Ful Medames (South Sudan)

This dish is typically made with fava beans and served with olive oil, cumin, and other vegetables.

174. Paella (Spain)

Paella is rice simmered in a flavored broth with vegetables, meat, and seafood.

175. Roasted Breadfruit (St. Vincent & Grenadines)

It is the roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

176. Rice & Curry (Sri Lanka)

Boiled rice served with meat and vegetable curry and legume wafers (papadums).

177. Musakhan (State of Palestine)

It consists of chicken and flatbread.

178. Kuindiong (Sudan)

This national food of the world is a popular traditional dessert prepared with yogurt, milk, sugar, butter, and semolina. (Read 7 Sugar Glider Habitat Facts)

179. Pom/Pomtajer (Suriname)

It is a chicken and rice dish, beloved by Surinamese.

180. Swedish Meatballs (Sweden)

These meatballs are served with gravy, lingonberry jam, and pickled cucumbers. (See How Are Pickles Made?)

181. Rosti (Switzerland)

Rosti is a pan-fried grated potato patties dish.

182. Kibbeh (Syria)

These are deep-fried dumplings filled with meat, onion, and bulgur wheat.

183. Nyama Choma (Tanzania)

This is a kebab dish made with goat or chicken meat. (Also read Why Do Goats Faint?)

184. Osh (Tajikistan)

It is made with rice, meat, vegetables.

185. Beef Noodle Soup (Taiwan)

Beef noodle soup is composed of beef broth cooked with braised beef biscuits, vegetables, and noodles.

186. Ikan Pepes (Timor-Leste)

It is a steamed and wrapped fish dish. (Read What is a Steamboat?)

187. Pad Thai (Thailand)

Pad thai consists of stir-fried noodles with scrambled eggs, sauces, meat, seafood, beans, sprouts, and peanuts.

188. Akpan (Togo)

It is a small sachet of fermented maize yogurt. (See Why is it called Continental Breakfast?)

189. Ota Ika (Tonga)

This dish has seafood as the main ingredient.

190. Callaloo (Trinidad and Tobago)

Callaloo dish is enjoyed on Sundays and is made with crabs and callaloo (a Caribbean vegetable dish).

191. Doner Kebab (Turkey)

Beef slices/shaves are folded into flatbread with fresh salad to prepare this dish. (See Where is Turkey Situated?)

192. Couscous (Tunisia)

Couscous is a crumbly paste of steamed semolina with vegetables.

193. Plov (Turkmenistan)

It is made from rice, meat, yellow turnip, and the Caspian Sea fish.

194. Pulaka (Tuvalu)

It is a combination of breadfruit, coconuts, bananas, and swamp crop. (See 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

195. Matoke (Uganda)

It is made with unripe plantains (bananas), wrapped in their leaves, and steamed.

196. Borscht (Ukraine)

It is a beetroot soup cooked with a meat broth base. (See Burrito vs Taco vs Fajita)

197. Shawarma (United Arab Emirates)

These are shavings of meat with cucumbers, hummus, onions, and tomatoes are wrapped in taboon bread.

198. Welsh Cawl (United Kingdom)

This dish is enjoyed in winter and is made with meat and vegetable broth.

199. Hamburger (United States of America)

Hamburger is made up of meat patties with lettuce, cheese, onion, cucumber, and sauce between sesame buns. (Read 65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America)

200. Mac & Cheese (United States of America)

Macaroni (elbow) cooked in white sauce and cheese makes mac and cheese.

201. Hot Dogs (United States of America)

Hotdogs are long-sliced buns filled with grilled sausage, sauces, and chopped vegetables. (See 20 Best Drive-Thru Restaurant Chains in America)

202. Chivito (Uruguay)

This national dish is filled with thin slices of tender meat.

203. Plov (Uzbekistan)

It is a vegetable meat stew with rice simmered together.

204. Lap-lap (Vanuatu)

Lap-lap is a baked yam pudding. (See How Many is a Baker’s Dozen?)

205. Pabellon criollo (Venezuela)

It is steamed plain rice topped with plantain fritter, black bean stew, and shredded beans.

206. Pho (Vietnam)

Pho is beef broth with rice noodles seasoned with roasted spices.

207. Saltah (Yemen)

This delicious national food of the world is a meat stew (beef, lamb, or mutton) prepared with spices and seasonings. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)

208. Nshima (Zambia)

It is a traditional food of Zambia with a paste-like consistency made with cornmeal or other flour. 

209. Sadza (Zimbabwe)

Sadza is a type of cornmeal bread. (See How to Make Oobleck with Flour?)

210. Som tam (Thailand)

This most famous salad worldwide is made with sauces, vegetables, and seafood.

211. Buttered Toast with Marmite (United Kingdom)

It is grilled bread with tangy, salty, and sour flavors.

212. Stinky Tofu (Southeast Asia)

It is fermenting tofu enjoyed with spring onions. (Read Why Do Asians Use Chopsticks?)

213. Marzipan (Germany)

Marzipan is an almond-sugar-based sweet with an intense taste.

214. French Toast (Hong Kong)

It is a fried and fattier version of the French toast which is another national food of the world.

215. Hummus (Middle East)

A chickpea-based dish which is enjoyed as a dip or spread also. (See 54 Best Dip for Chip Fries and Tortilla)

216. Chicken Parm (Australia)

This is melted parmesan and mozzarella topped with chicken fillet.

217. Chili Crab (Singapore)

Chilly crab is an extra spicy meaty crab that is served with mini mantou buns.

218. Ankimo (Japan)

The liver of monk/angular fish is filled inside the sushi to prepare this dish. (Read Why Japanese people are so disciplined and organized?)

219. Goi Cuon (Vietnam)

Goi Cuon is a summer special filled with meat, vermicelli, and vegetables.

220. Ohmi-Gyu Beef Steak (Japan)

It is made from premium Wagyu beef of Japan. (Also read Why Japan is Called Land of Rising Sun?)

221. Fajitas (Mexico)

Fajitas are cone-shaped tortillas filled with sizzling meat.

222. Butter Garlic Crab (India)

It is a large crab drowned in butter, covering every inch of crab meat.

223. Poke (United States of America)

Poke is a raw fish salad, differently seasoned. (See Why many Americans eat big portions?)

224. Champ (Ireland)

It is made of mashed potatoes, onions, and seasonings.

225. Croissant (France)

A croissant is a flaky pastry filled or topped with preferred jams, sauces, or sweet dips. (Read 16 Fun Facts About France)

226. Arepas (Venezuela)

Arepas is a savory corn and dough dish made in the shapes of patties.

227. Bunny Chow (South Africa)

Hollowed-half loaves of bread are filled with a spicy curry and favorite among 270 really delicious national food in the world.

228. Skewed Kebab (Global)

Pieces of meat and vegetables are skewed and grilled with spicy sauces. (Read How Lighters Work?)

229. Patel de nata (Portugal)

These are egg yolks custard tarts that are the tastiest delicacy in the world.

230. Pierogi (Poland)

These are dumplings filled with every type of savory and sweet filling.

231. Piri Piri Chicken (Mozambique)

It is a worldwide famous signature national food of the world dish from the Nando’s restaurant.

232. Tom Yum Goong (Thailand)

Shrimps are combined with all types of flavors (savory, sweet, salty, and sour).

233. Rendang (Indonesia)

Beef, aromatic herbs, spices are simmered in coconut milk to make rendang. (See What is Tapioca?)

234. Penang Assam Laksa (Malaysia)

It is a poached and flaked mackerel cooked with super spicy flavors.

235. Neapolitan Pizza (Italy)

It is a pizza made with fresh and high-grade ingredients, and everything is hand-done without machines, including the wood-fired oven.

236. Apfel strudel (Austria)

It is an oval strudel pastry with a sweet nutty filling. (Read What Is The Sweetest Substance In The World?)

237. Massman Curry (Thailand)

It is known as the king of curries around the world for its dense flavors.

238. Kidney Pie (England)

The pie is filled with diced meat and kidney with a spicy gravy.

239. Onion Soup (France)

This soup is a fine blend of slowly cooked onions in white wine and cognac broth. (See Why do people make fun of vegans?)

240. Beef Wellington (England)

It is a puff pastry wrapped around the mushroom and a beef fillet in the core.

241. Raclette (Switzerland)

It has melted cheese all over the vegetables or onions.

242. Clam Chowder (United States of America)

It is the best-known dish made with potatoes, oysters, and local clams. (See Why the United States is called America?)

243. Bouillabaisse (France)

The soup is prepared from selected spices and various fishes and shellfish.

244. Shakshuka (Middle-East)

This national food of the world has poached eggs and other vegetables.

245. Boeuf bourguignon (France)

The beef is slowly braised in red wine and stock. (See 26 Lesser Known Wine Cork Art Ideas)

246. Smorrebrod (Denmark)

It has a unique presentation, an open-faced sandwich.

247. Rarebit (Wales)

It is a real Welsh rarebit sauce.

248. Gumbo (Louisiana)

Stew is made according to the melting pot culture. (See Why do some people prefer to eat out?)

249. Colcannon (Ireland)

This traditional Irish dish is made with mashed potato and cabbage (or kale).

250. Jerk Chicken (Jamaica)

The dried meat strips are marinated with jerk marinating mix.

251. Nigri (Tokyo)

A form of sushi with the toppings pressed on top of sushi-shaped rice. (See What Is The Difference Between Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi, And Sushi?)

252. Bibimbap (South Korea)

This dish is warm white rice topped with meat, veggies, and runny eggs to be the most favorite national food of the world.

253. Sarma (Turkey)

Sarma is a dish with leafy vegetables wrapped around the savory fillings.

254. Moon cakes (Guangdong)

It is a pie-like pastry made during the moon festival with Yueh pink (a shortcrust base).

255. Tiramisu (Italy)

It is a ladyfinger dessert which is known to be the delicious national food of the world.

256. Mole (Mexico)

It is sauce and marinade made using traditional methods for several Mexican cuisines.

257. Fondue (Switzerland)

This melted cheese dish is full of different aromas and flavors of cheeses. (See: How your mind can make you sick?)

258. Miso Soup (Japan)

The soy-based soup includes the dashi (stock) and miso paste.

259. Borek (Turkey)

This yufka bread is filled with sweet/savory ingredients.

260. Apple Pie (United States of America)

It is a sweet treat filled with apple filling and a combination of different flavors. (See Why some Americans are loud?)

261. Nougat (Spain)

It is an old-school confection, with a sweet-chewy consistency with nutty flavors.

262. Éclair (France)

An éclair is a pastry prepared with choux dough loaded with cream and topped with flavored icing.

263. Guacamole (Mexico)

It is a dip/spread with a buttery texture. (See Why is Mexico a developing country?)

264. Dondurma (Turkey)

It is a Turkish ice cream made with mastic resin and salep, along with other basic ingredients.

265. Caviar (Russia)

This traditional dish is among the world’s most delicate, flavorful, and expensive dishes. (Read I Can See Russia from My House)

266. Mutakura (Zimbabwe)

Mutakura is a national food of the world dish made with lots of different nuts and sugar beans.

267. Spaghetti (Italy)

The long pasta is covered with red sauce and green.

268. Bota (Zimbabwe)

The diluted sorghum is made with maize meal/millet sadza. (Read Who Invented Crackers?)

269. Mchemsho (Tanzania)

It is a delicious local dish made with only boiled vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

270. Key Lime Pie (United States of America)

This is well known national food of the world dessert, made with sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and lime. (See What is Golden Delicious Apples?)

So, these were the 270 really delicious national food of the world. I would love to hear from you about any other delicious food from around the world you might know! (Also read 65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America)

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