65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America

Which Fast Food Chains in America are the Least Known? What do they Serve? Where are these Chains Located?
65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America

Everyone who enjoys fast food has their favorite fast food place too. But there are various fast food chains in America that even American citizens are unaware of. Today in this article, we will discuss 65 little known fast food chains in America.

1. Milo’s Hamburger, Birmingham, Alabama

Burger with brown crispy fries.

You can enjoy Milo’s delicious chicken, fried pies, and several other items in Birmingham, Southside, and Tuscaloosa. You would love their burgers because the sauce is different from usual with a hint of mushroom. The fries are also dusted with a secret ingredient. (See What is a Toadstool?)

2. Sneaky Pete’s, Birmingham, Alabama

Hot dogs with toppins of veggies, yellow mustard sauce and ketchup.

It is a hot dog restaurant that was founded in 1966. Their hot dogs have a blend of meat that they serve with their signature hot dog sauce. A full breakfast meal, onion rings, hamburgers, nachos, and French fries are on the menu. (See Why is it called Continental Breakfast?)

3. Baker’s Drive-Thru, Inland Empire, Southern California

A person receiving the order via drive-thru.

You can find this in the metropolitan area of California with its fantastic Mexican hamburgers and its secret sauce. Burger buns are made from whole wheat, fries are lighter than Burger King and Jack in the Box, mama papa meals, and beef tacos are amazingly delicious. (Read What Time do McDonald’s Start and Stop Serving Breakfast?)

4. Fosters Freeze, Inglewood, California


Fosters Freeze, Originally named Fosters Old Fashion Freeze, was established in 1946 and still serves the desserts in the old school way to its very fond customers, especially the twisters. You can enjoy milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits, root beer floats, parfaits, cones, and smoothies. (Also read 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas)

5. Hot Dog on a Stick (HDOS), Santa Monica, California

Hot dogs with two dips.

Among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, initially, HDOS served lemonade and hot dogs on a stick to people on the beach. Now, they also have a vegetarian hot dogs, pepper cheese on the stick, and other options for food lovers. You will love the combination of sweet-tangy lemonade along with your chosen hot dog on a stick. (See What is Yellow Mustard Made of?)

6. Jimboy’s Taco, Sacramento, California


It began serving in 1954. You can enjoy having perfect quesadillas, tacos, combo plates, combo burritos, and other fast – food items that you will surely love. They even have Taco Sundays when they serve the cheapest but best tacos in the state. The price of their combos is reasonable with good quantity and quality. (Read Burrito vs Taco vs Fajita)

7. Original Tommy’s, Southern California

Chilli Burger

This fast food chain is world-famous for its chili burgers. Their simple and old-school versions of fast food are full of flavors and texture. You can add this to your list for some old-school flavors. (See What Everybody Ought To Know About Seasoning Uses Of These 53 Different Spices)

8. Pioneer Chicken, Los Angeles, California

Chicken legs with dipppping sauce in center.

It was started in 1961, and originally it was named Pioneer Take Out. They are one of the famous fast food chains in America for their soft, tasty, and flavorful signature fried chicken. You can enjoy corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, fries, mac salad, desserts, and gizzards. (Read Interesting History of French Fries)

9. The Hat, San Gabriel Valley, Sothern California

Pastrami sandwich.

Their specialty is pastrami sandwiches that they started serving in 1951, and now it is entitled world famous pastrami. You can get their Pastrami Dip at a reasonable price with a good quantity and the flavorful Gravy cheese fries from here. (See 54 Best Dip for Chip Fries and Tortilla)

10. Brown’s Chicken & Pasta, Metropolitan, Chicago

Chicken sandwich.

Locally, people call them Brown’s Chicken because of their special service of fried chicken. Their buttermilk batter made the simple chicken tastier. Pasta, sausages, hot dogs, Chicago-style sandwiches, beef, and various other fast foods are available there. (Also read Where Did Pasta Originate?)

11. Harold’s Chicken Shack, Southern Chicago

Chicken thigh being dipped in a sauce.

It is a fried chicken fast-food chain that serves authentic and vintage fried chicken. You can choose from 3 sauces for wings, namely hot sauce, ketchup, and barbecue sauces. You will not regret waiting for the chicken when you see the presentation and quality of it. (Read What is a Good Substitute for Worcestershire Sauce?)

12. Portillo’s Restaurants, Southern Chicago

Onion rings on a platter with red sip and coriander leaves.

It serves Chicago-styled food in Chicago, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. People love beef, onion rings, pizzas, chopped salads, muffins, and other fast food items. The chopped salad is loaded with pasta, cheese, onion, bacon, and chicken enough for two, accompanied by a lemon poppy seed muffin. (See: Why Do We Eat Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?)

13. Good Times Burger & Frozen Custard, Colorado


Burgers and fresh frozen custard are their specialties, but you will love their fast service and polite staff too. The burgers are unlike the usual ones, and their fries are golden and thick. You will also love their Teriyaki sandwiches in this one of the best fast food chains in America. (See Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?)

14. Duchess, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Mango Smoothie

They have been serving tasty hamburgers since 1956. The meat for their hamburgers is from Angus, a type of cow, and you can get it for just $5. You do not have to worry about how much you eat because their burgers are chemical-free. You can also enjoy the chef salads, mango smoothie, meatloaf dinner, and other delicacies. (Read 75 Little Known Uses of Vinegar)

15. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Sanibel Island, Florida


It started operating in 1986 with burgers in the 1950s style. You get to customize your burger and shakes because they have 75 flavors with 378,000 combinations to try. You can have your picture on their Wall of Fame with a stuffed fabric pounder if you finish the pounder, a 20-ounce beef burger. (See Who Knows The Coca-Cola Recipe?)

16. Larry’s Giant Subs, Jacksonville, Florida

Hamburger, red dip, and poatato wedges.

It has been a sub (submarine) sandwich chain serving its fresh and tasty subs since 1982. You can pre-order to avoid the last-minute rush because they are very packed during working hours. (See 22 Lesser Known Uses of Vodka)

17. Mrs. Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, Georgia

Chicken Biscuit

This fast-food chain serves you the best chicken biscuits and fried chicken in the Southeast. Their chicken is always crisp, flavorful, big, flaky, and buttery. Their service is available 24×7, and their combos are available at reasonable prices, $4. (Also read Who Invented Crackers?)

18. Nu-Way Wieners, Macon, Georgia,

chicken biscuits

Nu-Way Weiners Inc. is famous for its southern-style wieners (hot dogs) that have been uniquely red since 1916. They prepare your order on a flat grill in front of you, and you should try their All The Way dog and coleslaw. (See 20 Revolutionary Diet Plans to Lose Weight)

19. The Varsity, Atlanta, Georgia


Among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, The Varsity is an iconic fast-food chain. Besides, its main branch is among the largest drive-ins in the world. It became a landmark for Atlanta, where you can get tastier food at affordable prices. You can enjoy onion rings, pizzas, shakes, fries, fried pies, and other items. (Read Who Invented Pizza?)

20. Happy Joe’s, Bettendorf, Iowa

Taco Pizza

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor, founded in 1972, is an American pizza parlor chain. You can enjoy their taco pizza, ice creams, root beer floats, and other delicious food at their 61 restaurants spread over the Midwestern United States, in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, and North Dakota. (Read 34 Brilliant Ways to Make Drinking Tea More Exciting and Flavorful)

21. Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Wichita, Kansas

Frozen Custard

Steakburgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, frozen custard, and a family recipe of chili are their specialties that will give you a break from the usual fast food joint. Pressed steak burgers and fries are crispy, and the custard is soft and creamy, available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. You will also love the chicken strips. (See Legend of the Pretzel)

22. Nu-Way Café, Wichita, Kansas

Crumbly Sandwich

They have been serving fast food since July 4, 1930, and are famous for their loose-meat (crumbly) sandwiches and root beer. Mustard and pickles with burgers are a reminder of White Castle Sliders. You can also try their onion rings and root beer floats. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)

23. Spangles, Wichita, Kansas

Flatbread Pita Wrap

A family-owned fast-food chain that serves a wide variety of food items. They serve 1/3 pound burgers, flatbread pita wraps, fries, lactose-free milkshakes, ice-cream desserts, onion rings, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast sandwiches. Another amazing place to visit to enlighten the tastebuds from this 65 little known fast food chains in America list. (See What Does Dominos Logo Mean?)

24. Cluck-U Chicken/ Cluck University, Maryland and New Jersey

Baker glazing the Cinnamon rolls.

Specializing in chicken, this fast-food chain of restaurants has 23 different varieties of sauce. They serve chicken wings with a buttery, smooth, and silky sauce with long-lasting flavors.

25. Honey Dew Donuts, Massachusetts and Rhode Island


This fast-food chain serves you dense and flavorful donuts where you can go to take a break from Dunkin.’s. You should try their Zachary Donut. That is the softest honey-dipped donut covered in cocoa powder, you have ever tasted. (Read Is Nougat Healthy?)

26. Halo Burger, Flint, Michigan

Hamburgers and Fries

Originally known as Bill Thomas Halo Burger, it serves you pure unsalted and unadulterated meat in the burgers. You can have lots of green olives in your burgers. The Boston Cooler, a Halo Burger’s special beverage, a vanilla ice cream Vernors is perfect in itself. You can satisfy your hunger with a beefy Double Combo, four medium-thick patties, three buns with fillers. (See 7-Eleven Double Gulp Facts)

27. Griff’s Hamburger, Kansas City, Missouri

Bacon Burger

Griff’s of America, Inc. was founded in 1960, serving burgers with diverse menu items in good portions. You can get premium toppings of jalapeños, bacon, or mushrooms. The Hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, and other varieties of hot dogs are topped with fresh ingredients. And if you ask at the counter, they will give you free drink refills as well. (Also read 10 Best Monster Energy Drink Flavors)

28. LaMar’s Donuts, Kansas City, Missouri

Donuts with differetn toppins and sprinkles,

This donut place is open till 01:00 pm only throughout all 28 stores in Alabama, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Nebraska. Among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, here you can buy one get one free during the last hour before it closes. And on every 6th hole in the punch card, you will be rewarded with a free donut. And yes, Monday is a double punch day. (See How Are Jelly Beans Made?)

29. Winstead’s Fast food chains in America, Kansas City, Missouri

Hamburger and Chips

Winstead’s started in 1940, and now you can enjoy their delicious hamburgers at 10 locations across Kansas and Missouri. They ground the beef freshly on the spot, making the patties crispier, accompanied by toppings, toasted bun, and sauce. You can also enjoy fries, limeade, sodas, and much more. (Read 20 Best Restaurant Chains for Birthdays)

30. Runza, Nebraska


It is a regional fast-food chain that even served Volga-German immigrants in the past. You can enjoy the original version of Runzas with Cheese, and Italian runzas, as well. Accompany these hamburgers with fries, onion rings, and French onion dip. (Also read Do French Fries Really Come From France?)

31. Blake’s Lotaburger, Albuquerque, New Mexico


This New Mexico fast-food chain will serve you distinct varieties of hamburgers, but do give a try at their signature item, Lotaburger. It is tasty and huge, filled with yummy cheese and green chilies. (See Why do people like spicy food?)

32. Gray’s Papaya, West Manhattan, New York

Papaya Fruit Drink

Papaya here refers to the papaya fruit drink sold by them. This hot dog chain restaurant is located in only two places in Manhattan, and they are available 24×7. You can enjoy an easy, quick meal at reasonable prices. (Read 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

33. Mighty Taco, Buffalo, New York


It is a must-try this Mexican-style fast-food chain from this 65 little known fast food chains in America list. You can enjoy their meals at a reasonable price but without any compromise to the flavors and portions. You should try their empanada and loganberry along with tacos. (Also read Why is Strawberry not a Berry?)

34. Ted’s Hot Dos, Western New York

Charcoal broiled hot dogs

Theodore Spiro Liaros, a Greek immigrant, founded this restaurant chain in 1927. They serve charcoal broiled hot dogs with their secret homemade hot sauce, accompanied by old-school milkshakes and onion rings.

35. Biscuitville, North Carolina

Hash Browns

They have their restaurants at 58 locations in Virginia and South Carolina. They provide drive-in facilities too. Their specialty is Southern cuisine and breakfast items in which you may also enjoy your meal with nice-crisp fries, hash browns, or grits. (Also read What Is The Sweetest Substance In The World?)

36. Cook Out, Greensboro, North Carolina

A person using tongs to flip meat and hot dogs during barbecue.

They have a drive-thru and outdoor seating restaurants in more than 50 states, including Virginia, South & North Carolina, and Tennessee. Grilled hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, grilled hamburgers, North Carolina Barbecue, and shakes are their special items. (See How the States got their Shapes)

37. Gold Star Chili, Cincinnati, Ohio


Gold Star Chili specializes in Cincinnati chilies, but you will enjoy their other items like the chili cheese dip, the 4 ways with onions, the chili cheese fries, cheese coneys, and burritos. (Read What are the diameters of Domino’s large, medium, and regular-sized pizzas?)

38. Mr. Hero, Cleveland, Northeastern Ohio

Roman Burgers

They started serving submarine sandwiches in 1965 and have been expanding ever since. They serve their burgers with Mr. Hero’s original oils and spices. The Roman Burger is their most famous menu item which is almost 61.7 grams filled with veggies, cheese, and sauces.

39. Skyline Chili, Cincinnati, Ohio

Spaghetti with Cincinnati-style chili sauce

Nicholas Lambrinides, a Greek immigrant, founded this fast-food chain in 1949. They serve spaghetti, hot dogs, coneys, and other items covered in Cincinnati-style chili sauce combined with a unique blend of spices. This combination gives the eaters long-lasting flavors in their meals. (Read Why do some people prefer to eat out?)

40. Steak Escape, Columbus, Ohio

Chicken buffalo wrap

Steak Escape has mind-blowing chicken buffalo wraps, cheese-steaks, fried chicken, fries, and fried potatoes. They make their food delicious with a unique combination of Franks’s hot sauce and cheddar. Also, you can find this fast-food chain in airports and malls in Columbus, Ohio. (See Who Invented The Potato Chip)

41. Coney I-Lander, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Coney I-Lander chili dog

Coney I-Lander chili dog is their signature dish that is slow-grilled and topped with onions, mustard, chili, and wrapped in steamed buns. Their coneys are not typical hot dogs. Instead, they are smaller but tastier. (Read How Many is a Baker’s Dozen?)

42. Pal’s Sudden Service/Pal’s, Northeast Tennessee

Steak cut into fine pieces and served with borocolli, dip and other spices mix

It is a regional fast-food chain with restaurants spread in southwestern Virginia, Tri-cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland), and Tennessee metro region. The first restaurant does not have any drive-thru and has its seating is under a pavilion. Locals love this setup along with their sandwiches/burgers, teas, fries, and fast service. (Also read What are the health benefits of drinking Green Tea?)

43. Golden Chick, Texas

Fried Chicken Strips

They specialize in chicken strips and other chicken dishes. You will love their chicken because it is always crispy, juicy, fresh, full of flavors, and with perfect greasiness. The secret to flavor is inside a packet of spice mixes, and the chicken strips are one of the best in Texas. Try out the food here in the 65 little known fast food chains in America. (See What Name Is Given To A Group Of Chickens?)

44. Grandy’s, Addison, Texas


Grandy’s Country Cooking fast food restaurant serves you comfort food in home-style cooking with fast service. Pot roast, country fried steak, catfish, chicken burgers, giblets, cinnamon rolls, and cobbler are served with great portions and sided dishes like mashed potatoes and biscuits. (Read 45 Types of Fish)

45. Texadelphia, Austin, Texas

Classic cheesecake.

Texadelphia is a restaurant chain of over 30 restaurants specializing in unique cheesecakes serving since 1985. They have certified Angus beef bread is soft and toasty that one portion is almost enough for two people. (See What is Fondant?)

46. Arctic Circle Restaurants, Midvale, Utah

Burger with frying sauce on fries

Arctic Circle Restaurants are a chain of shakes and burger restaurants containing 73 restaurants in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, and Utah. They are famous for the frying sauce they pop on fries, but their mysterious white sauce makes their burgers flavorful.

47. Café Rio, St. George, Utah

Shrimp salad

A fast-food chain that started in 1997 and now has branches in Virginia, Nevada, California, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, and Arizona, where they serve a large variety of Mexican-style food. Vegetable salad with Café Rio’s vinaigrette, barbacoa burrito or salad, and coconut shrimp salad with tomato dressing. You can get vegan options also. (Read What’s the difference between Tobiko and Masago?)

48. Crown Burgers, Salt Lake City, Utah (Colorado and Texas)

Charcoal cooked burger

A small hamburger fast-food chain set up in 1978 serves charcoal-cooked burgers that are neither raw nor too crisp/burnt. Being among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, you can choose from the burger variations with pastrami, avocado, bacon, and others accompanied by fries, that too in perfect shapes and onion rings. (See Why many Americans eat big portions?)

49. Hires Big H Drive-In, Sandy, Utah

Hamburger, red and white dip along with fries.

Serving burgers since 1959, this fast-food chain provides food with a taste like the old times. Root beers and shakes are among their famous items but Hires Big H Burgers are a must-try.

50. Iceberg Drive Inn, Utah, Arizona, and California

Iceberg shake

The shakes, especially iceberg shakes, are their signature item. The portion of the mini cup is more than enough, so imagine the regular cups must be enough for more than two people. But overall, the taste is good, and it will satisfy your ice-cream cravings. (Also read 11 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Apple Fruit)

51. Pack’s Frozen Custard, Virginia

Ice Cream

This is one of the best fast food chains in America that specializes in frozen custard at a good price and amazing taste. Soft served ice cream, regular cones, ice creams, pretzel cones, and waffle cones are some of their must-try menu items that are famous among the locals. (Read What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

52. Roy Rogers Restaurants, Falls Church, Virginia

A person holding a big chicken sandwich with yellow mustard flowing out from it.

It was founded in 1968, and now its chain restaurants have over 47 locations. The Double R Burger and the Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich are their signature dishes. Other burgers are also favorites among the locals because of their ingredients and taste. (See What Is The Difference Between Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi, And Sushi?)

53. Burgerville, Southwest Washington

Ice cearm sundae

Among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, Burgervilleis situated in the Portland metropolitan area and Oregon. They use natural and local ingredients that make them significant among their customers. Milkshakes and sundaes are made with fresh and locally-grown seasonal items like pumpkins, strawberries, blackberries, and hazelnuts. Also, they use Tillamook Cheese in their burgers. Other menu items are onion rings, sweet potato fries, Yukon gold potatoes, and asparagus. (Read How Are Peanuts Made?)

54. Ivar’s, Seattle, Washington


It is a seafood chain restaurant with restaurants in the Puget Sound region in Spokane, Washington, and Santa Clara, California. They serve oysters in shot glasses, and the Ivar’s famous item is their creamy and delicious clam chowder. You can enjoy the delicious food at reasonable prices. (See Does Every Oyster Have a Pearl?)

55. Cousins Subs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ham sandwiches

A sandwich chain that was founded in 1972 now has restaurants throughout the West Coast, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, and the Midwest, while the major franchises are in Wisconsin. Ham sandwiches are the tastiest, while the other menu items are also worth trying because of the flavor and quality. (See 7 Recipes for Fresh Tomatoes from Garden)

56. Culver’s, Sauk City, Wisconsin

Butter Sandwich

Culver’s Frozen Custard chain started in 1984 and now has more than 541 restaurants across the United States. Their signature dishes are Butter Burgers and frozen custard, which are the most in-demand. They also specialize in deep-fried cheese curds to be one of the most recognized fast food chains in America. (Read Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

57. Erbert & Gerbert’s, Eau Claire, Wisconsin


They started selling submarine sandwiches in 1987 and now have restaurants at 47 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota, and Colorado. Among the 65 little known fast food chains in America, they offer dining and takeaway for their famous sandwiches, which they serve with a scoop of bread fluff on the top.

58. Kopp’s Frozen Custard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Truffle fudge.

They have been serving quality frozen custard and jumbo hamburgers since 1950. There are different flavored custard-like red velvet cakes, French cappuccino, spumoni, and truffle fudge. Also, you would enjoy the jumbo burgers with grilled onions and blue cheese. (Read How Are Photographs Put On Cakes?)

59. Whataburger, Corpus Christi, Texas

Chicken Sandwich

Whataburger is an iconic American fast-food chain involved in providing its customers with various foods such as Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger, Monterey Melt, and the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. The best part is that you can customize your burger as per your taste.

60. In-N-Out Burger, Baldwin Park, California


In-N-Out Burger is an American regional chain that is persistently striving to maintain its excellent quality food and service. It was the first food chain in California that was established as a drive-thru hamburger restaurant. This food chain has an exclusive menu full of savory eats. (See Why does studying make me hungry?)

61. Sonic Drive-In, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Corn Dog

Sonic-Drive In is the 11th largest retro drive-in fast food chains in America, inspired by retro-theme. If you haven’t visited it yet, you must, as it offers multiple dishes that should not be missed, including extra-long cheesy coneys, toaster sandwiches, onion rings, slushes, corndogs, and chili dogs. (Read Why are they called “Ears” of Corn?)

62. Dairy Queen, Joliet, Illinois


Owned by International Dairy Queen Inc, it has been a food chain serving high-quality soft serve and fast food to its customers since 1940. It was the very first drive-thru restaurant of Illinois, Unites States. It is widely popular because of its exclusivity in preparing candy and other tempting toppings like brownies or cookies and mixing them with ice cream. This restaurant provides a speedy drive-thru service. 

63. Carl’s jr., Los Angeles, California

Charbroiled burgers

This is one of the fast food chains in America that has numerous franchises in almost every continent, including North America, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. Carl’s jr. Outlets might take up to four and a half minutes to provide you with their awesome charbroiled burgers, but it is worth waiting.

64. Arby’s, Atlanta, Georgia

Beef Sandwich

One of the biggest sellers of Beef n’ Cheddar and roast beef sandwiches is the second-largest quick-service sandwich chain in the United States. Arby’s also have pretty much to their lineup, including corned beef, turkey, brisket, Angus steak, bacon, chicken, and ham sandwiches. (Read Why do Chinese people eat everything?)

65. Hardee’s, Greenville, North Carolina

Charbroiled chicken club sandwich

Although Hardee’s is the American midwestern fast-food chain, its menu comprises individual healthy dishes such as lettuce-wrapped thick burgers and low-carb charbroiled chicken club sandwich. Hardee’s is also famous for providing great-taste hand-breaded chicken tenders, grilled burritos, scratch biscuits, and Ice-cream shakes. (See What are the Best Alternatives for Parchment Paper?)

Now you know about the 65 little known fast food chains in America, so it is time to try out the nearest place with your family and friends. We would love to hear about your favorite fast food chains in America.

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