Who Knows The Coca Cola Recipe?

What is a Coca-Cola Made of? What are its Ingredients? Are they Harmful? Who knows its Secret Recipe?

Coca-cola is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, syrups, and drinks manufacturing company. But for a long time, the recipe of coca-cola remained a secret and was known to only a few people. But who knows the coca cola recipe and why was the coca-cola recipe secret in the first place are to be talked about. Also, the coca cola ingredients harmful effects will be discussed in this article.

1. Who invented Coca Cola?

Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton, in July 1886, invented the original coca-cola drink in Columbus, Georgia. He was an army officer who used to craft cough medicines and other syrups. It was promoted as a drink that relieved headaches and kept on sale in medical stores as a medical beverage. Later, it became a famous cola drink worldwide. Before knowing who knows the coca cola recipe and its side effects, let’s read about the ingredients in the next segment. (See How to keep my Kidneys Healthy?)

2. What are the Coca Cola Ingredients?

Before reading the secret about who knows the coca cola recipe and the related details, let’s learn about the ingredients used to make it. The two main ingredients used in the early stage were coca leaves and kola nuts. At that time, only two people were aware of what was used in making that tonic. One was Pemberton, of course, and the other was his bookkeeper Frank M. Robinson. Frank was also behind the designing of the logo and name of the brand. 

  • When the secret recipe book was later discovered, the recipe was changed a bit. The known ingredients of the recipe now included extracts of coca leaves, plenty of sugar, vanilla, caramel, caffeine, and lime juice.
  • The important flavorings were added to the syrup as well, which involved six oils along with alcohol. Six oils that were mixed into the flavorings were lemon, coriander, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and neroli. C
  • Cocaine was also being one of the ingredients in Pemberton’s recipe. But this was removed in the alteration done in the year 1980. (See Rum Ingredients)

3. How does Pemberton Syrup feature in the Beverage Business?

The coca cola company does not sell finished products like coke and drinks. Who knows the coca-cola recipe cant be answered if you don’t know that they only supply the syrups. They send these unfinished products to the companies that have the coca-cola franchise in their territories. These companies then produce the finished products in cans and bottles and sell them in and around their areas and territories. (See 10 Best Monster Energy Drink Flavors)

4. How was Coca Cola Recipe Secret kept?

The coca-cola recipe consists of 7 ingredients i.e. 6 oils with alcohol.

  • When Pemberton sold the recipe to Asa Candler, he kept the recipe in the Georgia Trust Bank for safety.
  • A researcher found out that Pemberton’s best friend and his fellow chemist RR Evans kept the notebook with secret recipe of coca-cola that was passed down to generations.
  • Once, another chemist named Everett Beal possessed this notebook. It is believed that his widow still has it. (See How Are Jelly Beans Made?)

5. Where is Coca Cola Recipe Secret Kept?

Even though the recipe was altered and made nearly the same as that of the original recipe. The question still remains who knows the coca-cola recipe secret if no one has possession of the original one? It was, in fact, kept safe in the Sun Trust Bank vault in Atlanta. Later in 2011 moved to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. There are several theories of this secrecy as many claim that it has been leaked but no concrete information has been found. (See Where do Banks put their Money?)

6. What are the steps to Safeguard the Coco Cola Recipe? 

Who knows the coca cola recipe is a big secret and in order to keep this a secret, there are many steps undertaken.

  • To maintain the secrecy and the mystery behind the ingredients, the recipe was given the name 7x.
  • The first president of the company Asa Candler used to remove all the labels from the containers of the ingredients and even deleted the mails himself in which the invoices were received. He feared that the names of the ingredients on the invoice might fall in the hands of people from other sectors, and some of them might leak it to the competitors. The ingredients were only recognized by the smell and taste as there were no labels.
  • It has been rumored that only two people at any given time knew the formula.
  • They couldn’t ride with each other at the same time for the sake of the secrecy of the recipe.

That’s how coca cola ingredients and recipe has been kept a secret throughout all these years. (See What is Yellow Mustard Made of?).

7. Are Coca Cola Ingredients Harmful?

Even though the cocaine content was removed from the coca-cola recipe in the year 1980, still the main ingredient is the extract taken from the coca leaves. According to scientists and health researchers, when these ingredients are consumed in high quantities or low quantities for a longer time, it leads to serious health issues. People have reported issues like high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease.

  • The sugar content is very high, and the excess sugar present in one can of cola increases the level of blood sugar within 20 minutes of consumption of cola. And then it makes an excess flow of insulin in the body. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)
  • Then liver works hard to convert this extra sugar into fat.
  • Excess fat concentration in the body leads to obesity and overweight issues in the body.

8. How to Avoid being Addicted to Coco Cola?

Stay in moderation.  Limiting the intake once in a while will not make anyone addicted to it, and neither will be harmful to the body. You can also go for other caffeine-free & healthy drinks. (See What are the health benefits of drinking Green Tea?)

The coca-cola recipe’s secret ingredients are claimed to be leaked on several websites, but then what is kept safe in the bank vault? Let us know what you think! (See Why you should drink more water?)

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