What is Speeli?

1. The Internet’s summary

Speeli’s mission is to summarize the internet’s knowledge into Speeli summaries. By doing so we will make the process of finding information extremely fast.

2. Speeli stands for ‘Speedy Lists’

Speeli stands for Speedy lists. It’s a website that offers fast information summarized in short, accurate, and easy to read articles.

3. Why use Speeli?

It can take up to 30 minutes to find the relevant important information you are looking for on the web. Speeli summarizes information so that you can find what you want in seconds. 

4. Who writes Speeli articles?

Speeli is based on the Wiki model. Anyone can write a Speeli article or edit it without registration.

5. Why we created Speeli?

Because people’s attention spans have decreased dramatically, we don’t want to bombard you with unneeded information. Speeli gives you the information you want in seconds. No useless intros, no footers, and no junk.

6. What kind of Articles are found on Speeli?

All kinds of articles. You can start a new Speeli article about anything as long as you follow the Speeli writer’s guidelines, and see what kind of articles you can add to Speeli.