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Geologists have meticulously classified and given names to every phase of Earth’s roughly 4.54-billion-year existence. These intervals of time are referred to as eons, eras, periods, and ages, going from longest to shortest.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the best military strategists of his time, and he is remembered in European history for his tactical genius and ability to think in stressful situations. Besides that, there are several factors responsible for his downfall.

Each country is divided into several parts, such as states, provinces, regions, etc., and occasionally these are further divided, in order to exercise better control over the populace. Rome is no exception to such divisions.

Fossils are the preserved remnants of plants and animals whose remains were buried in sediments such as sand and mud below ancient water bodies. It also includes any preserved trace of species that is more than ten thousand years old.

The year 1960 experienced the launch of new products, convenient in terms of quality and portability. Significantly, under the influence of pop culture, the prices of goods and services got highly affected, and the overall development was visible.

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The pyramids and their history are real eye-catchers and manage to remain a mystery to many. The specific count of pyramids has not been done to date because they are numerous and scattered all around the world.