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In terms of science and the arts, Greek society was one of the most advanced societies ever. Greek theater and literature are both extremely important to the entire world. Therefore, let’s investigate Greek theaters in greater depth.

JAN23 Was Michelangelo a Humanist Art

The term Humanism was derived from the Latin word Humanitas meaning man is the center of the universe. Michelangelo’s sculpture of David is a prime example of Humanism.

JAN23 How can You Define Proportion in Art Art

Proportion plays an important role in creating an aesthetically pleasing look of art or design. The artist can play with proportions to give emphasis to different parts in the composition and provide a balanced look.

JAN23 How many Pyramids are there in the World 1 Art

The pyramids and their history are real eye-catchers and manage to remain a mystery to many. The specific count of pyramids has not been done to date because they are numerous and scattered all around the world.

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