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Urbanization can happen through a shift in location from rural areas to urban areas. This happens when a nation is still developing, and it has some drawbacks that affect the common mass on a large scale.

Out of all the seven continents in the world, Europe is the sixth-largest or the second-smallest continent. It merely covers 2% of Earth’s surface with a population of 748.789,218 residing there.

Spring is the epitome of a new beginning as it brings a new leash of life after the dreary winters. It is the time to enjoy, adventure, and picnic at your favorite spot.

The term pampas refers to steppe grassland that consists of vast plains with isolated little hills in an area where the river Plata serves as the primary drainage system. It is situated between 57° and 63° west latitude and 34° and 30° south latitude, immediately below Buenos Aires.

Each country is divided into several parts, such as states, provinces, regions, etc., and occasionally these are further divided, in order to exercise better control over the populace. Rome is no exception to such divisions.