What is Ireland known for?

Ireland has unique food and pubs that are very well known. There are beautiful sayings in Irish that are fascinating and popular across the globe.

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Ireland is a European island country with great historical and cultural values. You will not have a dull day in Ireland because the warm-hearted people make every activity enjoyable. It’s Food and people are known to most of us, but this is not all that Ireland offers. Well then, what is Ireland known for? Come find out!

1. Is Ireland a Rich or Poor Country?

Ireland stands amongst the fifth-richest country. Multinational companies like Apple and Microsoft preferred this country. Both companies have their European headquarters here.
But, not always, Ireland was so wealthy and lived through a dark phase too. Ireland experienced a famine and outbreak of disease between 1845 and 1849. Famine claimed a million lives, and more than a million left the country. There was a sharp fall in population and economic conditions of the island. (See What are the Landmarks in the Southeast Region?)

2. What is Ireland’s Nickname?

The Emerald Isle is the common nickname of Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. The Land of Saints and Scholars, Éire, Róisín Dubh, and Hibernia are other nicknames of Ireland.
Towns in Ireland have interesting nicknames too. Here is the list take a look.

  • Antrim – Glens County or Saffrons
  • Armagh – Orchard County / Cadral County
  • Carlow – Dolmen County, Barrowsiders, Fighting Cocks or Scallion Eaters
  • Cavan – Breffni, Lake County
  • Clare – Banner County
  • Cork – Revel Country, Leesiders, Donkey Aters
  • Donegal – Hills, Tir Chhonaill/Tyrconnell, O’Donnell County, Herring Gutters, Forgotten County
  • Down – Mourne County, Mournemen, Ardsmen
  • Dublin – Dubs, Liffeysiders, Jackeens, Jacks, Metropolitans, Pale, Big Smoke
  • Fermanagh – Maguire County, Lakeland County, Lake County, Erne County, Ernesiders
  • Galway – Tribesmens, Herring Chokers
  • Kerry – Kingdom
  • Kildare –Lilywhites, Short Glass County, Thoroughbred County
  • Kilkenny –Cats, Marble County, Noresiders, Wet-guns
  • Laois –O’Moore Country
  • Leitrim – Lovely Leitrim, Ridge County, Wild Rose County, O’Rourke County
  • Limerick –Shannonsiders, Treaty County, buttermilks
  • Londonderry –Oak-leaf County
  • Longford –Slashers, O’Farrell County
  • Louth –Wee County
  • Mayo –Yew County, Hear County, Maritime County/ Westreners, Mayo, God Help Us, Green Above Red
  • Meath –Royal County
  • Monaghan –Farney, Oriel County, Drumlin County
  • Offaly –Faithful County, Biffos
  • Roscommon –Rossies, Sheepstealers
  • Sligo –Yeats County, Herring Pickers, Land of Heart’s Desire, Zebras, Magpies
  • Tipperary –Premier County, Stone Throwers, Tipp
  • Tyrone –O’Neill County, red Hand County, Red Hands, Tyrone Among Bushes
  • Waterford – Decies, Déise, Suirsiders, Gentle County, Crystal County
  • Westmeath –Lake County
  • Wexford –Model County, Yellowbellies, Sianeysiders, Strawberry Pickers
  • Wicklow –Garden of Ireland, Garden County, Goatsuckers

3. What is the Most Irish Thing?

What is Ireland known for? Every country has its own beliefs and sayings. Similarly, Irish people have their own. These Irish traditions are a lot different from anything. But do you know what is the most Irish thing? Here is the list.

  • Itchy Nose – Irish people believe an itchy nose means something you’ll soon be fighting for..
  • Brigid’s cross construction – Brigid got a place on the Irish Calendar. They called it Saint Brigid’s Day. Irish people of all ages decorate the cross. In Irish traditions crosses are placed around doors to protect the family from evil.
  • Thanking Bus Driver – Ireland has the friendliest people in the world. Although this tradition is not unique to Ireland, many tourists were surprised when 30 Irish people got off a bus and thanked the driver one by one.
  • Attending Funerals – In Ireland, the custom of the wake is still very much in place. People come to both your funeral and your wake, even if they do not know you. Many people outside Ireland will think this is just one of those strange Irish customs. But to them, it is not unusual to have a person’s hairdresser’s kid come by the house to give you a sandwich and a cup of tea.
  • Irish Dance – The Irish traditional dance is unknown. Riverdance has become famous around the world. But many people still do not know about this special part of Irish culture. This makes it yet another strange Irish institution. (Find out Why do We Wear Black to Funerals?)

4. What is Ireland known for?

Every country has its unique culture and Ireland has a diverse culture. Let’s find out what is Ireland known for from the list below.

  • St. Patrick’s Day – Ireland observes its national holiday on March 17. This holiday is usually observed to honor St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
  • Alcoholic Beverage – Guinness is the alcoholic drink most recognizable worldwide. Guinness is still produced in Dublin, along the banks of the river Liffey. The Guinness Storehouse can be accessed by walking through the brewery itself.
  • Irish Whiskey – The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic word uisce beatha. Irish folk have made great use of whiskey if they got it in the Irish Annals of Clonmacnoise. Scotch is more age-friendly than Irish whiskey.
  • Irish Food – Irish people love street cuisine and farmer’s markets. It is full of mouthwatering traditional Irish culinary recipes. You can sample the exquisite gourmet goods.
  • Irish Pubs – The list must include Irish pubs prominently. There are a lot of Irish pubs around the world, but you can only experience their authenticity in Ireland only.
  • Irish Blessings – The Irish hold some blessings for a long time. You can easily find a blessing for every single event. Whether it be a happy event like a birthday, wishing someone good luck, or a loved one’s loss. Irish blessings can be very direct.
  • Irish Literature – Ireland’s name is firmly established in the literature. 4 Nobel Prize winners live in Dublin. Due to this, in 2010, the United Nations named it The City of Literature.
  • Irish Sports – The Gaelic Athletic Association promotes Gaelic games with Irish and Irish music. It is an association of sporting groups. Famous sports such as Irish rugby and Irish horse racing are well known there. Well, these surely are interesting for what is Ireland known for.

5. What is Ireland’s Number 1 Tourist Attraction?

You learned what is Ireland known for. The island is famous for a lot of things and its tourist attractions are one of them. Dublin is famous worldwide for and is the number 1 tourist spot in the country. The Guinness Storehouse along with its Gravity Bar is the number 1 tourist attraction of the town.

The Cliffs of Moher are also on the list. It is the biggest seabird colony in Ireland found on the cliffs. The Cliffs of Moher are 214 meters above the sea’s depths. (See What are Some Famous Marbella Beaches?)

6. What is the Best Thing about Ireland?

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After learning about what is Ireland known for, let us find out what is best about it? Ireland because it is full of magnificent wonders and marvelous places. And the list of the best things about Ireland is long.

  • Affordable real estates are a catch here. And in villages or countryside, you can get a good 3 BHK at an easy price. It is a long-lost possibility in cities nowadays. But note what you need to know before you move to Ireland.
  • Affordable cost of living in Ireland is another best thing. Their supermarkets price the groceries accurately and are not costly. Plus rent outside the capital is also affordable in comparison to other places in the world.
  • Affordable flights are what we need on our vacations. Ryanair offers you a chance to visit European destination without exhausting your holiday budget.
  • It is an English-speaking country. It is an easy tourist destination where they do not have to worry about language barriers.
  • They have the best meat and dairy products in the world. There is an exciting food scene with world-class chefs and believe me you won’t be disappointed.
  • The nation is full of humor and wit. Irish people enjoy every little activity and have the saying Ceoil agus Craic. It means fun, enjoyment, or good times.
  • Irish people are the warmest people in the world. In countryside, every neighbor is well aware of each other, their family members and even distant relatives. They share the same warm behavior with tourists also.
  • Its breathtaking natural beauty makes it the most scenic country in the world. You can experience rolling green hills of Kerry and golden beaches along with others. The Emerald Isle is a good place to visit and discover castles. You could visit the rural areas and see the countryside’s beautiful towns. 
  • The nation has First World Infrastructure. Modern roads, high speed internet, along with a good public transport system. Trad Fest is a celebration in Dublin every year.
  • Rich historical and cultural heritage makes up an important part of Ireland. The Irish people have a strong sense of culture, and they have literary geniuses too.

7. What makes Irish Unique?

As we already know about the best thing about Ireland, and some of them make it more unique than others. But here is a list of things and habits making them unique in a different sense. I bet these are also what is Ireland known for.

  • Irish people nag a lot. They have a habit of complaining which is not a very good thing though it keeps them busy.
  • They keep discussing the weather conditions. They are enthusiastic about their health and the climate as well.
  • Despite being stubborn they are also funny; they admit that this comes from their genes.
  • The homecoming in Ireland is nothing less than welcoming a king or a queen. They always welcome their guests warmly.
  • They love being social, such as sharing food, telling stories, and singing songs.
  • Irish people are very stubborn. They do not admit the fact that they are wrong. Do not forget to read how to deal with a stubborn kid at home?

8. What’s an Irish Saying?

You might often hear a popular Irish saying while traveling. I too sometimes wonder what on earth people are talking about. Irish people, English language and popular sayings, surely have a special relationship. Here are some of the Irish popular sayings for what is Ireland known for.

  • Acting the maggot
  • Up to 90
  • Sure look
  • Give it a lash
  • Stall the ball

9. What are 3 Interesting Facts about Ireland?

Beautiful landscapes, a literary past, or a love of sports may inspire you. And you might think this is what is Ireland known for, Well, there’s more:

  • Irish Music is the best in the World – Irish music is as interesting as its literature. The nation offers visitors plenty to enjoy. Of course, you could keep an eye out for performances by music icons of Ireland: Van Morrison, Sinéad O’Connor, and U2. Irish music doesn’t always have to be so competitive with other artists.
  • The Island Immigration – Many tourists have come to Ireland. The Irish Emigration Museum will explain some of the great histories of the Irish. The museum is Europe’s leading tourist attraction from the World Travel Awards. It looks at the history of Ireland from the point of view of people who have left.
  • Irish Dark Humor – Irish people are portrayed as having fun. The phrase means to have a chat. Irish people are good at talking and having fun. There is a nation of Irish people who all have a big pride in welcoming them.

10. What Country Loves Ireland the most?

Now we know that there are different Irish sayings and cultures that exist in Ireland. America loves Ireland the most. Almost everywhere in the United States, you can see a mixture of Irish influences. Over 2 million Americans visited the Emerald Isle last year. An American accent during summer in Ireland is common. When you visit any typical Irish store or boisterous pub to explain how they are connected to the place.

So, now you know about the things are what is Ireland known for. So, if you want to travel to Ireland this would be helpful. (Also See Is New Zealand Part of Europe?)

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