Is It Ok for Rabbits to Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Rabbits are notorious chewers. The variety of household items that rabbits prefer to get their teeth into might surprise you.

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Like humans, rabbits need to exercise every day to maintain good health. Thus, it is very common for pet owners to amuse their animals by using toys. Rabbit toys have been shown to help with mental stimulation and interest along with helping bunnies chew. But what if they chew paper, furniture, and other such things? Although, some people think twice is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls. others may not be aware what’s safe and what’s not. Keep reading this article to know more about bunnies, if they can bunnies eat cardboard, paper, or wood.

1. Why do Rabbits Eat Paper?

The most responsive behavior of rabbits is that they chew. This is why do rabbits eat paper. Or it is also possible that they are hungry. But mostly, they eat paper just because they consider it playing. Since we are on the topic find out Why do Babies Eat Paper?

2. Is It Ok for Rabbits to Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, an empty toilet paper roll is a safe toy to give to your rabbit. You can fill the toilet paper roll with hay. Your bunny will enjoy this and chew on the cardboard tube for hours. But you must be careful they are not feeding primarily on toilet paper rolls.

3. What Should I do if My Rabbit Ate Paper?

If they eat a lot of paper while playing, you should consult the vet immediately. Your rabbits can readily consume a small amount of paper while playing. It can be in shreds or small pieces.

In a list of what should I do if my rabbit ate paper calling the vet is priority. Do not put your fingers or hands in the animal’s mouth as it can stress him. This was interesting to know after learning about is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls. (Also see What type of Consumer is a Rabbit?)

4. What Paper is Safe for Rabbits?

Shredded paper is often used as bedding and/or in their litter box. They possibly nibble on these shredded paper when used as bedding and thus this paper is safe for them. Learning about safe paper for your rabbit is interesting after getting to know is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls or not.
Note: Make sure they are eating their food also and not only shredded paper.

5. Can Bunnies Eat Cardboard?

Yes, they can eat cardboard. Cardboard holds onto cellulose. Cellulose is a big part of the leaves and vegetables that pet rabbits eat. This is probably why they like to eat it. Pet rabbits see cardboard as a toy, and this can stimulate their minds. You can make homemade chew toys with cardboard. (Also see How many Handmade Shells for a Wooden Door are Needed?)

6. Can Rabbits Digest Cardboard?

I know you are curious to know can rabbits eat cardboard tubes or cardboard or not. No, they cannot digest a huge amount of it. Even though cardboard serves as a great toy for rabbits, it is hard on their digestive system.

Moreover, it has no nutritional benefit. You don’t want your bunny to eat only cardboard rather than food. Also, the answer to can rabbits eat cardboard tubes is yes. They can rip cardboard tubes and hay from it. It is harmless to them.

7. Is It Ok for Rabbits to Eat Wood? Can Bunnies Chew on Popsicle Sticks?

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Yes, it is okay for rabbits to do so, but only some woods are safe for the rabbits to chew. Such as willow, apple, pear, kiln, aspen, rose bushes, and maple.

And yes, popsicle sticks too are safe for rabbits. If you were thinking, what can I give my rabbit to chew on well, this could be an add-on. Make sure they are dry and not contaminated.

8. Can Wooden Furniture be a Problem for Rabbits?

Yes, it can be problematic for them. In the answer to is it ok for rabbits to eat wood or not, you learned not all wood is safe for them. And in case of furniture, it is more troublesome due to varnish or polish of the furniture. This is also a notable information after learning about is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls.

9. Does Rabbits Like Entertainment Always? What can I Give my Rabbit to Chew?

Yes, rabbits need to be entertained, and the best way to do so is with some homemade toys. Other than that, there are several enrichments for rabbits that you need to follow. There are several things that rabbits can chew on. However, safe chew toys are very essential. Here are some things for them to chew on:

  • Cardboard Boxes and Rolls
  • Chew-safe Sticks Like Apple Wood or Willow
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Grassy Mats
  • Chew Tubes

10. What are the Best Homemade Chew Toys for Rabbits?

You already learned about is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls. Now I am going to tell you about some best homemade chew toys for your pet.

1) Chewing Branches
Rabbits chew to maintain a healthy length of teeth. Give them some semi-soft branches from your garden trees to chew on.
Remember, some tree species are very dangerous to bunnies. You can remove branches of willow, apple, or aspen. Read about Safe Wood and Other Plants For Rabbits and keep your rabbit healthy and safe.

2) Digging Toys
You can let your rabbits play in a tray or planter with grass on it. By providing rabbits with a digging tray, you can keep them from damaging your carpets or yard.

3) Hay Toys
Rabbits like digging. Use a shallow dish, or a planter, as a foraging tray for the animals. Fill it with some hay or shredded paper. Add some nutritious snacks for rabbits like fresh herbs, mint, sage, or parsley.

Then add a few slices of apple or carrot, and a little bit of grass that hasn’t been cut. This is to ensure that your bunny’s stomach doesn’t get upset. Replace the vegetables with fresh ones each day.

Well, today you found out is it ok for rabbits to eat toilet paper rolls. It was interesting to discover that actually they can play and chew on the rolls. But not the paper though. There are chances that they could also eat paper, while they are playing, as they like to chew while playing. It would be interesting to know Why Do Bees Eat Honey?

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