How to Preserve a Live Starfish?

Starfish may have caught your attention while shopping for unique beach souvenirs. You should learn the ways to properly dry and preserve them if you don’t want to end up stinking up your house or someone else’s.

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Starfish, often known as sea stars, are easily found on the shore. They are not exactly fish but rather magnificent sea creatures. Do you know there are over 2,000 species of starfish. Preserving a live starfish can be a fascinating and educational experience. It can be a perfect activity for curious marine enthusiasts or passionate collectors. Learn how to preserve a live starfish and explore the amazing world of these sea creatures.

1. How Long can Starfish Live Out of Water?

The length of time a starfish species can live out of water is determined by their breath-holding stress tolerance level.

  • The majority of starfish species will not survive more than 3 to 5 minutes outside from water and will die if exposed to air for that long. However, many species can only hold their breaths for 30 seconds before dying out.
  • Crown of thorns starfish is indeed known to survive for 4 minutes if exposed to the open air outside of the sea coral bed.
  • The Sunflower Star is a Pacific subtidal starfish that can live for 1 to 2 hours on average without water.
  • Ochre Star, an intertidal star from the NE Pacific, has been known to survive out of water for around 28 hours; however, not all organisms survive. Find out more about the lifespan with How Long can a Starfish Live?

2. Can you Take a Starfish Home from the Beach?

Yes, because there doesn’t seem to be an official law on this, however, you should always protect the local biodiversity, including seashells and starfish. From their distinctive shape to their magnificent colors, starfish are likely to attract your attention. But how to preserve a live starfish?

In certain places, it is prohibited to gather live specimens or sea creatures from beaches. Starfish are incredibly delicate that can be harmed by human touch and infected with bacteria carried on from human hands, resulting in a protracted and horrific death.

These tiny structures are prone to emotional stress and respond to minor changes in their surroundings so taking back living starfish home from the beach won’t be the best idea as they are already becoming endangered so it’s important to keep a starfish alive.

3. How Hard is it to Keep a Starfish Alive?

It is an easy task to keep a starfish alive in an aquarium, although the specific level of easiness varies between species due to feeding requirements and the desire to live with other confined marine organisms. Understanding and responding to starfish requirements is the key to keeping them satisfied. You are close to finding out how to preserve a live starfish. Do you know about these 17 Types of Sea Anemone?

4. What to do with Dying Starfish?

You can collect dead starfish, which make beautiful ornaments and remind you of the seaside every time you glance at them. The appropriate drying and preservation techniques must be used, though, otherwise, something that was meant to enhance the ambience may end up being an unpleasant source of the smell.

Once dried, it is ready to become a charming ornament for your house or aquarium, which can be a beautiful reminder of the ocean, or you can photo frame your starfish and use it as a wall hanging or an outstanding showpiece for your dining room.

5. How to Preserve a Live Starfish?

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Live starfishes cannot be preserved. Preserving a dead starfish is a fairly easy task but a lot of people ignore it which can lead to bad odor and other inconveniences. Now that you know you cannot preserve live starfish, the same answer goes for how do you dry a live starfish? However, dead starfish are preserved and used as souvenirs or decorating ornaments. (Also See Is Goldfish Omnivore?)

6. How do You Preserve a Starfish Without it Smelling?

Soaking the starfish before drying can help to neutralize the decaying scent. Using the starfish before soaking can result in poorer conditions. The most popular techniques of preserving starfish include thoroughly but gently cleaning the starfish to remove all waste and environmental debris from it.

Using chemical agents such as alcohol, bleach, and salt to dry it up and avoid decomposition. Starfish can be preserved in a variety of ways, but always ensure that you are preserving a dead starfish.

You learnt there is no possibility in how to preserve a live starfish. Here are some ways that will serve as an answer to how do you dry and preserve a starfish without rotting smell.

  • Bring to a boil in alcohol: Take a pot and fill it halfway with equal parts alcohol and water. Place the starfish in there for at minimum thirty minutes before leaving them to dry.
  • Clean Water: This is probably the most common and practical method for deodorizing your Starfish. However, this technique may take a little longer than the others because the Starfish must remain in the water for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. Allow it to dry after that.
  • Salt-baking powder: Mix equal portions of salt and baking powder and evenly spread them in a shallow cardboard box to make a thin layer. Take the starfish out and place it on the salt and baking powder mixture, just make sure that the edges of the starfish are completely flat to avoid any curling. Then place the box in direct sunlight and let it sit for 48 hours to fully dry a live starfish.
  • Bleach solution: Mix household bleach with water in a ratio of three parts of water to one part of bleach. Soak the starfish in the solution for about one minute.

7. Can You Use Bleach to Preserve a Starfish?

Yes. Bleach is primarily composed of chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite. It works as a drying agent to preserve and dry a starfish. But this cannot be used to how to preserve a live starfish.

Simply immersing it in a bleach-filled bucket for at least 6 hours. Then take out of the container and place it in the sun to dry. This approach is speedier and also removes the odor that is commonly associated with deceased marine species.

8. How do You Preserve a Starfish Without Alcohol?

If you are running out of alcohol and wonder how do you preserve a starfish without alcohol, read ahead. Soak your starfish in a baking soda and water solution for 48 hours can result in thoroughly rinsed starfish. However, before beginning to use them ensure that they are completely absorbed in the mixture and dried.

9. What is the Fastest Way to Preserve a Starfish?

One of the quickest ways to preserve a starfish is by using salt, which is a considerably less harsh chemical.

  • To begin, carefully wash the starfish with soap.
  • Next, to remove extra water and moisture from the starfish’s body, place it on a plate of salt also regular table salt works fine.
  • Remove it from the salt dish after a few hours and set it in the sun to dry.
  • It is now ready to be used as a stunning decoration for your home or aquarium. Do you know the surprising health benefits of a home aquarium?

How to preserve a live starfish is an attractive approach to treasure the beauty of these amazing creatures. Remember, it’s critical to put the starfish’s welfare and ethical concerns first. Make sure that you only conserve the dead ones. Don’t forget to read Is It Ok for Rabbits to Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

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