How Are Jelly Beans Made?

History, Colors, and Recipe of Jelly Beans
bowl of jelly beans. how are jelly beans made

Jelly beans are semi-soft candies that are shaped like a bean and generally have a fruit flavor base. Now, if you’re wondering how are jelly beans made, well, sit back, grab a box of jelly beans and continue reading.

1. History

Nobody really knows from where did Jelly beans come from. However, it is believed that they were inspired by Turkish delight, a traditional Middle Eastern treat made of jelly. It was usually produced in seasonal colors for holidays such as Independence Day and Halloween. Now, the actual origin of jelly beans is unknown but, they seem to have appeared around the 1900s with other shaped candies like itself. (See What is a jack-o’-lantern?)

2. Colors

Jelly beans come in nine colors that are purple, pink, orange, red, white, black, yellow, green, and brown. There are other colors and possible varieties to these jelly beans. These are just some of the most standard colors that people around the world know about and have tasted.

3. Fun Facts

A fun fact about jelly beans is that they used to be the favorite candy of Ronald Reagan, the former President of the USA. Jelly beans experienced a kind of a resurgence in the 1980s, which led to the introduction of many gourmets and designer flavors. Jelly beans aren’t just simple sugar molds that are shaped into beans and presented as a product. But it takes almost 7 to 10 days to make one jelly bean. Also, they have a longer shelf life than other confections. So, because of its durability and size, it becomes easy to export and import Jelly beans.

4. Flavors

  • Jelly bean flavors include many exotic fruit flavors like pear, peach, watermelon, blueberry, cantaloupe.
  • Others are beverage-based flavors like mai tai, champagne, daiquiri, root beer, etc.
  • Moreover, it comes in various dessert/sweet flavors like cinnamon, bubble gum, marshmallow, mint, and cheesecake.   

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5. Ingredients

The first step to knowing how are jelly beans made is to know about the basic ingredients that go into the making. These include food starch, corn syrup, and sugar.  Some other ingredients are also added in small amounts like beeswax or carnauba wax, salt, anti-foaming agents, lecithin as an emulsifier, and confectioner’s glaze. These ingredients vary from each jelly bean so that every flavor is different from the last. Moreover, there can be natural and artificial colors as well as flavors like peanuts, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, and fruits as either purees or juices, cream, oils, or fruit powders.

6. Recipe

The whole procedure of making jelly beans starts with the hot liquid candy. Then, flavors and colors are added to the liquid to make every flavor distinctive. Lastly, the hot liquid is transferred and pumped into molds, which are then put into crates so that they can be stored in the dry room overnight. Briefly, this answers the question how are jelly beans made. (See Why do kids love candy so much?)

7. Dry Room

In the dry room, these molds get firm almost like an oven that bakes a cake from liquid to solid. And after a good solidifying in the dry room overnight, these molds are sent on a conveyer belt into the steam-bath and sugar bath chambers.

8. Shells

Once they come out all steamed out and sugar-coated, they are then put into vessels that are in the shape of cement mixers. These mix the jelly while the confectioner adds pitchers of sugar and syrup into the vessels. The reason why the confectioners don’t leave their posts even after pouring in the mixture is that they listen to the sound of the jelly beans mixing with the mixture. This helps them to figure out when the jelly beans are coated completely and are ready to be taken out.

Through this process, the shells of the jelly beans build up gradually while helping the flavor stay put. Afterward, they go through a process called the place where candy is turned into an art piece.

9. Final Step

When the jelly beans are completely coated, they gain a dried and polished look. The final step is to package them in individual flavors or varieties. Also, to brand them with the iconic and famous Jelly Bean logo. So, now you know how are jelly beans made and the time & precision that goes into making one jelly bean. Also, how every jelly bean tastes so perfect and flavorful. No wonder, Candy Crush is so popular!

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