Why do kids love candy so much?

The Science Behind Why Kids Love Candy | Why do kids love candy so much?
  1. Kids taste sweets better than adults

    Although the number of taste buds is the same in adults and kids, children taste flavors better because their tongue is much smaller, so the flavor’s intensity is stronger for them. Eventually, they build a sweet tooth until adolescence.

  2. Kids find candy similar to the taste of breast milk

    Babies prefer sweet flavors naturally, as they find it very similar to the sweet taste of breast milk.

  3. Mothers’ cravings can affect babies’ food preferences

    Babies usually use their sense of smell to distinguish between different flavors. They usually prefer the flavors they are familiar with like the food their mothers ate during pregnancy. So if the mother craved sweets, they are more likely to love candy.

  4. There are genes for the preference of sweetness

    Long ago, our ancestors lived on fruits. They preferred sweet fruits more than non-sweet ones, so they lived on them, and eventually, this got in-fixed into their genes. A study shows that babies are still born carrying these genes until today.

  5. Candy gives extra energy

    Candy contains many calories, thus, it has a great effect on kids during this period of rapid growth, especially when their body lacks calories. They feel more energetic when they eat them, so sugar doesn’t only taste good, it makes kids feel good as well.

  6. Sugar can relieve some pains

    Julie Mennella of the Monell Chemical Senses Center explains that sugar is a natural pain reliever in children. For example, it is sometimes put in a baby’s mouth during circumcision and heel stick procedures to reduce the pain.

  7. Growing bones increases sugar cravings

    A research shows that growing bones produces hormones that affect metabolism. Some metabolic hormones like insulin and leptin act on some areas in the brain connected to the tongue that control cravings. So they increase the kids’ craving for sweets.

  8. Kids aren’t aware of the negative effects of eating too much sweets

    Kids love candy and they feel happy when they eat it. So they don’t limit themselves and they always ask for more because they don’t really understand the negative effects of eating too much sugar. Unlike adults, children can’t control their cravings.

  9. Kids are attracted to the packaging and T.V advertisements

    The majority of marketing campaigns succeed in attracting kids. So when a kid watches an interesting TV ad or an attractive packaging, they will blindly go for it. Some companies even offer small gifts or games with the candy. (See Why novel and bizarre things catch your attention?)

  10. Kids always want what’s forbidden

    Most parents limit the amount of sugar intake for the kids to keep them healthy. Naturally, humans always want what is forbidden. When kids are prevented from sugars, they start to want it and crave it more.

  11. They like their colors

    Candies often have bright colors. Kids find those colors appealing and so feel like tasting them. (See Why are bright colors eye-catching?)

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