Why is Candy Crush so popular?

Why is Candy Crush is so successful & popular? Why Candy Crush Is Still So Popular Why is Candy Crush so popular?
  1. Offers impeccable Rewards

    All the rewards offered in Candy Crush are so delightful and satisfying for the players that they want to play even more.

  2. Unconscious emotions are connected to it

    Candy Crush game is an imitation an older game ‘Bejeweled’. The reason this game became so renowned was not because of its concept but the instant emotional connection that it forms with the user, under the influence of introduction to new elements used in this game such as sweets and candies.

  3. Pleasant game sound and music

    Every sound of the game is perfectly selected, be it the sound of candies falling, hitting each other, or disappearing. Its sound is one of the reasons that make players more hooked to this game. Also, the music helps you bring a piece in your mind and make you feel relaxed. It is featured with some fast-paced music that could trigger hidden emotional states.

  4. Scarcity

    People who have played this game become attached to it and are unable to get rid of it. It happens because the game lives run out fast and come back slow, which makes it looks like it is scarce. Moreover, the brain finds everything more valuable if a thing is rare.

  5. Arises curiosity and frustration

    While you are playing Candy Crush, you might get stuck in removing the jelly, which might make you frustrated. The more you get frustrated, the more likely you get hooked to it as you will not end up the game until you have removed the jelly. It overall increases curiosity and forms an intense connection. (See Why Do Gamers Get Very Angry?)

  6. Unexpected variable Rewards

    Candy Crush offers different types of variable rewards that make it more addictive and engaging. This game is comprised of oodles of anticipations where you could not have thought of clearing ample candies unexpectedly through certain chains of moves.

  7. Intense social competition

    Candy Crush itself creates a society. You can flaunt by posting the level of Candy Crush you have reached on Facebook. It establishes a cut-throat competition between friends, and to break their friend’s record, they could play this game for hours. (See Why Online Games are addictive?)

  8. The luck factor

    Although Candy Crush is controllable still, you need the luck to win this game. If it is might not your day, you might not be able to win, no matter how clever or proficient you are in this game.

  9. No social group differentiation

    The best part about this game is that it can be played by all age-groups including children, youths, and adults, unlike many other games that are designed for a particular age group of people.

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