Which is the Best Xbow Tesla Deck?

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Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game that includes the Royales, your favourite Clash characters, and much more. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards showcasing your favourite Clash of Clans warriors, spells, and defences, in addition to the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, and more. Knock the rival King and Princesses from their towers to overcome your competitors and win Trophies, Crowns, and glory in the Arena. Let us explore the best Xbow Tesla deck further and learn more about the best legendary deck and hardest deck in CR.

1. What is the Most Meta Deck?

Clash royale is a real-time player vs player strategy game developed by supercell which involves card collection, deck building, and fighting other players in real-time battles using troops, spells, and machines to attack the opponent while defending your tower. The deck made for battles contains eight different cards which perform different functions, so establishing a proper balance between all the cards is essential to winning battles. In most recent updates, some of the best combinations for decks which are known as Meta decks are:

  • P.E.K.K.A. Deck- This deck is suitable for players who are very attacking and have an offensive play style. This deck uses the heavy troop P.E.K.K.A. to defend and also deal heavy damage in attacks. Other cards in this deck are Bandits, Royal Ghost, Battle Ram, Minions, Zap spell, Poison Spell, and Electro wizard. The combination of these decks is extremely effective in dealing quick and heavy damage to the opponent while providing good tanking abilities for defence.
  • Golem Beatdown- This strategy is very popular among a player, who like a more defensive approach as this strategy relies heavily on using golems to push the opponent back and to use other troops to create pressure on the opponent by dealing heavy damage at once. The biggest challenge of this strategy is to manage the golems properly because once they are gone the defending towers become wide open. The composition of this deck is a golem, barbarian barrel, tornado, lightning, baby dragon, dark prince, mega minion, and lumberjack.

2. What is the Best Legendary Deck?

JAN23 Which is the Best Xbow Tesla Deck: Clash Royale

Legendary cards are some of the most popular cards in Clash Royale as they are difficult to find making them sought after by card collectors also while offering good statistics to help in battles. The best legendary deck which can be made with all legendary cards in Clash Royale consists of a combination of Electro wizard, Lumberjack, Princess, Log, Fisherman, Graveyard, Magic archer, and Miner.

These cards offer a great balance in both offence and defence as they have troops which can deal heavy damage at once while some defensive counters deal with a large number of troops at once. The average cost of this army is also very low which allows the player to quickly cycle between different troops. (Also read How to tell if Clan Castle is Full in Clash of Clans?)

3. What is Better Canon or Tesla?

Clash royale is a game developed by Supercell, who have given a massively loved game Clash of Clans earlier so Supercell decided to use a lot of buildings and troops from the Clash of Clans game and designed them to be a part of Clash Royale to make it even more fun. Two such buildings are Tesla, which is a hidden trap that uses electricity to damage the attacking troops and the Cannon which is a common ground defensive building that attacks ground troops.

The biggest advantage that Tesla has in Clash Royale over the cannon is the Tesla can attack both air and ground targets, unlike the cannon which can only attack ground targets. Another added benefit of Tesla is that it has a longer life than cannons and two Teslas can be placed at the same time to strengthen the defence.

4. Which is the Best Xbow Tesla Deck?

Clash Royale is a real-time player versus-player battle where players use a deck of 8 cards that perform different functions. There are various combinations of these cards that can be used to set a balance and to suit the playing style of the player. One such very common strategy is to use the best Xbow Tesla Deck combination, which uses these two cards as the core and sets the rest of the cards accordingly. The best Xbow Tesla deck combination which delivers a very high rate of success consists of a Knight, X-bow, Tesla, Ice wizards, Skeletons, rocket, log, and Tornado.

This strategy depends on the X-bow being used as a defensive building early on and then using the best Xbow Tesla deckto defend the x-bows, while the rest of the troops work on to distract and defend this setup and then the player starts to attack towards the end of the battle by placing x-bows to attack the opponent’s tower.

5. What is the Best Tesla Deck in Clash Royale?

Tesla is a defensive building in Clash Royale and offers a great range of use as a support building. The low cost paired with the long lifespan makes it an ideal defence in the game. The best Tesla deck in Clash Royale is when Tesla is used with X-bows to defend them and create a fortress of defence while attacking later and putting pressure on the opponent.

The combination for the best Xbow Tesla deck consists of these cards X-bow, Tesla, skeletons, Knight, Skeletons, fireball, Archers, and Electro spirits. This deck offers a much-standardised playing style as using X-bows to defend early on paired with Tesla to offer support to the X-bow can create a fortress early on while using other troops to create pressure on the opponent can lead to easy wins. 

6. Is Tesla Overpowered Clash Royale?

Tesla is a common card in Clash Royale which is a defensive building bearing an elixir cost of four. Tesla is one of the strongest cards in the game as it offers great value when compared to other defensive buildings, Tesla retreats to underground cover while it is not in use making it immune to spell damage and other projectiles. In comparison to other defensive buildings, Tesla is a better defence than cannons as it can attack both air and ground targets.

When compared to Inferno towers, Tesla is cheaper and offers immunity to spell damage because of retreating. Since multiple Teslas can be placed at one time, it makes Tesla a very well-rounded building leading to some arguments even saying the Tesla is an overpowered building. See Which is Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization?

7. What is the Hardest Deck in CR?

After knowing which is the best Xbow Tesla deck, do you know the hardest deck in CR? The battles in Clash Royale are played using decks consisting of 8 different cards which have different elixir costs, so it is given that establishing a proper combination of these cards is very important to win matches.

A key factor is to get the most value out of the elixir spent so a very heavy deck can be very difficult, and to use one of the hardest decks in Clash Royale can be made with a combination of Wizards, Musketeers, and lumberjack, Ram Rider, Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, Barbarian Hut and Lightening Spell. This deck has an average elixir cost of 5.9 which makes it very difficult to use.

8. What are the Top 5 Decks in Clash Royale?

Since we are discussing the best Xbow Tesla deck, the top five decks in Clash Royale based on recent updates and trends are: 

  • P.E.K.K.A deck which consists of the cards P.E.K.K.A, Bandit, Battle Ram, Minions, Royal Ghost, Zap, Poison, and electro wizard.
  • The hog cycle deck which is ideal for aggressive players as it deals a lot of damage early on is a combination of Hog Riders, Fireball, Ice golem, Zap, Skeletons, Ice spirits, Cannon, and Musketeer.
  • Music master’s X-bow is a defensive deck which offers good offensive ability later on with cards like X-bow, Ice golem, skeletons, ice spirits, musketeer, Tesla, fireball, and Elixir collector to help and manage the cost of expensive buildings in this deck.
  • Golem Beatdown is a versatile army that depends heavily on golems to push the opponents back and use other cards to put pressure. The best combination of cards to support golems is Barbarian barrel, Tornado, Lightning, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Dark prince, and Lumber Jack.
  • Ram Rider deck is another very strong deck which uses cheaper troops to quickly overpower opponents. It uses a combination of Ram Riders, Fireball, Cannon, skeletons, Zap, Musketeers, ice spirits, and ice golems.

9. Why is Tesla so Good Clash Royale?

After exploring the best Xbow Tesla deck or the best Tesla deck in clash Royale, now you must be curious to know what all the hype around Tesla is. Tesla is a defensive building in Clash Royale with 4 elixir cost which has gained popularity after updates because of how strong it is.

Tesla has a lot of reasons to be termed as one of the must-have cards in the deck. It is a cheap defensive card that has a long life span and thus provides good value. It can attack both ground and air targets while defending. Tesla also works well when paired with other buildings and troops which makes it good for offence as well. Since Tesla goes underground it provides immunity against spells and other projectile cards. Must read What does World Age affect Civ 5?

10. How do You Get Better at 3.0 XBow?

3.0 X-bow deck is a versatile and effective deck that uses X-bow and a combination of low-cost cards to put pressure on the opponent along with the e-spirits. This best Xbow Tesla deck consists of X-bows, Teslas, knights, archers, logs, skeletons electro spirits and fireballs. The main aim of this strategy is to use the X-bow early on to create a solid defensive set-up and then use cheaper cards to distract and contain the opponent’s attacks while saving for the second X-bow.

Tesla can be used to defend the X-bow from going down. Once the second X-bow is placed and the defensive set-up is strong enough to hold the enemy troops further, X-bows and troops can be used to damage the towers of the opponent. (Also read How to Compare Charcoal Vs Coal Minecraft?)

11. Do Teslas Deal 2x Damage to PEKKAs?

P.E.K.K.A. is one of the heaviest troops in Clash Royale and is very popular since they can tank a lot of incoming attacks while dealing heavy damage in every blow. But the P.E.K.K.A. army became increasingly unpopular with the rise of Tesla as originally Tesla had the ability to deal double damage to P.E.K.K.A. due to which P.E.K.K.A. became unviable because of their heavy cost and easy counter. This was however fixed later in a patch as Tesla was made weaker by dealing the same amount of damage to P.E.K.K.A. which made P.E.K.K.A. popular back again. 

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