Which is Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization?

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Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time and multiplayer game. Its central feature that adds a significant amount of excitement is the diversity of its civilizations or nations. Each country has its unique building architecture styles, benefits, starting commanders, and special units. Its strengths and weaknesses bring a lot of fascinating combinations into the game, and you can easily change your civilization in ROK and switch to any other Civilization throughout the game to fit your playing style and to gain a better position in the game. This article will be useful to you if you want to learn about the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization and strongest unit in ROK.

1. Which Civilization Game should you Start with?

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Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time strategy game that involves various civilizations to choose from and then working on to grow these civilisations through the course of games. So, it is quite obvious that choosing the best civilisation to start with is very important since it can dictate the future growth of a player and can be changed any time later. To change your civilisation in ROK, a player just needs to select the new civilisations and pay using in-game gems.

There are eleven civilisations to choose from in the beginning and the Chinese civilisation is the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization to start with as it offers the best perks required to rapidly grow your city hall in the early stages of the game through building boost and action point recovery. (Also read Why RTS games are so hard?)

2. Which Civilization is the most Important?

This game has gained a lot of popularity and a huge fanbase for its unique playing style. Some people are drawn to battle and conquest, while others are drawn to exploration. China is the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization and one of the most important civilizations for all new players because of its all-around benefits such as building boost and action point recovery. The majority of your power comes from buildings, while action point recovery comes in handy during this period. China civilisation can help you perform better in a variety of events as well as grow your commanders more quickly and efficiently.

Other than that, if you ask about civilizations in general, then note that there have been a lot of civilisations through the course of human history which have contributed greatly to how we live our lives today by introducing various systems and practices without which our society would be in chaos. One of the most important civilisations which have had the most impact on our lives is the Greek civilisation as the amount of contribution they have had on our present lives is immeasurable. They have introduced humans to everything from art and literature to geography and astronomy. Greek also introduced the language through which our modern languages have evolved, they also introduced us to democracy and coined money.

3. Which is Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilization?

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game, where a player has to choose one of the available civilisations and then play using it. Every civilisation has its pros and cons and can greatly affect the playing style of the player and also plays a part in how quickly a player progresses through the game. So, it is essential to pick the best-suited civilisation to grow seamlessly.

It is often debated which is the best civilisation as it should be a civilisation that is very balanced and offers a good set of perks for the beginning to get rapid growth, strong mid-game, and good strength to finish the game in the end. Considering this, the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization is Britain as it offers good training buffs for the beginning, very strong troops named Boudica, and an increased garrison capacity to help with the army. Must read How to Compare Charcoal Vs Coal Minecraft?

4. What is the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms for F2P?

Are you confused regarding what is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms for F2P? Rise of kingdoms is a free-to-play strategy game that also offers premium features to players who pay using real money. To compete with such premium players, it is important to pick a civilisation that offers the most value without paying real money and can be upgraded easily.

The Rise of Kingdoms best civilization for F2P can be challenging but picking up Britain as your starting civilisation can help in easing the early pressure as their starting commander Boudica is easy to upgrade and offers great value early in the game.

5. Is Vikings the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

No, as mentioned earlier, Britain is considered to be the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization. Viking is a very popular mid-game civilization in the rise of the kingdom and is fairly strong to play with. Viking civilisation offers great army buffs to infantry and offers a good counterattack bonus which is very useful if the player gets attacked a lot.

Another key element for civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is the commander Viking offers two commanders named Bjorn and Ragnar who are both very good but for a Free to play player upgrading Ragnar can be very challenging and tedious so it is better to max out Bjorn who is a great infantry commander and can offer great value in attacks. See How Long is a Day in Ark?

6. Is Egypt Good in ROK?

Yes, Egypt is a great civilisation in the Rise of kingdoms and is popular among players who like archer-type civilisations in the game. But there is a specific user base that should move to Egypt as compared to the other civilisations. Free-to-play players do not get greatly benefitted from using Egypt as they don’t play rally objectives which renders one the main buffs of Egypt civilisation useless, but if a player wants to start a game and admire the beautiful architecture of Egyptian buildings and can afford to pay real money to utilize the potential of this civilisation, Egypt can be a great pick. 

7. What is the Strongest Unit in ROK?

Rise of Kingdoms offers a wide range of troops from infantry, archers, and cavalry to siege machines which all have a different set of statistics and are used in different scenarios differently. The basic rule of thumb is that the infantry counters the cavalry, while the archers counter the infantry and the cavalry counters the archers. So to make an effective army it is elementary to study the civilisation that the player is using and its special troops and then make a balanced army by upgrading the necessary troops. For example, for an infantry-focused civilisation, an infantry commander leading an infantry army along with a cavalry commander leading a cavalry army is a very good combination.

The strongest unit in ROK based on different types are:

  • Royal Guard as infantry
  • Royal Crossbowman as archers
  • Royal Knight as cavalry units.
  • Trebuchet, the siege machine

8. What is the Weakest Civilization in ROK?

After learning about the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization, do you know the weakest civilization? The importance of picking a strong civilisation can never be overlooked in Rise of Kingdom as it is what decides the fate of the player. Though the game offers a huge set of different civilisations to choose from which each has different perks, some of the civilisations just don’t prove to be as effective as others can make the game even more challenging.

One such civilisation is Korea which is often regarded as one of the worst civilisations in the game as their buffs are very situational and neither help in raiding nor developing the city quickly. One of their perks allows higher hospital capacity which means it only benefits wounded troops and does not benefit the troops actually on the field. Unlike France and Byzantium, Koreans don’t have any boost on resource collection which adds further weight to their case making them the weakest civilisation in the game. Check out Which is the Best Archwing Weapon?

9. Should you Change your Civilization in ROK?

It depends. In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms you must know about the Rise of Kingdoms best civilization, and every player has to choose a civilisation at the beginning of the game to start playing, but sometimes as the game progresses a player might realize that the civilisation they picked is not suitable for their playing style or maybe they just picked a specific civilisation for the benefits it offered to new players for quicker development.

Changing civilisation costs 10,000 in-game gems or a civilisation change item which can be obtained for free once you hit level 10 City Hall. Upon changing the civilisation the perks and the architecture of the new civilisation are applied in place of the previous civilisation.

10. Can you Destroy a City in ROK?

Yes, you can destroy a city in ROK. Attacking cities in Rise of Kingdoms might sound very fun and interesting but it can be a tricky affair. There are 2 types of ways in which a player can attack a city one is using solo troops and the other way is with a rally along with a commander to lead your army.

Attacking cities with solo troops is not advised as it can be very expensive and will lead to the loss of a huge amount of troops for very little damage to the city. Conducting rally attacks is a far better way as a huge number of troops can be taken to attack a city which can deal a huge amount of damage in very little time by losing fewer troops. (Also read What is Warframe tempo Royale?)

When a player attacks the city it will start burning as the destruction increases and the health of the watchtower will begin to fall. The city will get destroyed when the durability of the city hits 0% and then the city will be teleported from the map to a different location. 

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