Which is the Best Archwing Weapon?

Warframe is an action role-playing game developed and published by Digital Extremes. There are several archwing weapons, and we can categorize them into certain ranks.
JAN23 Which is the Best Archwing Weapon

Warframe is a third-person multiplayer online thrilling game that takes you to the corners of the universe. The game not only supports in-game microtransactions but also items can be achieved through grinding. With this, you can target the best heavy weapon in Warframe, or with the new update, get an Archgun for yourself. Archwing is a new update by the developers of the game, where players can have the ability to combat using flying abilities in the open-world gameplay. This is perhaps the most awaited update for its users because it introduces you to the best Archwing weapon and it does wait to entertain you with its one-of-a-kind features. Let’s begin.

1. What is the Best Heavy Weapon in Warframe?

JAN23 Which is the Best Archwing Weapon 1

The game starts with the players being introduced to the members of Tenno, who are ancient warriors kept preserved with suspended animation. The target of the players or Tenno is to use their powered Warframes to carry out missions. This game is much more thrilling because it’s an open-world game with key features like shooting and melee games, in-game parkour, and role-playing with gears.

The Prime variant of the Gram weapon entitled The Gram Prime is the best heavy weapon in Warframe. In order to use the Gram Prime, you need to rank up to Mastery Rank 14 which can be accomplished by completing Void relic missions and the opening relics that list the Gram Prime as rewards. There are alternative ways as well – such as you can earn platinum and you can buy it from other players. The whole grinding takes a lot of time but it is worth the wait since The Gram weapon is the best heavy weapon in Warframe. (See What is Warframe tempo Royale?)

2. What is the Fastest Way to Level Up in Warframe?

The fastest way to level up in Warframe is to gain 100% affinity, which can be done by killing the enemies by using their abilities. To do this, the best option is to have the most powerful melee weapon you currently have along with Naramon with your school and Affinity spike. With this combo of weapons, you can easily kill your enemies and hence level up much faster.

Moreover, Digital Extremes had already been working on the concepts of Warframe when they began their work on one of their most popular games Dark Sector. However, in 2012, they had begun their work with certain key elements and artistic structures from Dark Sector resulting in the launch of Warframe. Although the initial growth of this game was low, today this game serves 50 million users and is about to launch its game over android and IOS platforms. 

3. Which is the Best Archwing Weapon?

There are many archwing weapons and we can categorize them into certain ranks. The best Archwing weapon is Mauloson, however, the other great weapons of the same height and power include Amesha, Imperator Vandal, Kuva Grattler, and Ital. These weapons can be categorized as S Class Rank or the best of the best Archwing weapon. Must read How many Rockets for Sheet Metal Wall are Required to Break it?

4. Where do You get Archwing Weapons?

Archwing weapons are available in the Clan’s Tenno Lab in Dojo. The other Archwing weapons can be achieved through Syndicates, clan research, Trading, Baro Ki’ Teer, or through Kuva Liches. 

5. What is the Fastest Way to Level Up Archwing Weapons?

The fastest way to level up the best Archwing weapons is through a rail jack, where you can upgrade other weapons as well. There is an alternative to this as well. You can create your own defense line on Salacia Neptune, in order to level up. (See What is the Risk of Rain 2 Huntress?)

6. How do You Get an Archgun?

To get an Archgun, you need to obtain it from an Archgun Deployer which can be achieved after the completion of the third phase of the ProfitTaker Orb Heist in the player’s inbox. 

7. Is Velocitus the Best Archgun?

To your relief, yes, the Velocitus is the best Archgun. Velocitus is on a whole other level even with its amount of single-shot damage, which most sniper rifles fail. The specialty of Velocitus is that it can charge up making its damage at a higher level. (See How can You describe Dragon Age Origins Builds?)

8. Do Necramechs use Archguns?

Yes, Archguns used by Necramechs can be used as primary weapons. However, there is an important dissimilarity between the grown combat Archguns and of the Necramech-wielded one. The Archguns wielded by Necramech are characterized by their regenerating ammunition system, which is not available in the ground archguns. 

9. Is the Grattler Good?

Yes, the Grattler is one of the best Archwing weapon in Warframe. It is presumable that you are fond of machine guns because of their speed and fire rate. Now, think how exciting would it be if rocket launchers have such a firing speed. Well, the developers of Warframe present to you the Grattler which is an exceptional archgun cannon. It is a rocket launcher with the fire rate of a machine gun. 

10. How do You get Itzal?

You can head out to the Clan’s Tenno Research Lab in the Dojo in order to obtain Itzal’s blueprints and their main components. The blueprints of Itzal can be obtained after the completion of the Archwing quest. 

We hope to resolve all of your queries regarding Warframe and its new update on the Archwings, including how to get the best Archwing weapon. The new updates make the game much more enthusiastic due to its open-world feature along with to get the various ammunitions and its other qualities. The game targets to hold the thrill of the players with its grinding missions and new updates, which makes it much more interesting to play. (Also read Who is Best Support for Jhin?)

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