Who is Best Support for Jhin?

Who is Jhin? What is the Best Support for Jhin? Is Lux a Good Support for Jhin? Who beats Jhin? Who goes well with Twitch, Samira, and Varus?

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Jin is a famous villainous character in the multiplayer online battle game League of Legends. He is a former serial killer and is also a highly skilled assassin. He works for the lonian government to instill terror in their enemies. He has a cunning mind which is focused on making each and every death spectacular. This character is capable enough of wiping an entire enemy team but for that, he needs support that compliments his challenging and unique playstyle. In this article, you will learn about who is the best support for Jhin, who beats Jhi, facts related to Jhin ULT wild rift, etc.

1. Who is Best Support for Jhin?

In the bot lane of League of Legends, Jhin has been a heavily contested pick. He has an extremely satisfying, challenging, and unique playstyle. However, he needs an unusual reload mechanic and low mobility because of which he needs support to complement his playstyle. There is more than one best support for Jhin and they are:

A. Brand

The Brand is the best support for Jhin. Both Jhin and Brand have one characteristic in common and that is massive damage. Brand is usually at the front casting spells and he is also a highly aggressive laner in general. Jhin can rely on Brand to poke and set up his root. Additionally, Brand’s burning passing also prolongs Jhin’s W mark and this means Jin has more time to fire off this ability. It helps Jhin to tarp enemies easily. In most cases, Jhin and Brand can unleash heavy damage and secure a kill. Check out How can You describe Dragon Age Origins Builds?

B. Morgana

She can’t produce the same damage as Brand but she has other tools like her spell shield and prove to be a contender for the best support for Jhin. In Bot Lane, this ability is very helpful as it opens more opportunities than any other form of healing or shielding. Jhin doesn’t have any form of mobility to escape his enemies and Morgana’s Black Shield can cure all marksmen. So, it will help Jhin avoid damage and the enemy CC. (See What is the best Dark Souls game)

C. Nami

In the bot lane, she is a go-to-support for any marksman or mage. Depending on whether her ally uses basic spells or attacks, Nami’s E has both ability power and attack damage. She is a great support for Jhin who relies on his abilities just like his attacks. Her healing ability also jumps between allies and enemies. It has the power to cause healing as well as damage. Must read how to make a successful attack in Clash of Clans?

D. Blitzcrank

He has exceptional strengths when it comes to the landing phase. This strength is very beneficial for Jhin. He has one of the most feared abilities in the entire game, Rocket Grab. He can use this ability to bring the enemy next to him and set up the kill for Jhin which makes him the best support for Jhin. Both Jhin and Blitzcrank can coordinate their abilities and lock one target down for a couple of seconds. (See How to defeat Amygdala in Bloodborne?)

E. Zyra

She is one best mage support for Jhin. She can be the best choice for Jhin, but not many players know how to play her and some even find her playstyle a bit weird. As Zyra, you have to be aggressive. You need to poke your enemies and bully them without getting damaged as much in return.

F. Vel’koz

He is another maze that forms a great combination with Jhin. He is great at setting up crowd control with Jhin and has a lot of damage ability. He is a safer option for Jhin as he has a bigger ranger compared to Morgana. His abilities don’t cost much plus he also has a lot of mana early on. He can easily spam spells and scare enemies away from Jhin. He and Jhin go really aggressively. Jhin can use Vel’koz to chase or kill his enemies. (See Why are endless running games so popular?)

G. Janna

She isn’t an aggressive mage but she is really good at protecting Jhin from his enemies and setting up kills for him. The combination of Janna’s tornado with Jhin’s rot is one of the best synergies between these two characters and that can make her a contender for being the best support for Jhin. Janna is also good at dealing with and eliminating damage from their enemies. (See Does Pokemon Go Need WiFi?)

2. Is Lux a Good Support for Jhin?

Yes, Lux is one of the characters who can be considered as the best support for Jhin. She is an easy-to-play mage and is pretty fast. Her slows, binds, and high damage ability works really well with Jhin’s ability. Jhin can unleash his Dancing Grenades and Deadly Flourish ability when Lux uses her infamous Light Binding ability to immobilize enemies. Her Lucent Singularity ability also goes fantastically with Jhin’s ability. After this, let’s learn who beats Jhin. (See Top 10 Best League of Legends Youtubers)

3. Who Beats Jhin?

Jhin is a pretty strong champion and is pretty troublesome to deal with. It’s hard to deal with him in the lase as he has a really good range. He can stand close to his tower and still clear up the wave. If someone tries going aggressive, he roots his enemy and runs away by using his W and Q. But he is not unbeatable, there is someone who beats Jhin. Such characters are:

A. Draven

He is a heavy-damage dealing and hyper-aggressive champion. He can destroy Jhin pretty early in the game. Compared to Jhin, his early-game damage is way higher. He can also chase down Jhin pretty easily with his speed boost ability. Moreover, if Jhin is running with low health, Draven can easily kill Jhin because of his long range.

B. Tristana

She is a champion that gets on top of Jhin during a fight. She uses her W to jump close to him and then uses her E and Q to tear him down. She uses her W to close to distance in case Jhin tries to run. She gives Jhin a really hard time in a fight. Check out 8 Facts about The Legend of El Dorado Game Online.

C. Yasuo

Jhin has low mobility and Yasuo has Wind Wall ability which easily counters Jhin’s Q and W. Using his E, Yasuo can jump on top of Jhin and cut down the latter in the lane using his Q and R combo. 

D. Samira

She is among the best counters for Jhin in the game. By simply pressing a button she can completely dodge the latter’s W skill. She can never be locked down by the latter and also her ultimate can destroy him. She also loves going into melee range and Jhin such situations are very vulnerable for Jhin. 

E. Lucian

He is one of the best champions to counter Jhin in the game. He has the ability to use his dash to dodge Jhin’s W and also chase the latter down. He also hits very hard. Once Lucian starts charging, Jhin is done fighting. But the only problem with Lucian is that he is hard to play. (See How to Restart Clash of Clans?)

4. Is Senna Good with Jhin?

Now that you know who beats Jhin, let’s see if Senna is good with Jhin or not. She is a marksman and her abilities go perfectly with Jhin. She has shielding and healing abilities, these make her a really valuable and versatile support for Jhin. During stressful bottom lane fights, she is great at keeping Jhin safe plus she also boasts high damage ability. Her abilities like the Last Embrace, and Black Mist also help Jhin in vulnerable situations. Her only downside is that she doesn’t have the best mobility and is also very squishy. All in All, Senna is the best support for Jhin. (See What is the Best LoL Elo Boosting Service?)

5. Does Jhin Counter Senna?

Yes, Jin can counter Senna. Almost 53.51% of the time, Jhin wins against Senna and his win rate is 3.31 % higher against Senna than any other opponent. In most Senna versus Jhin games, her team is 0.2% less expected to get first blood. This means that there is less probability for her to get first blood versus Jhin. Must See 25 Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox.

6. Is Jhin Leona Good?

Yes, Leona is the best support for Jhin. She can slow, stun, and quickly engage the enemy. Her shield of Daybreak ability can stun her enemies and this makes it earlier for Jhin to land his Deadly Flourish and Dancing Grenades onto the enemy. She can also immobilize and engage enemies with her Zenith Blade and this helps Jhin to attack. Because of her he also can perform his Deadly Flourish. Her abilities like Eclipse Shield, Ultimate, etc are also very helpful for Jhin. (See Why RTS games are so hard?)

7. How do You Aim the Jhin ULT Wild Rift?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

To aim the Jhin ULT wild rift, you need to press your R button after level 6, when this ability is off cooldown. After this, the game will zoom out and you will see more summoner’s rift. This will help you see your enemies as they are running away and makes it easier for you to kill them. (See Why some Games are banned?)

8. Who goes well with Samira?

After learning about Jhin ULT wild rift, let’s read who goes well with Samira. Samira is one of the best marksmen in the game. She is a really aggressive champion and is thus different from other ADCs in the game who rely on sticking in the backline. She has unique gameplay that can benefit her team in multiple gameplays. Her best supports are Alistar, Leonna, Rell, Nautilus, Thresh, Rakan, and Pyke. After this, let’s learn about the best support for Ezreal. (See Why are mobile games popular?)

9. Who is the Best Support for Ezreal?

Ezreal is one of the most unique ADC champions in League of Legends. He is technically a maze and not a marksman and because of this reason choosing good support for him is difficult. So, who is the best support for Ezreal? He has a specific way of playing in the bot lane and that is why there are a few champions who complement his style. If we talk about the best support for Ezreal, there is more than one. They are Lux, Seraphine, Nami, Soraka, Janna, Alistar, and Tartic. Must See Why some people don’t like video games?

10. What Support goes well with Twitch?

Twitch is a marksman who doesn’t go well with wombo-combo team compositions, since he doesn’t have a one-shot play style. When there are multiple champions to protect him, he grows stronger. His best supporters are Lulu, Janna, Yuumi, Braum, Soraka, Nami, and Blitzcrank. (See Why are Baldur’s Gate games popular?)

11. Who goes well with Varus?

Varus is a marksman with a specific playstyle in League. To enhance his ability to carry he needs a certain type of support. Generally, he needs champions to have a lot of crowd-control effects. Morgana, Leona, Zyra, Nami, Yuumi, Lulu, and Janna go well with Varus. (Also read What is the Risk of Rain 2 Huntress?)

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