25 Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox

  1. One of the best RPG Roblox games is Dinosaur Simulator, where you play as a Dinosaur. The game is all about Dinosaur survival as you need to avoid predators while looking out for food and keep yourself secure from natural disasters. This game comprises different exciting aspects that you experience while playing it.

  2. Welcome to Bloxburg

    The ‘Welcome to Bloxburg’ game was created in 2014. Since then, millions of people have visited their site. The best part is that it is a roleplaying game where you can build your virtual world. This game enables you to design and build your own house, and you can also choose your ideal job to earn a source of living.

  3. Kingdom Life II

    Boopbot made this game in April 2009. The primary source of getting recognition for Boopbot is because of this most played Medieval game named Kingdom Life II. The game consists of countless roleplay and has astounding graphics.

  4. Ro Citizens

    A Roblox RPG game which is developed by Firebrand 1. To start playing this game, the player first needs to choose their gender and pick one of the job roles from the list provided to earn a living. Everybody in society has been given a role in the game. You can customize your homes and appearance in this game as per the income earned by you and socialize with your fellow citizens.

  5. Neverland Lagoon

    Neverland Lagoon is based on the pirates and mermaids world. You can choose or create your own avatar (either pirate or mermaid) along with the accessories like swords, clothes, etc. The game is full of open-world adventures with unlimited responsibilities.

  6. Jailbreak

    Jailbreak offers you to become either a police officer or a criminal. If you become a police officer, you do not have to let the criminal escape from jail. Whereas, if you become a criminal, you have to escape from prison. No matter whatever you become, you can earn and spend money on new items like cars, weapons, and much more.

  7. Works at a Pizza Place

    This game provides you with multiple options from which you can choose your role of pizza chef, pizza boxer, cashier, delivery, and supplier. Works at a Pizza Place makes you experience the enticement of the restaurant biz without bearing any overheads.

  8. Super Hero Life II

    CJ_Oyer was the developer of Super Hero Life II. The game offers you to become a superhero or a villain, or even a neutral character. If you become a superhero, you need to fight for justice after you choose your powers. You can guess what you have to do if you become a villain! The game consists of 2 different modes- Battle mode and Role model. (See Why are Baldur’s Gate games popular?)

  9. Wolves’ Life 2

    Shyfoox studios created one of the most remarkable Roblox games named e. You enter into an open-world adventure as soon as you get to play this game. Players can form packs in the wilderness and experience exquisite adventures with other wolves.

  10. Fantastic Frontier

    Spectrabox created fantastic Frontier in 2016. The game makes you experience a tremendous virtual world with breathtaking graphics where you fight monsters and accomplish quests for items for advancement.

  11. The Island of Mezaa

    The Island of Mezaa is one game that is one in thousands to provide you with a unique, user-generated 3D experience. The island in this game is portrayed as a tiny island where the weather is volatile because of the closeness to the equator.

  12. Portal Heroes

    Portal Heroes is based on another game named ‘Clicker Heroes’ in 3D.  The game players must visit the portal and fight the enemies by recruiting heroes to kill the evil monsters. The more you kill the monsters, you will level up and get a chance to upgrade your gear. (See Why Do We Like Superheroes?)

  13. Fight the Monsters

    It is one of the best action-packed RPG games where you need to kill monsters like dinosaurs, dragons, and evil robots. You will gradually get your game’s level increased as you fight more monsters. With the upper level, you will equip better armours, weapons, and other accessories.

  14. Animatronic World

    Gommy_Rennard created this excellent game that lets you hang out, socialize and make new friends, role play, explore various places, and do much more that is fun. You can play a human, animatronic, or a customized newly character. This game’s characteristics are based on the characters seen in Five Nights at Freddy’s.

  15. Swordburst 2

    Swordburst 2 is all about defeating your enemies and collecting rare items. It is a multiplayer role-playing game that is inspired by the Sword Art Online anime. This game makes you experience an immense RPG world and provides you with plentiful armour choices.

  16. Gear Online RPG!

    Build IntoGames created gear Online RPG game. This game allows its users to explore and demolish randomized dungeons with friends, relatives, slay epic, hoard loot, and selling items in the enormous online marketplace.

  17. Electric State DarkRP

    This game is currently under development and alpha-testing. Electric State DarkRP allows its users to buy different passes for the game using their Roblox. It is basically a free roam Roblox game based on a book titled ‘The Electric State by Simon Stalenhag.’

  18. Dragon’s Life

    Dragon’s Life is an RPG Roblox created by Shyfoox Studios. It is a roleplaying game that offers you to become either of the mentioned- Dragon, wolf, Night Fury, ostrich, dragon slayer or trainer, or a crocodile. Various traps are laid down by dragon slayers or trainers that you need to avoid being a dragon or any other animal character.

  19. Pokemon Legends

    Pokemon Legends is created by Beas Takip. It is one of the best RPG Roblox game in which players are tasked to discover and catch new Pokemon. This game even allows you to invite your friends, family, or relatives.

  20. The Neighbourhood of Robloxia

    The Neighbourhood of Robloxia is an excellent game having astounding graphics, which provides all its users with an extraordinary user experience. The game is based on a roleplay server that allows players to navigate a Robloxia to interact with other players. You can choose your own job title as per your desire, such as Doctor, Teacher, etc.

  21. Booga Booga

    Booga is a Roblox RPG game, which is very similar to Minecraft. This one could be the best choice you can go for if you are a fan of survival games. It allows players to mine, craft weapons, kill wild animals, and make their character more powerful by exploring and surviving.

  22. Theme Park Tycoon 2

    If you have played the games like Planet Coaster, or Rollercoaster Tycoos, you may know what this game is about. It is quite similar to the games mentioned above but even more enjoyable. Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a strategy-based game where you need to build your theme park to attract more customers and earn success.

  23. Q-Clash

    Players are expected to strategize meticulously to defend themselves and beat their enemies as a strategy is a key to build your empire in this game. The graphics of Q-Clash are mind-boggling.

  24. Ghost Stimulator

    This fun RPG Roblox game lets you explore numerous locations, including deserts, mountains, beaches, cities, towns, forests, etc., to catch ghosts with a vacuum cleaner. You might find it ludicrous to catch a ghost with a vacuum cleaner, but the game is exciting. This game makes you experience not so scary ghosts and allow you even to play them with your friends.

  25. Mad City

    One of the most renowned games of all time, GTA is no hidden from any game lover. Mad City is the Roblox version of Grand Theft Auto. This game offers you to become a criminal, police officer, or superhero. Also, Mad city allows you to carry four weapons, including Shotgun, Cold Steel, Sniper Rifle, and SMG. The more you play this game, you will be able to develop your skills and tactics.


Written by Alex Williams

Alex Williams is a PhD student in urban studies and planning. He is broadly interested in the historical geographies of capital, the geopolitical economy of urbanization, environmental and imperial history, critical urban theory, and spatial dialectics.


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  1. These are ok RP games, but After The Flash (ATF) is such a good underated RP game. It is set in a wasteland civilization after a big explosion happend in the main city. It includes character customization weapons (no killing though) and more. There is also ingame purchases for things like robot and dog morphs.

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