Why Do We Like Superheroes?

Alex Williams
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  1. We want to be powerful

  2. They give people the feeling that they are larger than life

    According to psychologists people identify with the Heroes they see on the screen by believing that they are in their place. When a person identifies with a super hero he gets to experience some of the super hero’s emotions.

  3. Because of narrcism

    Some psychologists argue that some people like super heroes because they have narcissistic tendencies. A typical narcissistic might want to become unique , powerful and loved and so he sees himself in the super hero he watches.

  4. To feel superior

    When people watch super heroes defeating their enemies they get to feel a sense of superiority. According to Alfred Adler , the founder of individual psychology, each normal person has the desire to feel superior. (See Why do people strive for superiority?)

  5. Similar moral values

    Some people like super heroes because they share similar moral values with them. When the super hero fights for the same thing a person believes in that person might like the super hero even more.

  6. We feel good when we see strong people

    According to psychologists people might feel better when they strong people. Seeing helpless people on the other hand can remind a person of his own weaknesses.

  7. They give people hope

    Super heroes usually give people hope as they always manage to get over the obstacles they face. When a person sees a super hero doing so he unconsciously gets  some hope.

  8. To live in a different world

    The more stressful a person’s life is the more likely that person will want to escape to a different world. This is also one reason why some people like horror movies.

  9. Men like action and fights

    A typical man would like action and fights. Testosterone is a hormone that can lead to aggressive behavior. By watching super heroes fighting for noble causes many men can get rid of this aggression in a totally harmless way. (See How Testosterone affects male behaviour?)

  10. Americans needed their own mythologies

    Some people argue that many super heroes were developed in the united states because the country didn’t have it’s own mythologies unlike the Greek culture for example.

  11. People need a saviour

    According to psychologists people sometimes need to feel that a savior is there for them to help them with their lives. The appeal of super heroes might thus be related to the concept of needing a savior.

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