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Why do People Wear Little Spoon Necklace?

Trends come and go. Sometimes it is about jewelry, fashion accessories, make-up, toys, dance moves, etc. The list is endless and so is the craze of people to follow these trends. Nowadays, a little spoon necklace is a trend. Have you seen it on TikTok? Are you aware of the spoon necklace meaning? What is a spoon theory bracelet? Let’s begin and find it out.

1. What is Spoon Theory?

Writer Christine Miserandino developed spoon theory in 2003 to explain how lupus (an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks tissues and organs of the patient) affects her ability to perform daily tasks. The spoon theory is a self-practicing theory emphasizing the need for energy or the amount of energy the patient with chronic pain has for performing certain tasks. The spoons are like money which resembles their energy, and they have to be careful while considering this theory. See What is Priming Theory?

2. Who is a Spoonie?

People living with chronic pain following spoon theory call themselves spoonies. Chronic pain is not limited to lupus only. A number of other health-related conditions causing chronic pain are considered in this case. Therefore, the term spoonie is for patients of different types of chronic illness, including:

  • Back Pain
  • Lupus
  • Migraines
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

They deal with the following issues:

  • Energy levels are limited
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Inadequate or problematic sexual activity
  • Focus and concentration are disturbed.
  • Social deprivation
  • Emotional distress

3. Is Spoon Theory for Mental Health Too?

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Yes, people with mental health reside in spoon theory and use little spoon necklaces to manage their mental health issues. Anxiety and depression-stricken people use the spoon theory to manage and think about their daily capacity for energy, the energy they need to cope with their stress and do daily activities. Must see What is Definition of Physical Needs?

4. What does a Spoon symbolize in Spoon Theory?

In a spoon theory, people with chronic illness or pain start their day with a certain number of spoons depending on the amount of energy they have after they wake up. For each activity, they assign a certain number of spoons depending on the amount of energy they will use for it. For them, spoons are the unit of measurement of their energy. For example,

  • Getting up = 1 spoon
  • Showering = 4 spoons
  • Getting dressed = 2 spoon
  • Cooking breakfast = 5 spoons

Thus, as they keep on doing the chores, they keep deducting the spoons. By the time they run out of spoons, they are already exhausted. They cannot do any other chores because of the pain and exhaustion. They prepare the spoons again for the next day. However, sometimes they run out of energy long before they run out of spoons.

5. What is a Spoon Theory Bracelet?

People with health issues using spoon theory prefer to spread awareness about the theory. Little spoon necklaces or bracelets are mostly worn by the health community. It is the symbol in the medical world that the person is suffering from some health issue and uses the spoon theory. The bracelet can be beaded or chained and has a tiny spoon dangling from it. It can also be a thread only with the spoon. The bracelet can have one or more spoons. Learn about the Stanley Milgram Experiment Results.

6. What is the Spoon Necklace Meaning?

The spoon necklace is trending these days on TikTok, and fans of Lana Del Rey are taking it to another height. The meaning of the spoon necklace depends on the person wearing it and the message they want to convey. The possible meanings for it are mentioned below.

  • For people with chronic illnesses, it means solidarity.
  • For other people, it is a quirky fashion accessory.
  • The person wearing it enjoys using illegal substances and wears the necklace as a symbol for it.

Also, the musician, Lana del Rey released the spoon necklace as a part of her merchandise in 2017. It has a rose gold chain that has a heart attached to it. As you unscrew the heart, the spoon is revealed. 

7. What is Spoon Theory Merchandise?

To raise awareness and to share words of encouragement with people living with chronic pain, spoon theory merchandise is available in the market. It includes the following:

  • T-shirt with spoon quotes
  • Stickers
  • Bracelet
  • Little spoon necklace

8. How is Coke Spoon Related to Tiny Spoon?

In the late 1970s, people wear these tiny spoons on necklaces because they came in handy when they were snorting cocaine. This became very famous after a party scene in the 1970s became viral. At that time, this spoon necklace was known as a coke spoon. After this in a neo-noir drama, Super Fly aired in 1972, the protagonist wore this coke spoon necklace. (See Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner)

9. Who Wore the Spoon Necklace to Concerts?

In the era of heavy metal bands in the 1970s, the co-founder of the KISS band, Paul Stanley, liked to wear a spoon necklace to photo shoots and concerts.

10. Why is Little Spoon Necklace Trending on TikTok?

After years of the release of the merchandise by Lana Del Rey, lately, the necklace has been trending again on the social media platform TikTok. Lana Rey fans are posting clips of her music, her iconic looks, and her merchandise.

So, today you got to know about the little spoon necklace and the reason behind this new trend. I hope you understood the spoon necklace meaning related to the three communities. Do you have any spoon theory merchandise? But if you see someone wearing a spoon theory bracelet, do not assume the reason. Take it as a topic to start the conversation and get to know their reason for wearing it. Also, never refrain from spreading awareness. 


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