Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner

What are Fidget Spinners? What are a Mini Fidget and Spinner Cube? Which Spinners are the Best? What should you consider before buying a Spinner? How to make a Custom Fidget Spinner?

Trends come and go, but some things stay. I am talking about the trend of fidget spinners which came like a flood all across the world. You must have fidget spinners too, which will become your ultimate tool to kill boredom. Everyone thought their spinner was the best fidget spinner, but you can make a custom fidget spinner too. I wonder how small the mini fidget spinner is and the fidget spinner cube.

1. Fidget Spinner

It is a type of toy with a ball-bearing center and multi-lobes. There can be a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 5 to 6 lobes made from metal or plastic. It comes in different styles and sizes. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

2. Trend of Fidget Spinners

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

In 2017, fidget spinners became a trending toy across the world. This toy has also been used to help people with psychological problems like anxiety, or psychological stress. It is also known to calm down people who have anxiety issues or neurodivergence like autism and attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD). Also, check out 14 reasons why I like to be alone.

3. Fidget Spinner Cube

It is a cube with all the sides having different fidgeting arrangements. The sides have combination lock knobs, a rolly ball, a little joystick, a few buttons with a different click, a switch, and a spinning dial. You can get the satisfaction of pushing, spinning, dialing, and licking this one toy.

  • Side 1 contains 5 small buttons which are 3 audible clickable buttons and 2 silent buttons.
  • Side 2 contains a switch.
  • Side 3 contains 3 tactile gears and a clickable ball fit in the socket.
  • Side 4 contains a round joystick that glides smoothly across the surface.
  • Side 5 contains a thumb space to rub to release anxiety.
  • Side 6 contains a spin dial. (See How to Use a Hula Hoop?)

4. Mini fidget Spinner

Before getting to a custom fidget spinner, take a look at this smaller version of the fidget spinners but with the same fun and spin. They are 2 inches in diameter with a weight of just 0.06 lb. (27.21 grams) only. (See Who invented Teddy Bear?)

5. Best Fidget Spinner

Image by OlinEJ from Pixabay

Take a look at the best options available on the market so that you had a better idea about how to make your own custom fidget spinner.

  • Amerfist Globe-Shape Magic Controller Mini Drone,
  • Duomisho Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner,
  • Faimocas Fidget Spinner,
  • Gigilli Pop Fidget Spinner,
  • Magtimes Rainbow Fidget Spinner, and
  • Scione Fidget Toys.  Must read what kind of information do you need?

6. Amerfist Globe-Shape Magic Controller Mini Drone

This spinner is similar to a boomerang because every time you spin-throw, it will curve it’s way back towards you. It has a rechargeable battery which gives a 10-minute run time after a full charge. It has colorful LEDs, and spins automatically, not easily damaged. However, it is expensive and has a very short run time. (See What are Examples of Screw as a Simple Machine?)

7. Duomisho Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

It is like a double pendulum with 2 high-speed ceramic bearings. This spinner is made up of stainless steel and can be detached, which makes fixing the bearing easy if stuck. It is the best spinner for adults because it lacks bling and noise. It has a rotation time of 2-3 minutes. It is super quiet, sleek, and spins in different directions. Although, it too, is quite expensive. (See Learn How to Zentangle)

8. Faimocas Fidget Spinner

The former has an aluminum alloy body and a long spinning time. It is also quiet and tactful because it can be disassembled and reassembled too. Before trying a custom fidget spinner, remember that the faimocas spinners are not suitable for young kids. Also, the lights may be distracting. It is silent with rechargeable lights and can be reassembled but a bit pricey. (See Best Football Cards to Invest in)

9. Gigilli Pop Fidget Spinner

Image by Peggy cci from Pixabay

It is both a spinner and a popper because it has colorful silicone bubble petals which you can pop. It is considered suitable for both adults and kids. It does not have a long spin time and needs constant pushing. It is available in a pair of 2, has attractive tie-dye colors, and you can spin plus pop. Unfortunately, It is not durable or strong. (See What is a Baseball Made of?)

10. Magtimes Rainbow Fidget Spinner

This is multicolored with a long spin time and it is quiet. It has a durable stainless-steel bearing enabling it to spin longer with a rainbow effect. Its only limitation is that it can only spin, unlike the Faimocas spinner. It can be too colorful for a few people and may have oil. Thus, it is unsuitable for kids under the age of 3. (See How to Make a Super Ball?)

11. Scione Fidget Toys

This fidget is used for teaching mathematics and phonetics, as teachers do it online. It has a plastic exterior with removable steel 608 bearings that makes it heavier than other fidgets. It has a 2-minute runtime. I guess a custom fidget spinner would run more than this. It is usually silent and comes in a pack of 5 in multiple colors. Although, it does not have lights and has a very short runtime. Also, check out the best way to listen to music on the go.

12. Things to consider before Purchasing a Spinner

Though all of them look alike, you still have to look out for the following 5 things to get the best spinner :

  • The audibility level is a must-check because the less noise, the better it is. You do not want to disturb others while trying to calm yourself. Must read what is Ideal Self and Real Self?
  • Material is another context because fidget spinners are available in metal, plastic, stainless steel, titanium, copper, and brass.
  • The price of a fidget spinner starts at $5, but make sure to consider the quality and material if you are planning to purchase a costlier spinner.
  • Rotation time may differ among types of spinners.

The type of fidgets available on the market have amazing options, like, a neon spinner, fidget with a flashlight, pop-up bubbles, or a flying fidget. Also, check out what Pokemon Cards are worth money?

13. How to make your own custom Fidget Spinner?

Image by Devolk from Pixabay

Materials required:

  • Craft sticks (popsicle sticks) 1-inch by 2.6-inches (4-inches by 2.5 inches craft sticks can also be used)
  • Duct tape (patterned) for decoration
  • Flat washers (round)
  • Hot glue gun (E6000 clear glue preferred)
  • Paper clips (large) or clothespin
  • Scissors
  • Skate bearings

Additionally, you can use paints, glitter, or any other decorative material for your fidget spinner. Also, check out how to make Balloon Animals step by step guide?

Step I: Cut 2 craft sticks in half vertically because you will need three halved craft sticks. If your stick is longer than 2.6-inches, you can trim it. 

Step II: Use duct tape to decorate the sticks which will be the sides of your fidget spinner. Stick the duct tape on both sides of the craft sticks. It will give them a pattern and the edges will also be sealed.

Step III: Glue the sticks together in a triangular shape with the bearing in the center. Make sure the bearing is held in place and the triangle is tight enough to keep it intact. Put a clothespin on each joint of the craft sticks to prevent them from moving or getting loose until the glue dries. 

Step IV: After the joints are sealed with glue, put glue on each joint on the bottom side. It is to stick the remaining skate bearing on the joints. Your fidget spinner is capable of spinning now. 

Step V: On each corner (joint) of the triangle, fix the washers with the glue. This will add weight to the spinner which is very necessary for making it spin longer. Let it dry and your custom fidget spinner is ready to spin. It is time to share about the best fidget spinner, fidget spinner cube, and mini fidget spinner. (Also read What is the Best Lava Lamp to Buy?)

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