What Simple Machine is a Broom?

The majority of the tools we use in our daily lives are simple machines. They help to reduce the amount of effort required by humans thereby making human life easier.

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Do you know that a broom is also a simple machine? A simple machine is a mechanical device that alters the direction or amplitude of a force. The force or effort is applied at a particular place in a convenient direction. Let us learn more about simple machines, what type of lever is a broom, and what simple machine is a broom.

1. What are Examples of Simple Machine?

Simple machines are simple devices that multiply and increase force. Such machines increase force through the application of leverage or mechanical advantage. Simple machines are classified into two types: inclined planes and levers.

The former includes ramps, screws, and wedges. And the latter comprise levers, wheels, axles, and pulleys. Before we study what simple machine is a broom, take a look at the following examples of simple machines:

  • The lever: Examples include a crowbar, a pair of pliers, and so on.
  • The inclined plane: Examples include ramps and sloping roadways and so on.
  • The wedge: Examples include scissors, axe, knives and plows, and so on.
  • Screw: Examples include screws used for construction work.
  • The wheel and axle: Examples include a car’s steering wheel, a bicycle pedal, and so on.
  • The pulley: An example of a pulley is one used to raise a load like taking out water from a well using a bucket. (Read about What are Some Simple Machines in your House?)

2. What is Lever as Simple Machine?

A lever has a rigid beam and a fulcrum. It is often used to lift heavy objects, remove tight objects, and cut them. A lever has an arm that turns against a fulcrum, causing a force on one end of the pivot to create a force on the other end of the lever. The effort (input force), and load (output force), are applied to the beam’s opposite ends.

When an effort is put into one end of the lever, a load is also applied to the other end of the lever. The applied force increase or decrease depending on the distance between the fulcrum and the load. Also, between the fulcrum and the effort. For example, the hammer we use to break nails loose, and the children’s favorite toy see-saw.

3. Is Pulley an Example of Lever?

Yes, a pulley is a form of a lever because it helps you lift objects. Lever and pulley are two very simple machines used to move objects around. A pulley consists of a rope and a wheel to raise objects.

For example, drawing water from a well. The rope is tied to a bucket and pulley. Lifting a bucket full of water from the well becomes easier with a pulley. Which otherwise would require too much force. (Also read What are Examples of Pulleys in Everyday Life?)

4. What Simple Machine is a Broom? What Class of Machine is a Broom?

The broom is a simple machine and an example of a lever. We pivot the broom handle at the top, which is the fulcrum, and push the handle at the middle, putting in effort. The bristles on the other end sweep across the floor.

After what simple machine is a broom, let us talk about the class of machine or what type of lever is a broom. A broom is an example of a class III lever.

5. Why Is a Broom a Lever Simple Machine?

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A broom is a lever simple machine because it functions as a third-class lever simple machine.  Here is the list of reasons for it.

  • The effort is between the fulcrum and the load within that scenario.
  • The pivot is located at the top.
  • The effort arm is always smaller than the load arm which is the input effort.
  • While sweeping dirt, the load is at one end of the broom on the brush side.

As a result, the broom is a class 3 type of lever. I guess now you understand what simple machine is a broom and why is it considered a lever. (See How Door Handles Work?)

6. What Simple Machine is Screwdriver?

After learning about what simple machine is a broom, are you wondering what kind of simple machine is a screwdriver? A screwdriver is an example of a simple machine wheel and axle. A wheel and axle consist of two circular or cylindrical objects linked together. It rotates around a shared axis. There are different types of screwdrivers, each dedicated to serving different purposes.

For example, screw a hinge to a wood plank. With bare hands it is not possible but with a screwdriver it is easily done.

7. What Kind of Simple Machine is Stairs?

What simple machine is a broom? Obviously, you know that it is class 3 lever but what about stairs? Stairs are an inclined plane kind of simple machine. Stairs are referred to as a simple machine because it reduces the amount of work done. You can transport loads or heavy objects from one level to another, or from one floor to another.

An inclined plane can be used to easily move these objects like stairs. The plane is steeper and that makes the process much easier to perform. Thus, a staircase is an example of a slanted or inclined plane. For example, a ramp. It is an inclined plane and is used as a slope to transfer objects from a higher to a lower level and vice versa. (Also read How Many Stairs Are in a Flight?)

8. What Simple Machine is a Scissors?

Scissors are an example of a compound machine used to cut items. A compound machine is made up of two or more simple machines, such as a lever, pulley, gear, wheel, axle, etc.

Scissors have two wedge-shaped blades and two handles. The handles and blades are joined at the same pivot point. This point serves as the fulcrum for the two lever arms, which include the blades and handles. This shows scissors are simple machinery, primarily a lever and a wedge in form of the blades. Try out these scissor skills to teach your kids how to safely use scissors.

Two or more simple machines combined make up compound machines or complex machines. For example, bicycles, wheelbarrows, cranes, carjacks, and lawnmowers. They can do more challenging tasks than simple machines. Small compound machines have two simple machines, but larger ones have more than 2. Now that you know what simple machine is a broom, read about what industry is warehouse work?

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