Why some people don’t like video games?

Why do some people not enjoy playing video games? Why non-gamers don’t like playing video games?
  1. They are time consuming

    Some video games require many hours of playing to complete or reach a certain level. There are people who dislike video games because they take up too much time.

  2. They don’t like playing alone

    Some social people don’t like video games because it means you have to spend time by yourself, which some people don’t like doing.

  3. They are difficult to learn

    Some people don’t like playing video games because they are sometimes difficult to learn and need a lot of practice. Impatient or easily frustrated people can thus choose to stay away from video games.

  4. They are too expensive

    Some video games need to purchased and they are usually quite expensive. Some people consider buying video games a waste of money.

  5. They revolve around the idea of shooting people

    Some people don’t like that most popular video games revolve around shooting people and war.

  6. They are too violent

    Some people dislike how many video games are too violent and contain a lot of blood and gore.

  7. They think they’re for children

    Some people think video games are meant to played by children and not adults, which is why they don’t find them enjoyable.

  8. They never tried playing them before

    Many of the people who claim they don’t like video games have never tried playing them before. This could be why they don’t understand what’s interesting about them, as they have never experienced it.

  9. They have a short attention span

    Some people don’t like video games because they have a short attention span and can’t stay focused throughout the whole game or during the gaming session. (See How to Improve Your Attention Span?)

  10. They are too lazy

    Some people would rather watch TV or read a book in their free time than play a game that requires mental effort.

  11. They don’t like the video game industry

    Some people don’t like video games because they’re against the current video game industry that has become too commercial and focuses more on the aesthetics of the game than the storyline and character development.

  12. They don’t have good hand-eye coordination

    Some people don’t enjoy video gaming because they don’t have good hand-eye coordination that is necessary for gaming.

  13. Parents don’t find them productive

    Most parents have a problem with their children playing video games all the time, as they think it’s an unproductive and a time-wasting hobby.

  14. They think it’s unhealthy

    Some people don’t like video games as they believe health problems can arise due to playing for long hours. (See Why Do Gamers Get Very Angry?)

  15. It makes people aggressive

    A research showed that prolonged exposure to violent games leads to a more aggressive behavior among gamers.

  16. It makes people less empathetic

    A study showed that young men who play violent video games are less emphatic towards women than those who play non-violent games. This could be one reason behind people’s aversion to video games.

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