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Rum is an alcoholic drink, loved by many. But the question is, what exactly is it made of? In this article, we will learn all about rum ingredients, how it is made, and more!

1. What is Rum? Types of Rum

Rum is a liquor that plays a big part in the culture of the United States. Various kinds of liquor are used in different forms of celebrations.

  • There are light rums that are usually taken with water and soda.
  • Hard rums are taken straight or neat.
  • There is another category known as dark or golden rums which are enjoyed on the rocks.
  • Some cocktail rums are mixed with other drinks as well.
  • There are also premium rums that are consumed neat or iced.

Some people use rum to cook food as well. You must have certainly heard of Rum Cake. (See Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

2. What is Rum Origin?

Rum found its first footing in India in the 7th Century AD. There was an Indian Ayurvedic physician, Vagbhata, who made a hard drink with sugarcane. Although the ingredients that are used to make rum were found long ago, the concept and the name abbreviation appeared long after. The main origins of rum can be accurately traced to the 1700s in the books found by Caribbean people. Next up, rum ingredients and how it’s made.

3. How is Rum made from Molasses?

Rum ingredients consist of by-products of sugarcane, known as Molasses. There are three different kinds of molasses with different purposes. First, we have the sweetest version as the contents of sugar are much higher, then after a second boiling, there is a slightly bitter flavor. In the end, there is a dark and thick color with a strong taste. It is also called blackstrap molasses and is made through the process of fermentation, which brings out its true flavor. In the next segment, we will discuss why direct sugarcane is not used and what are the effects of using it. (See What Alcohol does to your Brain?)

4. How is Rum made from Sugarcane?

Sugarcane isn’t used through the process of fermentation directly. Instead, it has to be taken through the entire process of crushing the cane and then boiling it to ferment the juice inside. Sugarcane needs a larger geographical area, a nice and warm farm with constant care to grow properly which can be expensive for a regular rum owner. The more premium rum features sugarcane and the rich taste that it brings to the table. These kinds of rum were part of British and Spanish cuisine, but they also made their way to the French population as well. (See Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

5. What is Spice Rum Ingredients?

Another class of rum that is getting popular nowadays is spice rum. Usually, this rum isn’t made from scratch like normal rum, and you do not need sugarcane or molasses farms. This rum can be easily made at home with just a few ingredients.

Veteran spice rum makers love to go crazy when making it as do rum enthusiasts. For a beginner, a few ingredients are needed:

  • Three allspice berries,
  • one vanilla bean pod,
  • half a tablespoon of dried orange peel, and
  • one vanilla bean pod.

6. What is White Rum?

Rum is more of an aged drink that is taken after a particular period to enhance its taste. White rum is also called silver rum and is usually found in countries of Spanish origins.

  • White rum usually ages faster than dark rum and hence is preserved for a lesser time as well. Its preservation & storage is done in silver barrels.
  • White rum is also famous for having a sweeter taste in comparison to many rums that have a tangy bitter or spicy taste.
  • White rum falls into the category of classic rum & enjoyed with soda and cocktails. (See 10 Best Monster Energy Drink Flavors)

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