How Israel was formed?

HISTORY: How Israel became a country? How Israel was formed? Establishment of Israel
  1. The British conquered syria

    After world war one the British managed to take control over parts that were previously owned by the Ottoman empire. The British conquered Syria as a result. (See Summary of the Syrian Crisis)

  2. Zionism emerged in late 19th century

    Zionism , a political movement of Jews that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland, emerged in the late 19th century.

  3. The Balfour Declaration

    After the war the Balfour Declaration , which was issued by England, promised Jewish people a homeland in the mandatory state of Palestine which was carved out of Syria.

  4. The Jews started migrating to the new land

    The Jews started migrating from all over the world to the mandatory state of Palestine.

  5. Tensions grew between Arabs and Jews

    Tensions grew between Arabs and Jews which led to unrest in the area. The British suggested to divide the area into Jewish and Arab states. The proposal led to more tensions in the area.

  6. The united nations divided the land

    As tensions grew further England raised the matter to the united nations. The united nations divided the land into Jewish and Arab states as per Resolution 181(II). (See Why the United States is called a nation of immigrants?)

  7. Israeli declaration of independence

    In 1948 the Israeli states declared independence.

  8. Massive migration of Jews

    A massive migration of Jews occurred. According to Wikipedia 42% of all Jews are now located in Israel.

  9. England recognized Isreal as a nation

    England recognized Israel as a nation then shortly Israel was given a seat in the united nations.

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