Summary of the Syrian Crisis

Alex Williams
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  1. People in the Middle east started the Arab Spring

  2. The Revolution in Syria didn’t end

    The revolution in Egypt and Tunisia ended fast. In Libya it took a little while but eventually ended. In Syria the Revolution Turned into a long war.

  3. The Syrian Army opened fire against demonstrators

    As angry demonstrators in Syria demanded Bashar al-assad , the Syrian president, to resign his army replied back by opening fire against them.

  4. Rebels armed themselves and fought back

    Syrian rebels managed to get weapons and shortly they were fighting against the army of Bashar al-assad in an open war.

  5. The Free Syrian army was formed

    The free Syrian army was a group of militias formed by normal civilians and deserters from the Military. The Free Syrian army doesn’t have any centralized command or direct co-ordination between its militias.

  6. Jihadists from other countries joined the FSA

    Jihadists from many other countries came to join the Free Syrian army. The Free Syrian Army which is undermanned and under-armed had no choice but to fight along them.

  7. Some of the FSA started killing civilains

    People who belonged to the FSA and who had different agendas started killing Civilians as will leaving the Syrian people confused.

  8. It’s believed that Al-assad is getting external support

    It’s believed that Al-assad is being helped by other countries ,especially Iran, and that this is why his army is still standing after a very long war.

  9. China and Russia support Al-Assad

  10. Lebanon’s Shia Islamist Hezbollah supported Al-Assad

    The Lebanon’s Shia Islamist Hezbollah group started to fight alongside Al-Assad.

  11. Al-Nusra Front was formed

    Al-Nusra Front are a group of Jihadists ,who are believed to belong to al-Qaeda, who are fighting against the Syrian Government. Al-Nusra Front have the goal of establishing an Islamic state in the country. They have been declared a Terrorist organization by the united states.

  12. Al-Nusra Front split into two on 8th April 2013

    Al-Nusra Front was gaining power and ground. On 8th April 2013 after the announcement by ISIS leader ,Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, that Al-Nusra Front are a part of ISIS Al-Nusra Front got divided. Some remained loyal to al-Qaeda while the others followed Abu Bakr al-Baghdad.

  13. Tensions grew between Al-Nusra Front and ISIS

    Tensions grew between Al-Nusra Front and ISIS and this tension turned into a war. (See How ISIS was formed?)

  14. A US led Collation launched air strikes

    In September 2014 A US led collation , which included many countries, launched air strikes against ISIS in order to stop them. The collation didn’t try to help Al-Assad but they just tried to crush ISIS. (See How Did the Americans Win the Revolutionary War?)

  15. In September 2015 Moscow started fighting Assad’s enimies

    After believing that their Civilian plane was taken down by Jihadists Russia started making air strikes in Syria to support Al-Assad and to kill all the people they believed to be terrorists.

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