27 Types of Green Apples

What are Green Apples? What are Their Properties? What are the Various Varieties grown worldwide?

Apples are among the most grown fruit species in the world. People enjoy eating apples in different dishes, like desserts, salads, juices, and desserts. Who can ignore an apple when they know an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Today, we will discuss the types of green apples and green apple varieties available in the market.

Apples have as many as 7500 different varieties grown and cultivated worldwide. Green Apples are one of the apple species known for their crunchy and fresh flavor. They are more nutritious than red apples. Their color remains green even after they are full-ripened. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

They have light green skin with an acidic flavor. They are considered cooking apples because they remain firm and do not get gooey. An over-ripened green apple turns yellow from green. They have a long shelf life because of low ethylene production and can last up to one year.

Types of Green Apples

Now let’s look at all types of green apples available and their properties:

1. Granny Smith

They were discovered in Australia and are best grown in warmer regions. They are known as Granny Smith because the lady named Maria Ann Smith cultivated them from some chance seeds. They have a green-colored peel, and the flesh is greenish-white with a classic apple tart flavor. (See 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

2. Newton Pippin

These apples are from New York City and are popularly known as an all-American green apple. Their peel is smooth and green-colored. Their color turns yellow when stored, but it depends on the temperature they are grown in. In warmer temperatures, their color turns more yellowish while in colder climates, they are bright green. Pippin apples are types of green apples used in classic American pies and tarts as they have a rich tart taste. They are also eaten raw because of their crunch and taste. Twenty-ounce pippin apples are the largest, and green pippins are medium-sized.

3. Pound Sweet Apple

This species is larger and with bright shiny green skin. The appearance of pound sweet apples match with the Granny Smith apples and are often confused, for them too. One can tell the difference between the two, from their taste because pound-sweet apples do not have tart acidity in their flavor. They are softer and commonly used in making apple butter. These apple species are rare and are not easily found in a commercial orchards. (See What are Some Examples of Green Fruits?)

4. Crispin (Mutsu)

Mutsu apples or Crispin Apples, are sweeter than other green apples but with their signature crunch intact. Their skin color can be green-yellow, and sometimes they have orange patches also.

5. Tolman Sweet Apples

These apples are sweet and crunchy but not tangy. They are of moderate size and are available only in specialty orchards during the months of late September to November. People enjoy them raw or make apple sauce with them. People also liked them baked in pies or other desserts. (See What Is The Sweetest Substance In The World?)

6. Aurora Golden Gala

They are also known as Aurora Apples, specialty apple varieties generated from the cross-pollination between Gala and Splendour apples. Their skin is golden-green based on their parent plants, and they have a firm, sweet, crunchy, and delicate flavor. Among other types of green apples, this variety is only found in Okanagan Valley in Canada and the Washington State.

7. Rhode Island Greening

Belonging to the tart, apple flesh is yellow-green and has a citrus flavor. (See Rhode Island Smallest State in USA)

8. Shamrock

Also famous as Tart Apple or Green Apple because their flesh is also pale green.

9. Duke of Devonshire

Descendents of Ashmead’s Kernel green apples are an old-time favorite of British people. Used for apple sauce and, cider as they become sweeter and nuttier with storage. 

10. Italian Emerald

Popularly known as Smeralda Apples from Italy, they are similar to their ancestor Granny Smith but sweeter, and they are ripe earlier. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)

11. Ashmead’s Kernel

They are tart green apples from England with tarnished brass-colored skin. They need to be stored for a couple of months to enhance their sweetness because they are very sour when picked. 

12. Lodi Apple

They have a keen acidic flavor but also a smooth and tender texture which is considered best for baking or making apple sauce. (See What is a Good Substitute for Worcestershire Sauce?)

13. Zabergau and Ananas Reinette

Zabergau is from Germany and has a sweet, nutty flavor. Ananas are from the Netherlands and are mostly sour, but when ripened on the tree, they have a tropical flavor.

14. Shizuka Apples

This green apple belongs to Japan with a sweet and crispy texture. They are known as the sibling of Mutsu green apple, but Shizuka apples are hard to find.

15. Golden Delicious

Among the types of green apples, they are sweet and from the American heritage apples. Their skin is yellow-green. They are considered an all-rounder in terms of consumption. (See 22 Magnesium-Rich Foods that are Healthy)

16. Antonovka Green Apples

Developed in Russia, these apples are the heirloom of tart green apples. They are sour with rugged acidity. However, they turn sweet with time in storage.

17. Grimes Golden

Belonging to West Virginia, these apples are sweet, coarse, and crisp with sharp acidity. Therefore, they are used in apple cider vinegar. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)

18. Ginger Gold

This variety of green apples ripens first in the season as they ripen weeks before their parent plants. They are the direct descendants of the Golden Delicious green apples.

19. Golden Noble

Mostly used in British recipes, this apple is mainly pureed or made into sauces. This variety is among a few commonly grown by the natives of the United Kingdom in their backyard.

20. Honeygold Apples

The skin of this apple is greenish-gold all over but tastes like the Golden Delicious variety of green apples. This variety is grown by cross-pollination in which one of the parent plants is the Golden Delicious green apple plant though they derive their taste from it. (See What are some foods that starts with Letter D?)

21. Calville Blanc d’Hiver

As it is clear from the name, this green apple variety is an heirloom of French green apples. This apple is the baker’s first choice in baking classic French recipes. But in the United States, they are popular for making apple pies. Unlike other apples, they are a bit bulky.

22. Egremont Russet

These green apples have a tint of gold-brown on their skin. They also have tart acidity, but at the same time, they are nutty, crispy, and juicy too.

23. Grenadier Apples

This variety of apples is of English heritage. They also come into the tart apple category with tender and soft flesh. The flesh is of a light green hue in color and is used in making apple butter, apple sauces, or apple purees. (See Top 20 Foods that contain Antioxidants)

24. Pink Pearl

This variety of apple got its name because its flesh is a vibrant pink with dusty grey-green skin. They are also sweet-tart apples but not simply available to everyone. They are hard to find but delicious.

25. Seneca Spice

Also known as Cole’s Quince apples, they taste like quince, hence the name. These apples are considered a wonderful variety of gourmet apples because their flesh is juicy, crisp, and coarse. (See Who Invented Crackers?)

26. Manks Codlin Apples

Found in the Isle of Man, these apples are considered cooking apples. They have bright green skin and yellow-green flesh. Their skin develops patches of red blush during the fall when the temperature decreases.

27. Layman’s Large Summer Apples

Among types of green apples, this variety belongs to North America and ripens during summer. Their tart flavor is perfectly balanced with white-juicy flesh, and their skin is smooth and green. (Also Read Burrito vs Taco vs Fajita)

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