The 15 Most Successful Football Clubs in Africa

Alex Williams
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  1. Al Ahly SC – Egypt

    This team is one of the most successful teams in Africa as it has a record of winning 40 national league titles, 36 national cup titles, and 10 national super cup titles. Additionally, it has also been awarded 19 cups with 8 CAF Champions League titles. They also won a bronze medal in the 2006 FIFA club world cup.

  2. Zamalek SC – Egypt

    This club was founded on 5 January 1911 and is the second most rewarding team in Egypt and Africa. They have been champions as they have received 5 CAF Champions League titles, 3 CAF Super Cup titles,1 African Cup Winners’ Cup title, and 2 Afro-Asian Cup titles. Also, they have won the Egyptian Premier League 12 titles and 26 egypte Cup.

  3. TP Mazembe – DR Congo

    It is a Congolese football club that was founded in 1939. They have won 5 CAF Champions league, 2 CAF Confederation Cup, and 3 CAF Super Cup. They have also been the African Cup Winner’s Cup in the year 1980 and won the Final World Cup in 2010. They were formerly known as Englebert; 7 international trophies make this team number three on the list.

  4. Raja Casablanca – Morocco

    This club is based in Casablanca, Morocco, and was founded back in 1949. They have a long list of winning trophies as they were awarded 1 CAF Confederation Cup, 2 CAF Super Cup, 1 CAF Cup, 1 Arab Cup, and they also won the Afro-Asian Club Championship in 1999. Also, they have won 11 Moroccan League titles and 8 titles of the Moroccan Throne Cup.

  5. Canon Yaoundé

    This is one team that ruled the 70s by winning 10 domestic trophies from 1970 & 1980. It is a Cameroonian association football club that is located in Yaounde and was founded in 1930. They have won 1 African Cup Winners Cup, 3 titles for African Campion’s Cup, and 12 trophies for Cameroonian Cup. They were the most renowned clubs in Africa from 1970 to 1980. (See List of Brazilian Players Who Won the Ballon d’Or)

  6. Hafia FC Guinea

    It is a Guinea association football club that is situated in Conakry and was founded in 1951. They are the record holders for winning domestic league titles. They have won the CAF Champions League title thrice. Additionally, they have also won 15 trophies of Ligue 1 pro and 4 Guinee Coupe Nationale.

  7. JS Kabylie- Algeria

    This Algerian club was founded in 1954, and they made a record of winning 14 Algerian League. They have gained 7 African cups, including 2 CAF champion league titles, 3 Cups Winners Cups, 1 Super Cup, and 1 CAF Cup. (See Why is NFL so popular in the USA?)

  8. Espérance de Tunis – Tunisia

    It is a Tunisian Club that endowed in 1919. They became renowned for winning 29 titles of Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle, 15 Titles of Tunisian Cup, and 4 for Tunisian Super Cup. Additionally, they also triumphed 3 Arab Cup Champions Cup, 1 CAF Cup, 1 CAF Super Cup, 1 Arab Super Cup and 1 Afro-Asian Cup.

  9. Enyimba International- Nigeria

    They are also called Aba Warriors. They have won 4 international cups, which makes them gain number 9 on this list. They became really famous between 2003 to 2005 when they won these four cups, which are 2 CAF Champions league and 2 Super Cups.

  10. Asante Kotoko SC – Ghana

    They have been rewarded as the CAF Champions League twice; one was in 1970 and the second in 1983. These Ghanaian giants are also known for coming second in five different times.

  11. ES Sétif – Algeria

    Their complete name is Entente Sportive de Setif. They have conquered CAF Champions League two times and won the African Super Cup in 2015 after defeating Al Ahly, a significant achievement for the team.

  12. Étoile du Sahel – Tunisia

    They have won CAF Champions League just once in 2007; still, they are considered to be one of the most successful teams in the history of Africa. This is because they have received 8 international titles, which became a sensation in Africa. After this achievement, they were considered the stars of the country.

  13. Wydad Casablanca – Morocco

    This club is located in Casablanca, Morocco, and was established in 1937. They have a long list of achievements and awards in their name. They have won 20 Moroccan League titles, 8 Moroccan Super Cups, 9 Moroccan Cups, 2 CAF Champions League, 1 CAF Super Cup, 2 CAF Champions League, 1 Afro-Asian Club Championship, 1 Arab Super Cup and has many more super wins like this.

  14. Club Africain – Tunisia

    This one is the third Tunisian team that is mentioned in this list. They have triumphed 1 CAF Champions League in 1991 and one Afro-Asian Cup in 1992.

  15. Union Douala – Cameroon

    This team was established in 1958 and has conquered 2 African titles, which are CAF Champions League in 1979 and Cup Winners Cup in 1981.

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