29 Types of Makeup Every Woman Should Know About

Do you regularly use makeup? Are you worried about your skin? Want to hide your imperfections? Here are 29 types of makeup every you should definitely know about!
29 types of makeup every woman should know about

Before you begin, let me tell you a little about makeup. Makeup helps us look presentable. Makeup varies based on occasion, time of the day, available products, skin quality, and many more. Applying the perfect makeup, keeping in mind the above factors, is important because it will make you look completely out of place. Makeup is not just for women but also for men.  Now, let us look at the types of makeup every woman should know about.

1. Decorate your eyelids

Decorate your eyelids

Eyelids can give several kinds of looks: smoky, plain, lavish, and many more. All these different looks can be achieved by applying various forms of makeup. You can easily apply eye shadow. This is a type of makeup every woman should know about. Be sure to use good quality makeup products for eye makeup to prevent any harm to your eyes. (Also read Personality & characteristics of people with brown eyes)

2. Decorate your eyelashes

Several makeup hacks are available for decorating eyelashes. This makeup hack is typical and is a type of makeup every woman should know about. These include eyeliner, fake lashes, and mascara.

A. Eyeliner


This is necessary for a fine line above the eyelash to make sure that the eyelash looks distinct and sharp. Take the eyeliner pen and draw a smooth line through your eyelashes from one side of the eye to another. You can make the end of the line curved, straight, or extended as per your choice. This is a piece of makeup every woman should know about.

B. Fake lashes

fake eyelashes

These are used to add volume to your eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are of different sizes. They come with a special kind of glue. Apply this glue to the fake eyelashes and stick them above your real eyelashes. (Also, see Why do I look bad at the end of the day?)

C. Mascara


Mascara also beautifies the eyelashes and can be applied by rubbing the mascara brush over your eyelashes and covering the eye.

3. Conceal your dark circles

Conceal your dark circles

Dark circles are imperfections on your face and can be hidden using a concealer. Make sure to buy a concealer that will be equivalent to your skin tone. Use this concealer to apply below the eye on your dark circles till they become the same shade as the rest of your face. Concealer is one of the makeups that every woman should know about. (Also read How to Have a Good Night Sleep?)

4. Deepen your eyebrows

eyebrow pencil

Sharpening your eyebrows is another makeup every woman should know about. Eyebrows are sometimes very light or not the perfect shade. An eyebrow pencil is used to make the eyebrows distinct and perfect concerning the skin. Use the pencil to border around your eyes. (Read How to slow down the aging process?)

5. Shape your eyebrows

Shape your eyebrows

Shaping or trimming the eyebrows is different from deepening or sharpening them. Trimming eyebrows is a makeup every woman should know about and follow. Use a thread to trim the overgrown or out-of-shape eyebrow hair. This will make your eyebrows slender and of a desirable shape. It is always advisable to do this process in a parlor in the hands of an expert because you may run the risk of cutting your forehead. (Also read What makes a man’s Eyes attractive?)

6. Moisturize your body

Moisturize your body

Moisturizing the body is supremely important. Makeup can only look good if your skin is properly moisturized. Dry skin will not lead to long-lasting good makeup. So, to moisturize your body, buy a moisturizing lotion. Apply this lotion every day after taking a bath, and make sure to use it properly on those parts of your body which are usually exposed. Body moisturizing lotion is another important makeup that every woman should know about. You may also check out what eyebrow slits represent.

7. Use foundation

Use foundation

The foundation is the end-all and be-all of makeup. It is the most important form of makeup that every woman should know about. Your foundation brings about an even and fair effect on your face. A foundation should always be bought concerning your skin tone. If you buy a lighter or darker foundation than your skin tone, then the makeup will look unnatural and false. (Also read 15 Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances)

8. Glow your face

Glow your face

If you need to give your skin a glowing effect, then simply using foundation is not enough. You have to add a silver glow as well. This is known as face glow. The face glow can be mixed with the foundation and applied to the entire face. You can also use the primer for an additional glow. This is one of the essential types of makeup every woman should know about. (Also read Pubic Hair Wig Fashion)

9. Beautify your lips

Beautify your lips

Lip makeup is the most commonly used makeup in the world and makeup that every woman should know about. Lipsticks of several colors can be used. You can use a lipstick of a dark color for dark makeup, and for light or morning makeup, you can use a light shade the same as that of our lips. Lip gloss can also be used individually or along with lipstick to give a glowing effect on the lips. (Also read Why does fluorescent lighting make you look bad?)

10. Protect your lips

Protect your lips

Lips should not be damaged. Makeup cannot be applied to dry or chapped lips. Therefore, you must apply lip balm to prevent your lips from getting chapped. It is an important part of makeup that every woman should know. If you use lip balm before applying any makeup, your lips will stay adequately moisturized. (Also read What does it mean when a woman flips her hair)

11. Sharpen your facial features

Sharpen your facial features

Facial features may seem blunt sometimes. If you apply too much makeup, then the curves of your faces cease to be distinct. So, you need to use some extra makeup to make your facial curves precise. The cheekbone can be made distinct by lightly drawing lines around it using a pencil of color similar to your skin tone, if not a little darker. This is a makeup technique that every woman should know about. (Also read Why does your face shape change as you age?)

12. Shape and protect your nails

Shape and protect your nails

Nail beauty is also important. You often tend to ignore your nails, but this doesn’t seem right. You need to trim your nails properly. If you want to keep long nails, then you need to shape them using a nail cutter’s nail sharpener. You can also apply a nail guard occasionally to prevent your nails from roughening out. Nail guards are applied in the same way as lipstick. This is a makeup technique that every woman should know about. (See why do some people bite their nails?)

13. Color your nails

Color your nails

After sharpening and protecting your nails, comes the time to beautify them. Nails can be beautified by painting them. You can apply nail polish using a brush on your nails entirely. In addition to this, you can apply nail art to create glittery effects or certain design effects. Nail polish and nail art are types of makeup every woman must know about. (Also read What is the difference between a Manicure and a Pedicure?)

14. Glow your skin

Glow your skin

Bringing a glow to your skin is a basic form of makeup. Such makeup should be applied when you wear clothes that expose most of your skin. Certain lotions bring about this glow. Carefully read all the instructions before using these lotions because you should always go for a natural glow. It is a type of makeup that every woman should know about. (Also read Why do we look ugly when we wake up?)

15. Clean your toes

Clean your toes

Another important form of makeup is cleaning your toes. As you know, your toes undergo a lot of problems from the surrounding dust. It is therefore important to wear socks and shoes as much as possible. You need to wash your toes and entire feet with warm water, especially when you are back from outside. This will kill germs and keep your toes shiny and clean. It is a type of makeup that every woman should know about. (Also read Why do women love high heels?)

16. Paint your toes

Paint your toes

Painting or coloring the toes makes them look pretty and well-maintained. Because the toes endure a lot more dust and dirt than the fingernails of your hands, the process of coloring them is different. First, apply nail polish on the toes. Then, use a nail guard to give it a shiny effect and protect the polish from getting removed. This is also a type of makeup that every woman should know about. (See Apply nail polish neatly).

17. Take care of your heels

Take care of your heels

Every woman must take care of their heels. Heels often tend to crack. Cracked heels are painful as well as unpleasant for the eye. You need to take regular care of your heels. It is a basic form of makeup every woman should know about. Several heel treatment creams are available. Apply these on the heels regularly to ensure their softness.

18. Maintain the same face and neck color

Maintain the same face and neck color

Sometimes, when you apply makeup, you use it only on your face and forget about the rest of the areas. This leads to a noticeable difference between the face and neck color. To avoid this, you need to have a different foundation of the same tone as that of your neck, as you know that the neck is usually darker than your facial skin tone. This is another important form of makeup that every woman should know about. (Also read Do Women Have Adam’s Apple?)

19. Night face care (winter)

Night face care (winter)

During winter, the face becomes extremely dry and often loses its moisture. If this is not regularly treated, then the damage will become uncontrollable. Winter face creams are thick and must be applied to moisturize the skin during the long and cold winter months. These creams should be used at night to help the skin recover overnight, and this is indeed one of the types of makeup every woman should know about. (Also read Why do we have dreams at night?)

20. Night body care (winter)

Night body care (winter)

Like face care, caring for your body is also very important during winter. Body moisturizers, especially for the winter months, must be applied regularly before bed. You may also check if your skin has dryness or not by scratching it gently. If you can see a white line formed from dead skin cells on scratching, then your skin is dry and needs immediate moisturizing. (Also read Why do I keep waking up in the night?)

21. Decorate your palms

Decorate your palms

The palms can be decorated by applying Mehendi aka Henna. Mehendi can be complicated designs or simple designs for simple occasions. It may or may not cover the entire palm. Decorations can extend beyond the palm as well. Mehendi is long-lasting and applied on special occasions only, not on an everyday basis. (Also read What makes left-handed people different?)

22. Easy waxing methods

Easy waxing methods

Waxing or removing hair from all body parts is an important part of makeup that every woman should know about. Waxing should be done very carefully. The cream, along with the body hair, would be removed. To prevent roughness of the skin, you must only use the light shaver and not any other regular shaver for hair removal. There are several other hair removal methods, but this is the most effective. (Read What makes a female face attractive?)

23. Glitter your face

Glitter your face

Face glitters are optional makeup items. Many rock stars or stage performers usually apply these. These are like regular glitters made for the face. These can be applied randomly near the eye or on the lips. This type of makeup is generally used for standing out in a crowd. (Also read Why do I look different in different lighting?)

24. Night face care (summer)

Night face care (summer)

During summer, the face becomes extremely dry and sweaty. This sweat can make the dust stick to your face, further degrading its condition. You have to wash your faces with face wash at least three times a day to prevent this. Also, apply a powder that is light and prevents sweat from accumulating. This is an important one among the other types of makeup every woman should know about. (Also read Why do I look ugly in Sunlight?)

25. Night body care (summer)

Night body care (summer)

Like face care, caring for your body is also very important during the hot and humid summer months. Your body requires protection from rashes during these extreme conditions. During this time, a powder of medicinal value and cooling properties should be applied to your skin to prevent damage from the hot weather. Apply this powder every night, and your skin will remain as glowing as ever. (Also read Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?)

26. Make your makeup last

Make your makeup last

When you apply makeup, you definitely want it to last longer. Otherwise, there is not really any point to the hours of hard work. One way of making the makeup last longer is to use smudge-proof and long-lasting beauty products. Another way in which this lasting effect can be achieved is by applying a primer. This is also an important type of makeup every woman should know about. (Also read Why Do Men Find Women With Big Eyes Attractive?)

27. Sharpen your body features

Sharpen your body features

Body features can be made sharp by carefully applying bronzers and highlighters. These will help you with making your features distinct as well as with hiding your double chin. The parts that we want to emphasize can be done by bringing about a shadowy effect to them by using bronzers. In contrast, other parts can be highlighted using highlighters of different shades. (Also read Why do I look Ugly in Videos?)

28. Lighten your elbows

Lighten your elbows

You have often noticed that your elbows turn dark due to dead skin cells and pollution. To make them lighter, you need to apply aloe vera. Aloe Vera is a beneficial remedy for lightening the skin. You can also use baking soda. After properly mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda into a bowl of water, apply it to the elbows. These are necessary types of makeup every woman should know about. (Also read 17 Ways to Make your Hair Grow Faster)

29. Remove your makeup

Remove your makeup

Just like properly applying makeup, properly removing it is also important. Removing heavy makeup opens up the pores and allows the skin to breathe. So, you must never forget to remove it. Removing makeup is also something that every woman should know about.

These were the types of makeup every woman should know about. It is important to know that applying makeup is pretty common, and it is not absolutely necessary. So, you don’t need to apply makeup just because everyone else is applying it. If a person is self-assured enough to leave their house without makeup, so be it. However, if you love applying makeup, then go ahead and use it. People are beautiful with or without makeup. Men usually wonder Why do women wear makeup. Click here to find out!

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