Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?

Here's Why You Look Bad In the Mirror But Good in Photos | Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?

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  1. 1 Lighting can change your looks

    Lighting can change a person's looks a great deal. If the lighting conditions are not like the ones you are used to then you might find yourself ugly.

  2. 2 The distance from a mirror affects looks

    The distance you keep between you and a mirror can change your looks. Most people are used to seeing themselves from a certain distance, See also why some people look ugly in videos.

  3. 3 Familiarity leads to attraction

    According to psychologists we find familiar faces more attractive than others. If the lighting conditions were unfamiliar then you might find yourself less attractive, See why we like familiarity.

  4. 4 The mirror's angle

    Seeing your reflection in a window might result in seeing your picture from a different angel than the one you are used to. This can make your picture seem ugly. See why you look bad in photos.

  5. 5 The quality of the mirror

    If the mirror has a bad quality or if it's in a bad condition then it might show a high quality reflection.

  6. 6 Dirt on the mirror

    If the mirror is not that clean then the reflection of your image might seem distorted or even ugly, See why sunglasses improve our looks.

  7. 7 The Size of the mirror affects looks

    We are usually used to seeing ourselves in certain mirrors. When we see ourselves in mirrors of different sizes we see an unfamiliar image of ourselves which might seem unattractive.

  8. 8 Sunlight changes how we look

    We can look different in car's mirrors because of sunlight. The side mirrors of cars usually show our faces from a very different angle than the one we are used to.

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