Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?

Here’s Why You Look Bad In the Mirror But Good in Photos | Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?
  1. Poor quality of the Mirror

    Looking at yourself in a poor quality mirror or bad condition might not show you a perfect reflection of yourself.

  2. The angle of Mirror

    Let’s suppose you see yourself from a window, which means you are looking for yourself from a completely different angle. It can result in making a perception in your mind that you are looking ugly, but in reality, you are not!

  3. Lighting is a significant variable

    If you are looking at yourself in a saloon’s Mirror, you may see your enhanced image because of the immense lighting. Hence, lighting is considered a significant factor that can make you look ugly if it is unfavourable.

  4. Looking yourself from a distance

    If you are standing far off from the Mirror, you may experience your reflection to be unfamiliar and hence, ugly. (See Why do I look ugly from the side?)

  5. The size of the Mirror

    We might be familiar with the Mirror of the specific size in which we see our reflection. However, we may find our image unattractive in a tiny Mirror.

  6. Sunlight effective

    The image we see of ourselves at home may differ from the one we see in our car and their side mirrors. We notice this difference because the sunlight changes how we look. (See Why do I look ugly in Sunlight?)

  7. The dirt of the Mirror

    You might see your image as distorted or ugly if the Mirror is covered with grime.

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