Why do I look ugly in Sunlight?

Alex Williams
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  1. You are not familiar with it

    You might be used to looking at yourself in your bathrooms or dressing or bedroom mirror rather than locking yourself in the car’s side mirror or front shield mirror in sunlight. You may find yourself unattractive as you are familiar with seeing your face in artificial lighting rather than in sunlight.

  2. Natural Sunlight makes imperfections prominent

    Your skin flaws become pretty much visible in direct natural sunlight.

  3. Your face appears less symmetrical

    Our faces may seem unattractive in sunlight as it might cause some blemishes on our skin. Your face may look slightly unsymmetrical as there are fewer chances that you get an equal amount of sunlight on both sides of your face.

  4. Acne and scars are highlighted in sunlight

    Whatever marks, spots, and discolouration you have on your skin will be highlighted in sunlight, making you look ugly.

  5. Sweat can affect how people look

    The looks of a person can be changed if sweat is released over your face. Even if it is a thin layer, it may change light properties and change your looks. (See Why do I look ugly in some Mirrors?)

  6. Bad weather can be one of the factors

    The weather is a significant variable in determining your looks when you are looking at yourself in sunlight. Bad weather can affect the health of your skin and make it vulnerable. At that point, if you look yourself in the mirror, you might find yourself ugly.

  7. You just woke up

    If you recently woke up and did not even take a shower, you might find yourself a little unattractive, especially when you look yourself in the sunlight. (See Why do I look Ugly in Videos?

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