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What are Big Nose Personality Traits?

Your body is filled with so many interesting features and the fact that you are unique in yourself makes it much more wholesome. But there have been many theories developed about personality traits and how they affect your overall appearance. Many studies have been done by researchers and psychologists about personality traits and their features. So, learning about these can be interesting. This article is going to talk about big nose personality traits. You will look at some benefits of having a big nose as well because nose is a prominent facial feature. Read it till the last to know more about these.

1. What does Nose Shape Say about Personality?

The nose shape says a lot about your personality. It is one of the most important facial features. Noses can reveal who you intend to be and also your hidden potential. Each nose is different from the others and reveals a lot about personality.

  • For example, a hooked nose means that the person is not afraid of taking risks and can easily voice their opinions.
  • The straight nose says that the person is very empathetic, patient, and understanding.
  • A person with a Nubian nose, which is characterized by a wide base and large nostril, is known to have great leadership skills.

Read the following pointers to know all about big nose personality traits. (See Personality & characteristics of people with brown eyes)

2. What Age does Your Nose Grow the Most?

Your nose will grow the most during puberty. For females, the nose will reach adult size by the age of 15, while for males, it does by the age of 16. 

3. Why do Some People have Big Noses?

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The nose shape and size can be influenced by many factors. One of the reasons why some people have big noses is because of their genetics. Another reason can also be due to aging or caused by trauma. One of the studies found that people living in warm and humid climates had wider or big nose compared to people living in cold and dry climates. (See What are Norwegian Facial Features?)

4. Where does the Big Nose Trait Come From?

The big nose trait comes from the gene RUNX2, which is involved in bone development. The big shaped noses have been known to evolve from the climate as well. The next pointers are going to discuss the big nose personality traits.

5. What does a Big Nose Mean?

A big nose can mean the following things.

  • In face reading, a big nose is seen as a good sign and is considered good fortune.
  • In idioms, a big nose means that a person is excessively interested in other people’s business.
  • According to Egyptian priests, people with big noses are considered incredibly intelligent.

6. What are Big Nose Personality Traits?

Some studies have been conducted to know the big nose personality traits. They have been discussed here.

  • Leadership,
  • Ego,
  • Sense of power, and
  • Independent nature.

7. What are the Benefits of Having a Big Nose?

Here are some benefits of having a big nose that you should know.

  • Bigger noses inhale 7% fewer pollutants than smaller noses and protect you from illnesses.
  • Men with bigger noses have more muscles and so, appear bolder. They also need more oxygen for maintaining these muscles in the body.
  • Bigger noses are linked to higher libido. Big noses are linked to high testosterone and virility in men.

8. Is Big Nose Attractive?

Yes, a big nose is attractive and you can look pretty with a big nose. In fact, some cultures consider a big nose a sign of wisdom and prosperity. In Japan, telling someone that they have a big nose is a way of complimenting them. Big noses are considered striking, unique, and elegant. See Who has World’s Best Body?

9. How can you Look Pretty with a Big Nose?

A big nose can be pretty in itself and you can look pretty with a big nose. They appear bold and known to display a proud heritage. They appear worldly and classical. Big noses appear interesting. 

10. Is a Big Nose a Dominant Trait?

Yes, a big nose is a dominant trait among big nose personality traits. (Also read How to Make a List of Human Qualities Characteristics?)

11. Why do You have a Big Nose but Your Parents don’t?

You could have a big nose while your parents don’t because of genetic mutations and climatic conditions. It might be the result of evolution not genetic adaptation. 


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