What is Physical Description?

What Words describe Physical? What are Physical Features of a Person? How do You describe a Person’s Features? How do You write a Description of a Person?

Don’t judge a book by its cover! But in reality, we all look at the cover first and then look inside the book. Yes, physical description matters a lot. It can be about any object or person. The way we dress up, the way we talk, our confidence, everything matters a lot. So, what is this physical description and how can we make ourselves better? What is the importance of good physical description? These are some of the topics that we are going to discuss here today along with some examples of physical description. So let’s come!

1. What is Physical Description?

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Physical description is the general visual appearance of the object. Every object has some physical description to it. The physical descriptions describe the object and are considered its defining traits. These traits are visually apparent and they are the first thing that anyone notices about the object. The physical description is also about humans. It is basically about anything around us. Physical description is how we describe an object using its appearance. (See How do You tell Ancestry by Physical Features?)

2. What are the Examples of Physical Description?

Physical description is present in everything. It can be good or bad. It is basically how an object looks from the outside. Physical description is how the outer characteristics of an object are described so that it can be easily identified in a cluster of objects. The physical description mainly describes the look or image of an object. Some examples of physical description in general are: 

  • Height of the object
  • Weight of the object
  • Color of the object
  • The material it is made up of
  • The shape of the object
  • Any logo on it
  • Size of the object
  • Any special characteristic

3. What should a Physical Description include?

A physical description should include the size of the object and how big or small it is. It should have the height and weight of the object to make it specific from other objects. The color of the object should also be mentioned in its physical description. The physical description of the object should have its accurate shape mentioned too.

Apart from these, anything that is specific to that object should also be mentioned precisely, like any logo on the object to make the depiction of the object clearer. If the object is immobile, then the surroundings of the object should also be described to make it clearer and more understandable. One should mention if anything is there that is written on it. The physical description includes everything that is visible on its outer surface and the appearance it has overall. (See What are Physical Characteristics of a Person?)

4. What Words describe Physical?

Some of the words used to describe physical are:

  • Corporeal
  • Objective
  • Sensible
  • Material
  • Phenomenal

5. What are Physical Features of a Person?

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The physical features of a person are used to describe him or her. These features are used to tell how a person looks from the outside. It includes all the body features and describes the outer body appearance of the person. The physical features of a person include their height, weight, type of hair, the color of eyes, moles on the body, their skin type, hair color, dimples, etc. They are used to describe how a person looks in real life and their outer body appearance. The physical features can tell about a person, their personality, and their choices. Physical features also include the types of accessories that a person is wearing. All these together describe the look of the person and make them stand out from others. (See Is Smile a Physical Attribute?)

6. How do You Describe a Person’s Features?

Take a look at the following to know how do you describe a person’s features:

  • First of all, you have to identify whether the person you are describing is a male or a female. It will narrow down a lot of things and will make it easier for you and others to understand your description well.
  • Then you can describe their skin color in terms like olive, pale, and dark brown. In some cases, you can make assumptions about their race and ethnicity too.
  • Then you can estimate their age. Describing the age of the person may not be accurate always, so it is better to guess this in the range of 5-10 years. This estimation of age will help your reader to visualize the person accurately.
  • You should describe their approximate height too or you can describe the height using words like short, tall, average, very tall, etc.
  • The weight of the person can be described using words like average, thin, hard physique, etc.

Apart from these details, you should describe their appearance and bodily characteristics as accurately as possible. Things like the color of the skin, the hair color, eye color, length of the hair, etc., should be mentioned to describe a person’s features. You can mention the details of their face like the shape of their nose, and ears, the shape of their eyebrows, the size of their lips, and so on. You can notice their tattoos, scars, and their piercings if any. Their clothing choices can be mentioned to describe their style and overall personality. You can describe their nature and how they are in their life. These things should be described accurately. Other features that are unique to that person can be added to give a better description of them. (See What Are Physical Attributes?)

7. How do You write a Description of a Person?

Writing a description of a person is not an easy task. It can require a lot of details which have to be accurate and appropriate. The description of a person has to start with their general and physical details. It should be about their gender, approximate age, height, and weight. The choice of words you are using to describe a person has to be specific and authentic because random words can change the meaning of the description and may sound rude.

You can describe their hair color, skin color, eye color, their facial features like the details of their nose and ears. The type of hair, for example, curly or straight, does need to be included to make the description complete. But it should be kept in mind to use words that are polite and good to hear.

Even if you want to include something negative about the person, your choice of words will matter a lot. The description of a person should also include their clothing style and the types of accessories they are wearing. If they have any tattoos or piercings on their body, then that also needs to be included in the description. The overall look and personality of the person should be included and taken into account while describing a person. Check out How to Compliment a Guy on his Looks over Text?

8. How do You describe your Appearance?

It is relatively easy to describe your appearance in comparison to describing someone else’s. You know about yourself much better than people know about you. So, you can easily describe yourself with all the accurate details. You are to describe yourself in a much better way by giving details that no one else can.

  • You know your height, weight, and age more accurately than others.
  • The type of clothing you wear and the styles you love to dress up in, are more accurately known to you than others.
  • Your personality and nature should be described well so that the reader can get an accurate account of your appearance overall.
  • You can describe yourself in poetic terms to create a dramatic mood.
  • You should describe your hair color, eye color, and skin color in accurate terms.
  • You can write about your body tattoos and mention the piercings that you have.

Apart from these descriptions, you can talk more about yourself that is unique to you since you know much better about yourself. (See What are typical German Facial Features?)

9. How do You describe a Girl Physically?

You can describe a girl physically by writing about her physical features.

  • You can describe her height in terms like tall, short, or average.
  • The weight can be described using words like slim, average, or heavy built.
  • The skin color can be described using terms that are not rude or insensitive to read.
  • The type of hair like curly, straight, etc., along with the length can be mentioned accurately. The hair color is also an important part of the girl’s physical appearance.
  • The shape of the eye and its color should also be mentioned.
  • The facial features of a girl are important when describing a girl’s appearance.
  • The type of dress and the style that a girl follows should be mentioned appropriately to describe a girl’s appearance.

You can use adjectives that go well with the person you are describing. (See What are European Facial Features?)

10. How would You describe a Girl Character?

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To describe a girl’s character, start with the first thing that you noticed about her when you first got to know her. It can be something that is unique to that girl that made her stand out from others. Then, you can describe the general features like her approximate age, weight, and height. The hair color along with the type of hair can be included as well.

The facial features play a major role in the appearance of the girl, like the shape of the eyes and eyebrows. You can describe the type of clothing that she likes to wear. You can mention the added accessories that she wears along with any tattoos or piercings that she has. You can describe the personality of the person well using some adjectives that describe a girl’s character and her personality well. (Also see What are Typical Irish Facial Features?)

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