What are typical German Facial Features?

What do Germans typically look like? What are German Physical Characteristics? What are German Genetic Traits? What is the German Temperament?
JAN23 German Man What are typical German Facial Features?

The second most populous country in Europe, Germany, is quite diverse in cultural and societal terms compared to other European countries. Their history with Hitler greatly contributed to the reformation of their population during World War II. Similarly, the physical aspects of the German population are unique from the rest of the European people too. So, let’s discuss the typical German facial features and specific German physical characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of Europe.

1. What are German Physical Traits?

Certain things have to be considered in the physical characteristics of Germans, as listed below:

  • German men are mostly more than 5 feet 8 inches in height, have blond hair, and have broad shoulder structures.
  • Topped with that, German men have rectangular facial bone structures and prominent jawlines, which make them quite attractive among women.
  • German women also have a similar broad bone structure and blond hair besides pale white skin, making them easily distinguishable. (See Does Everyone have a Birthmark?)

2. List Six distinct stereotypical German Personality Traits

Germans are known for their extreme historic reformation due to Hitler and the reshaping of the entire German population back then. Due to this history, Germans are sometimes negatively portrayed as serious and cold towards people.

To bust those myths, here are the six distinct stereotypical German personality traits that exist:

  • Germans are mostly hardworking and punctual.
  • Germans are very helpful and humorous.
  • Germans are known to be very creative.
  • Even though their language sounds a bit rude, they are very courteous and down-to-earth in practice.
  • They are typically known to be well-organized.
  • They respect traditional values a lot. (See Why are Germans so punctual?)

3. What is the History of German Facial Features?

Typically, Germans tend to be sensible and thrifty inherently. They even get a handful of facial features genetically propagated through generations. German facial features mostly consist of wider and fuller jawlines, making their faces more rectangular and pointed cheekbones. Furthermore, they come with thinner lips, light brown or blue down-turned eyes, and straight and long noses. In average cases, they have broad foreheads too. Must read about the 8 quinceañera history facts.

4. German Genetic Traits

It has become obvious that German people genetically inherit similar physical and behavioral characteristics.

  • Germans are mostly pale or fair-skinned, blond or ginger-haired, have lightly shaded or blue eye colors, and are genetically symmetrical in terms of the physical structure.
  • This symmetrical feature is evenly distributed throughout its external appearances. (See 6 Nasal Hair Facts)

5. Facial Characteristics of a German Woman

JAN23 German Woman What are typical German Facial Features?

The majority of the German women have pale to fair skin, light brown to pale blonde hair, and light blue eyes. Like most German males, females have almost similar German facial features. Moreover, they have fuller angular jaws and chins, prominent cheekbones, and lightly defined long and straight noses. (See What is the Golden Ratio face?)

6. Physical Characteristics of a German Woman

Some typical German physical characteristics of a German woman consist of tall, broad shoulders and a strong bone structure that looks quite distinguished. They have rectangular faces and highly symmetrical bodies like men. Furthermore, a German woman would have long fingers with elongated palms too. (See What are Physical Characteristics of a Person?)

7. Facial Characteristics of a German Man

Most German men have visibly pointed and higher cheekbones than men in other European countries. German men have relatively stronger and finely defined bone structures in the body and face. With wide jawlines and such sharp German facial features, men in Germany look more masculine and close to perfect than men in any other country. (See Is Goatee without Mustache called Amish Beard?)

8. Physical Characteristics of a German Man

German men tend to have symmetrical bodies and are taller than 6 feet in the majority of the cases. Apart from this, they have broad and straight shoulders and muscularly well-built bodies. They have light brown to blonde hair and almond-shaped blue eyes. German men are physically more attractive than most white men found in other European countries. (See How to Make Waves on Short Hair for Guys?)

9. German Facial Distinction from Other Europeans

Overall, the European countries have the same ancestor: settlers in Central Europe and Scandinavia. Usually, most of them have fair to pale skin tones, long noses, and blonde or bronze-like hair color.

  • Germans mostly have more prominent and higher cheekbones associated with wider jaws than people in other European countries. Men have more square jaws in the Eastern parts, like the Russians.
  • Men in Germany look more masculine compared to other European countries.
  • Most Eastern European (Slavic) people have facial features such as high cheekbones, pointy chins, and deep-set down-turned eyes, but they have a darker complexion than North-Western European people.
  • People in North-Eastern European countries, such as those in the Czech Republic, have broader shoulders and are more muscular than ones from other regions. (See What are Typical Irish Facial Features?)

10. What is the German Temperament?

Germans are mostly stolid people who strive for a perfect life and precision in all aspects. They do not like to admit faults, even jokingly, and rarely give out compliments due to a heavy yet healthy ego. In the beginning, their attitude might seem a bit cold, but they are quite friendly and helpful. As mentioned earlier. they are mostly hardworking, punctual, and well-organized. (See How Long do Ear Piercings hurt?)

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