What is the Golden Ratio face?

What is the Golden Facial Ratio? Which Celebrities have a Golden Face Ratio? Who invented this? How do I find out if my face has a Golden Ratio or not?
What is the Golden Ratio face

If you are on social media sites like Instagram, Youtube, or even TikTok then you might have seen a trend going around there where people check if their faces are attractive or not based on golden ratios. Some people are also editing celebrity photos to see their golden ratio face. Several others are finding golden ratio face female celebrities and sharing their features on their pages. So, what is all this craze about? Well, we are here to help you with your queries regarding golden face ratio.

1. How do you find the Golden Ratio of your Face?

golden ratio face 2

You may not know this but across all cultures and ethnicities, we subconsciously judge beauty on the basis of maths. You are more prone to like symmetrical faces. If a face comes close to the ratio of 1.618, it is considered beautiful. You can find the golden ratio by using simple mathematical calculations.

  • You first need to measure the length and width of your face and then divide the length by the width.
  • If the ratio is equal to 1.6, it means your face is a golden ratio face.

You can do these calculations in both offline and online modes. There are a lot of apps available online that measure face ratio based on the data input you provide. Computer mapping of faces also allows you to perfectly measure your golden face ratio. (See Does Everyone have a Birthmark?)

2. What is the Perfect Face Golden Ratio?

To have the perfect face symmetry, your face should satisfy the criteria of a golden ratio face. It means your face length should be approximately one and a half times longer than your face width. To confirm this situation, measure the length and width of your face. After the measurement is done, check if the ratio equals 1.6 approximately, then your face has a golden face ratio. (See Why Do We Have Armpit Hair?)

3. Female Golden Face Ratio

The basic concept of the golden ratio face is that it has a ratio of 1.618 whereas the length of the face has a numerical relation to the width and the ratio has to be satisfied to get the proper result. Even though the value(ratio) of face golden ratio analysis in males and females is the same, the facial morphology is different in both genders. The females are commonly seen to have a short (39.3%) and normal (41%) facial morphology whereas males have long facial morphology (51.4%). (See Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?)

4. Male Golden Face Ratio

Male Golden Face Ratio: golden ratio face 1

The trend to measure the golden ratio face is seeing a boom today. This thousand-year-old facial measurement technique works on the principle that the length to width ratio of the face should be equal to 1.618. However, comparatively, males have lower numbers. The closer your measurement ratio to this number the more perfect your face is; it is the motto of this trend. Moreover, computer mapping technology is being used to measure this ratio among celebrities. (See How to Make Waves on Short Hair for Guys?)

5. What is my Golden Ratio?

To check the symmetrical beauty associated with one’s face, people try to measure their golden ratios. The closer the value gets, the more symmetrical the face seems to be. The ratio is actually the distance between certain facial areas to other defined facial areas. For example, from top of the head to pupil, pupil to lip, lips to the chin, hairline to pupil, and the like. To know your golden ratio, start by measuring your face. Once you have the data in hand, calculate the ratio between these areas. The resultant ratio is your facial ratio.

You can measure these yourself, or take help from an expert. Alternately, you can use online calculators designed specifically for this purpose. (Also read What is a Circle Degree Chart?)

6. Golden Ratio Face Test

The Golden Ratio Face Test is a test that is used to measure your facial symmetry. The more symmetrical one’s face is, the more beautiful our brain interprets it to be. There is a trend around the internet where people are using golden face ratio filters or online apps or are even contacting beauty experts to measure their golden ratios. (See How many Cups are in 16 oz?)

7. Golden Ratio Face Calculator

If you have ever typed golden ratio face in your search engine then you get a page full of search results with several golden ratio face calculators. These calculators help you while measuring your facial ratio. Some of them provide you with very accurate results. These calculators provide you with a step-by-step guide as well. They require measurements of the distance from certain regions of your face to some other specified face regions. Every website has the required region names mentioned, so you don’t have to worry. (See How Calculator Works?)

You just have to take the required measurements using a measuring tape and fill the data in an online calculator as depicted in the pic below.

Golden Face Ratio Calculator

8. What Celebrities have the Golden Ratio?

golden ratio face 4

A lot of male as well female celebrities have phenomenally symmetrical faces.

  • This list includes a lot of other male celebrities like Robbert Pattinson (92.15%), Henry Cavill (91.64%), Bradley Cooper (91.08%), Brad Pitt (90.15%), and the list goes on.
  • Bella Hadid is always in the news for being the most beautiful golden ratio face female. She has a 94.35 % golden ratio face. But she isn’t the only celebrity with golden face ratio features.
  • Beyonce whose golden face ratio of 92.44% is second to Bella, and then there is Ariana Grande with a 91.81% perfect face.
  • Amber Heart is a Hollywood celebrity with a golden ratio face. (See Why Did Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Break Up?)

9. Who invented Golden Ratio?

Two numbers are said to be in a golden ratio when the ratio of the sum of the numbers divided by the larger number is equal to the ratio of the larger number divided by the smaller number. For example, if 2 and 3 are the said number then the sum of (2+3) divided by 3 should be equal to the ratio of 5/3. This ratio of 1.618 was given its name by the Greeks.

It is also called Phi named after the Greek sculptor Phidias who used this ratio in most of his sculptures. But the golden ratio is believed to be discovered even before that. For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is nearly 4600 yrs old is also based on the golden ratio. This hence proves that this concept has existed amongst us for thousands of years. (See When Were Numbers invented?)

10. Is Fibonacci the Golden Ratio?

Golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is used in natural settings a lot. This sequence starts with 0 or 1, followed by a one and then the numbers continue by adding the previous two numbers. For example, 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13….and so on. The relation between both the golden ratio and Fibonacci number is that the ratio of sequential Fibonacci numbers results in giving the value of the golden ratio. The other interesting fact here is that the higher the Fibonacci number, the closer the ratio value is to the golden ratio. (See How Long is a Decade and a Century?

Though nowadays people are crazy about this trend, if the ratio doesn’t come close to 1.618 it doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Don’t let a set of numbers define your beauty. (See Is Goatee without Mustache called Amish Beard?)

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