Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

Alex Williams
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  1. They are not satisfied with their looks

  2. Self-image problems

    Some people have self-image problems and as a result think that they are unattractive or even ugly. Those are usually wrong beliefs that the person holds about themselves yet they motivate them to get plastic surgery.

  3. To fight aging

    Many people start considering plastic surgery as they get older. In such a case, the desire not to look old is the primarily motive behind getting plastic surgery.

  4. They are perfectionists

    A perfectionist would typically try to make everything in his life perfect whenever possible. Perfectionism could extend to include one’s looks and as a result the person might feel like getting plastic surgery.

  5. They are ambitious

    If a person’s ambition extended to include their looks then they could get motivated to get plastic surgery in order to make sure that their looks satisfy their ambition.

  6. To improve their relationship opportunities

    Many people get plastic surgery in order to improve their chance of attracting a life partner or to make sure that the ones they like will like them back.

  7. To feel confident

    Many people go for plastic surgery in order to feel confident about themselves as they realize that one or more of their features is affecting their self-confidence.

  8. They are pressured to look good

    Some people find themselves under constant pressure to look good as a result of peer pressure and other factors. Those people might decide to get plastic surgery to look like their peers. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  9. Accidents, burns or other events

    Some people get plastic surgeries after going through some kind of an accident that changes their looks or deforms their bodies. The primarily motive in such a case is to restore one’s original looks.

  10. To restore certain functionality

    Some people get plastic surgery in order to restore the proper functionality of one of their features. For example, a person could get plastic surgery to fix their nose to make sure air flows through it properly.

  11. Egotism or narcissism

    Egoistic people and narcissists are very likely to get plastic surgery as they will always want to look good and sharp.

  12. Media exposure

    Scientists agreed that exposure to media and flawless celebrities have motivated many people to go for plastic surgery, hoping to get that flawless look.

  13. To improve their career opportunities

    Actors, singers and many others can go for plastic surgery as a result of believing that this can help them get better opportunities. (See What are the positive psychological effects of plastic surgery?)

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