What are the positive psychological effects of plastic surgery?

Does Plastic Surgery Improve Emotional Well-Being? Psychological Effects of Plastic Surgery
  1. Increased self-esteem

    Some people have low self-esteem because they hate certain things about their looks. When a person changes one of the features he doesn’t like about his face or his body that person will usually experience an increased self-esteem.

  2. Getting over helplessness

    When a person changes something that he previously thought he couldn’t change he loses the feelings of helplessness he experienced earlier.

  3. Feeling more in control

    People who undergo plastic surgery usually feel more in control of their lives for some time after the surgery as a result of believing that they now can change the things they dislike about their looks.

  4. Becoming more social

    After a person changes his looks to the better he will usually feel like seeing people because he will be happy with his new looks. This can make a person more sociable.

  5. Increased happiness

    When a person believes he changed his looks to the better his overall happiness will increase. People feel unhappy because of their unsolved problems so when one problem gets solved, in this case the looks problem, the person will feel happier.

  6. Feeling more attractive

    When a person goes through a successful plastic surgery he will usually feel more attractive. This will lead to increased happiness. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  7. Feeling good when looking in the mirror

    Whenever that person looks in the mirror and finds that he has fixed that defect that used to annoy him he will get a mood boost.

  8. The happiness set point will change

    While the improvement mood doesn’t last forever, the happiness set point will still change for that person in such a way that he will be happier than he previously was provided that all others factors are constant.

  9. Feeling younger

    When a person goes through plastic surgery that makes him look younger he will actually feel younger each time he looks in the mirror. See why you look ugly in some mirrors. (See Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?)

  10. Motivation to make more changes

    When a person does plastic surgery once he will usually get motivated to make more changes in his looks.

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