What are Norwegian Facial Features?

What is the Nordic Look? What are Typical Norwegian Traits? What are Norwegian Facial Features? How Common is Norwegian DNA?

Different people from different countries, look different. People living in the east have distinct facial features from people living in the west. The same is the case for people living in Norway. Norway is a country situated in Northern Europe and its natives are called Norwegians. This country shares the Scandinavian peninsula with Finland and Sweden. It is one of the northernmost countries in the world and is also among Europe’s most mountainous countries. Due to Norway’s geography, it’s a given that Norwegian facial features as well as Norwegian DNA are different from the rest of the world. Let’s try to understand these aspects of Norwegian facial features and much more stuff in this article.

1. What Features do Norwegians Have?

Image by Екатерина Александровна from Pixabay

The usual physical and Norwegian facial features are blonde hair and blue eyes. The people living in Norway have tall stature, pale skin, and light-colored eyes.

On the hand, the usual behavioral features of the Norwegians include the true spirit of individualism. These people are difficult to befriend. They guard their personal space and are introverted individuals. They can seem slightly afraid and worried when interacting with strangers. They are also very private in nature. (See What is Physical Description?)

2. What are Norwegian Facial Features?

The stereotypical Norwegian facial features include light skin, light eyes, and a dolichocephalic skull. In modern society, they mostly have blue eyes, thin lips, non-prominent cheekbones, and a tall figure. The Norwegians have distinct blonde and straight hair. Now that you have learned about Norwegian facial features, let’s read about the Nordic look. (See What are European Facial Features?)

3. What is the Nordic Look?

After knowing about Norwegian facial features, let’s discuss the nordic look. The stereotypical Nordics are expected to be a bunch of blue-eyed, tall, blonde-haired Vikings in people’s minds. These people mostly have straight blonde hair, light-colored eyes, non-prominent cheekbones, a straight nose, and thin lips. These features explain the typical Nordic look. But this doesn’t mean every nordic has this look, it’s just the general overview of what nordic looks like. (See What are typical German Facial Features?)

4. What are Typical Norwegian Traits?

As you are aware of the Nordic look and the Norwegian facial features, it’s time to learn about the typical Norwegian traits. The norvegians traits inculde: 

  • They have a great love for nature.
  • A strong sense of national identity and family.
  • They have an immense desire to help people in need.
  • They have an immense willingness to work with others to reach a worthwhile goal.
  • They keep to themselves which can often come across as rude. But it is a form of their politeness.
  • They have a strong sense of individualism.
  • They are hard to befriend.

5. How Common is Norwegian DNA?

Nearly, 4.5 million people from the United States have roots in Norwegian immigrants. If the immigrants from other Scandinavian countries are also counted then, the number of people having Norwegian DNA goes up to 7.5 million. This number may even be higher as not a lot of people are aware of their ancestral routes. In Canada also, there are more than a million people who are descendants of Scandinavian immigrants. These people are from Norway or other countries within the ethnic region. (See How do You tell Ancestry by Physical Features?)

6. How Tall is the Average Norwegian?

Photo by Vander Films on Unsplash

Apart from learning about Norwegian facial features and Norwegian DNA, it’s time to read about the average height of Norwegians. The average Norvegian height in 2019 was recorded to be 172.65 cm (approx. 5ft 6.6). The average Norwegian woman has a height of 165.56 cm (approx 5ft 4) and the average height of a Norvegian man is 179.74 cm (approx 5ft 9). Though this height is taller than the average height of Americans or British in 2019, it’s not a very tall height.

Compared to their Nordic neighbor, the Norwegians are actually the shortest. They are the 17th tallest in the world. In this 2019 height list, the Swedes ranked 16th with an average height of 172.71 cm (approx. 5ft 6.6). The Finns ranked 15th in this list with an average height of 172.74 cm (approx. 5ft 6.7), Icelanders had the 10th rank with an average height of 173.21 cm (approx. 5ft 6.8), and the Danes ranked the 4th in the list with an average height of 174.29 cm (approx. 5ft 7.1). The Dutch are the tallest people in the world with an average height of 175.62 cm (approx. 5ft 7.1). (See Who is the tallest person in the world?)

7. Why are Scandinavians so Beautiful?

The Scandinavian women are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. They are considered so beautiful as they fit all the societal norms of beauty. The features which Scandinavian women are considered so beautiful are as follows: 

  • Pale Skin and Light Eyes (Usually Blue): They are genetically blonde as it allows them to absorb more vitamin D. The reason for light-colored eyes isn’t very clear.
  • Long, Straight, and Blonde hair: Vitamin D absorption is likely a reason for them being blonde.
  • Tall and Slender bodies: The Scandinavian region has one of the tallest populations in the world. The people here enjoy vigorous outdoor activities like climbing, cycling, and skating. This is a reason why the women here are in great shape.
  • Small, Straight, and Narrow Nose: They have one of the cutest styles of the nose.
  • High, Prominent Cheekbones and Well-defined Jawlines: The Scandinavians have well-defined cheekbones and jawlines which are really attractive to people.
  • Curvaceous Figures: The women here have one of the most curvaceous figures in the world.
  • Grace and Intelligence: The women here are independent, rational, graceful, outgoing, strong, generous, and self-confident.

8. What are Scandinavian Traits?

Some typical physical Scandinavian traits are a tall figure, blue eyes, thin lips, non-prominent cheekbones, and a straight nose. They also have blonde and straight hair. But keep in mind not all Scandinavians have blue eyes and blonde hair. Apart from these physical traits, these are some behavioral Scandinavian traits: 

  • Commitment to Health: They exercise, look after themselves, and eat well. They refrain from just traveling via car, they hike, cycle, and walk. They don’t binge eat. They don’t only rely on gyms for exercise, they instead love doing fun physical activities.
  • Gentle Natured: These individuals mostly avoid arguments. They respect the opinions of people around them.
  • Trust in Their Fellow Man: They believe in the people around them. The people there love helping earth other. They can leave a baby stroller on the road without the fear of it getting stolen.
  • Mentally Tough: These people learn a lot from the long and cold winter nights. They are both physically and mentally strong. To increase their mental toughness, some Scandanavians even indulge in ice baths.
  • Focus on Lagom: These people believe in getting not being attached to too little and too much of anything. They balance everything like work, exposure to stress, screen time, etc. These people are dedicated to their work but won’t work themselves to death.
  • Shy and Reserved: They aren’t loud and are often friendly and polite. They don’t interrupt people or force others into small talk. They are mostly less outgoing.

9. How do You Know if you’re Scandinavian?

Now that you are well aware of the Scandinavian traits, let’s learn about the process to find out if you are a Scandinavian or not. If you belong to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands then you are Scandinavian. If you don’t live in this country, then try to find information at home. See if you have Scandinavian immigrant ancestors. Find as much information about them as you can. You can also study Parish records, marriage records, etc to find out if you have Scandavniaina roots. (See What Nationality Do You Look Like?)

10. Why Scandinavians are so Tall?

Scandinavians are tall and their tall height can be attributed to their genetics. The research to find out the exact reason for their tall height is ongoing. However, according to a lot of evidence, it is believed that the environment also plays an important role in a person’s growth. The Scandinavians are so tall because they have excellent nutrition, good health, great healthcare, and beautiful geographical locations. Moreover, these people are also less exposed to dangerous toxins and chemicals. This situation allows the Scandinavians to be one of the tallest people in the world. (See Why Basketball Players are Tall?)

11. Why are Scandinavians so Blonde?

One of the most prominent physical features of Scandinavians is blonde hair. There are two prominent beliefs about the reason behind the Scandinavians being so blonde. One school of thought believes that after modern humans migrated from Africa to other parts of the world, genetic mutations began to occur. Most of the year, there was a relatively low level of sunlight in Scandinavia and because of this reason, Vitamin D deficiency became common in Scandanavians. It resulted in lighter hair color and skin. But this theory is a little problematic cause in the far north there is the presence of darker indigenous populations like the Inuit.

On the other hand, the second theory suggests that the development of blonde hair in the Scandanavians was a result of sexual selection. About 11,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, the male population in Scandinavia saw a significant drop. In their attempts to capitalize on roaming herds of bison, reindeer, and mammoths, the hunters were often faced with dangerous and deadly conditions. During these times women were without partners. They were unable to produce offspring and they were also vulnerable to starvation and death.

This theory suggests that to distinguish themselves from their rivals, the women began developing blonde hair. It was to get themselves selected by men as it is believed that men at that time found blonde hair more attractive. (Also read Is Curly Hair Rare?)

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