What Nationality Do You Look Like?

Is Nationality the Same as Race? What are the Ethnic Groups? Can We Guess your Ethnicity based on Photo? How do you Calculate your Ethnic Filter?

A person belonging to a particular nation or a country depicts the nationality of that person either by birth or through the legal identity of a person in International Law. Our nationality is the country from where we actually come. In this article, you will learn to find out what nationality do you look like, how to guess your ethnicity based on photo, and how to calculate your ethnic filter.

1. What are 6 Ethnic Groups?

Ethnic groups are a group of people sharing common traditional and cultural backgrounds and having a common cultural history as well.

The 6 ethnic groups are:

  • White people
  • Black or African American
  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • Asian people
  • Hispanic or Latino

2. Is Nationality the Same as Race?

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No, nationality is different from race. Nationality refers to the country of citizenship. People can share the same nationality whereas race is identified by physical characteristics such as skin color that defines a particular group of people. (See What Nationality is Cameroon Congo?)

3. Can You Tell your Ancestry by your Looks?

Yes, you can tell your ancestry by your looks. Physical appearance and ancestry are very much related to each other. A person can vary a lot from his ancestors due to DNA facts or genetics. Normally due to facial features, actions may sometimes define our habit that matches our ancestors. (See How do You tell Ancestry by Physical Features?)

4. How can You Know what Nationality you are?

Our nationality is the place where we are born or is a place from where we belong such as India, Australia, Russia, China, etc. Your nationality is identified by the race and color of your origin whether you a black or white or Chinese or Indian or Canadian. (See What Country am I in?)

5. Can We Guess your Ethnicity based on Photo?

No, it is really hard to guess your ethnicity based on your photo. The ethnicity of a person varies a lot so there is no way we can guess it. While there exist certain apps that help us identify which ethnicity we are from through your pictures.

6. What Nationality do you look like from Instagram?

You can follow a few steps to know which nationality do you look like from Instagram. Below are the given steps to follow: 

Step 1: Go to the Instagram app, and tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to open the search bar.

Step 2: Type name tests filter in the search bar.

Step 3: Tap to open this profile.

Step 4: Here, tap on Try our filters! option under story highlights.

Step 5: Then, you need to swipe to go to Which Nationality? Filter.

Step 6: Open it and tap on Which Nationality? by nametests_filter at the top marked by the arrow.

Step 7: Finally, tap on Try it.

Step 8: After the camera opens you need to click and hold the camera. Now you can apply effects to it.

7. How Can You Find Out your Ethnicity for Free?

There are certain websites that help you find your ethnicity for free they are: 

They will help find out your ethnicity for free. You can also do it with the MyHeritage DNA test in which you will get results that will contain an ethnicity estimate which is a percentage-based test of your ethnic origin according to your DNA tests. (See What are typical German Facial Features?)

8. Can you know what Nationality do you Look Like using an App or Website?

Yes, you can know- what nationality do you look like with the help of an app. These apps use AI to analyze your face and identify your nationality. Several apps that help you analyze your nationality are: 

9. How do you Calculate your Ethnic Filter?

You can calculate your ethnic filter with the help of an ethnicity test filter on Instagram. The steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Open Instagram on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap on the search icon and search for nametests_filter.


Step 3: After it opens, you need to tap Try our filters! option.

Step 4: Tap on Which Nationality? by nametests_filter at the top.

Step 5: Then, tap on Try it.

In this way, you can do the ethnicity test. (See What does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on Weather App?)

10. Is Gradient App gives accurate Ethnicity?

Yes, with the help of the Gradient App we can identify your DNA ancestry with the help of AI features available in it. You need to upload your pic on it and after that, the algorithms will identify your facial features and will tell your ethnic background i.e.- what nationality do you look like? (See What are European Facial Features?)

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