What Country am I in?

What is a Country? How many Countries are there in the World? What Country am I in if I live in Washington?

The country is a building block that constitutes the world. It is created when a large or small piece of land is controlled, maintained, and administered by a political system. Now, the countries are divided into many places. A map will guide you through these places to show your current destination. This is where a country is found. So, read this article to get an answer to what country am I in, what makes it a country and what country do I live in.

1. How many Countries are there in the World?

An independent land populated by people of a common origin and cultural background can be called a country. In this world, there are different types of countries. According to the United Nations, there are independent, dependent, and self-governing countries.

  • Under the independent countries list, there is a total number of 195 countries.
  • The 195 countries are further divided into 193 countries, which are members of the United Nations. Must read about the 6 official languages of UN.
  • Two countries, the State of Palestine and the Holy See are not members of the United Nations.
  • This list excludes Kosovo and Taiwan as independent nations. It considers Taiwan to be a controlled country under The Republic of China. 

Some related facts about the countries are as follows.

  • The largest country in the world is Russia. This country covers an area of 16,376,870 Km².
  • In the 2021 Best Countries Report, Canada ranks at the top. This country has a better standard of living and social indicators than the other countries in the world.
  • The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, which covers an area of only 0.44 Km².
  • Indonesia is recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. (Also read Is Bahamas part of US?)

2. Are there 249 Countries in the World?

Yes, there are 249 countries in the world. This is given by the ISO Country Codes Standard. ISO 3166 uses Alpha-2, Alpha-3, Alpha-4, unassigned, reserved, under-assigned, and formerly used codes to classify different countries.

Some officially assigned codes include AE for the United Arab Emirates, AR for Argentina, and AU for Australia. This list includes Taiwan represented by TW under the Alpha-2 code. Among these countries, what country am I in? Check it out in the section below. (See How many Arab countries are there? What are their names?)

3. What Country am I in?

I reside in one of the most diversified countries in the world. It is India.

  • India is a country that lies in the subcontinent of Asia.
  • It lies in the southern part of the Asian continent.
  • One of the largest democracies in the world, India covers an area of 3.28 million sq. km.
  • The country is a neighbor of China, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Myanmar.
  • It is recognized as the second-most populous country in the world due to population expansion and demographic index. Also, check out what are the characteristics of Population?
  • Due to its multicultural and multilingual nature, India is recognized as a union of federal states

In the next section, you will get more clear answers about what country am I in.

4. What Country do I live in?

I am proud to mention my nationality as an Indian. The nation stretches from the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to the Kanyakumari in the south. The time in India is represented as GMT+ 5 ½. and the Tropic of Cancer passes through the center of the country.

The country is divided into northern, southern, northeastern, and northwestern states. The Himalayas, the Thar Desert, and the Ganga River System are some of the country’s major attractions. The temperate, tropical, and mangrove forests, beautiful water bodies, and coastlines enrich the nation’s natural resources. (See Why is Europe called the Peninsula of Peninsulas?)

5. What Country am I in if I live in Washington?

Washington D.C is a state in the United States of America. It is the center and the capital of the USA.

  • This city is connected to the administration of the United States through the District of Columbia or DC.
  • The USA includes 50 states that are considered federal nations. Must read about the Rhode Island smallest state in USA.
  • The USA is recognized for its high-quality living conditions and economic well-being based on its economic and social background.
  • It is home to many of the big industrial, commercial, and multinational companies in the world.
  • The majority of the population in this country speaks English. However, the country recognizes no official language as its own. 
  • Christianity is the religion practiced by the majority of the population of the country. (See How many Islands in the Philippines are Known?)

6. Can you guess What Country I am from?

I live in a democratic country, India.

  • This country lies between 8° 4′ and 37° 6′ latitudes to the north of the Equator and 68° 7′ and 97° 25′ longitudes in the east.
  • The national capital of this country is New Delhi.
  • Earlier, this country was ruled by the British under the Western administration.
  • According to their Constitution, this nation follows a parliamentary form of government. (See Prime Minister and President)
  • Currently, the head of the government is Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
  • It is divided into 31 states and 8 union territories.
  • Each state and union territory has its own culture, identity, and political background. These states and union territories are united to form this beautiful independent nation.
  • The country attained freedom and liberty from the British administration on 15 August 1947. Also, check out how do you say 12:30 in Spanish?

So what about you, can you answer this question, what country am I in? (See 3 Types of Native American Shelters)

7. What is the USA Country Code?

The USA has three different country codes. According to the Alpha-2 code given by ISO, the country code is the US. The Alpha-3 code is noted as the USA. The official dialing code of the nation is +1. (See Date Format UK vs US)

8. Is Canada Country Code same as US?

Yes, Canada has the same dialing tone as the US. This is because Canada is a part of North America. The North American dialing code is +1. However, the ISO country code for Canada is CA. (See Why some immigrants leave Canada?)

9. Is my Country of Birth England or UK?

England is a part of the country of the United Kingdom. As the country is officially called The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the country of birth is the UK. It is a country that lies in the Northern Hemisphere, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The City of London is the capital of the nation. (See Where is Turkey Situated?)

10. Where do you Live?

Since you came to know about what country I am in, your lifestyle is also dependent on the geographical location of your place. The place where you live can be a community. (See What is a Community?)

Different communities build different states and suburbs. These suburbs and states form a country. The presence of your country can be seen on a map. A map guides you to the continent and the country leading you to the exact place where you live in that country. Must read what is the largest Cattle Ranch in The United States?

Countries and places are the codes of life for a common individual. A country can be a liberal, advanced or reserved place where the culture and diversity of life become unique. When you visit the beautiful landscape of any other country, try to appreciate what country am I in. After all, what country I do live in is the most special information you can give to anyone. The spirit of any country and its system lies in the spirit of its population. (Also read What is the Time Difference between Australia and USA?)

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