What is the Time Difference between Australia and USA?

What is the Time Difference? What causes the Time Difference? What’s the Hour Difference between Australia and UK?

Time is a valuable and life-changing aspect of our everyday life. The rotation of the earth changes everything about time. Time becomes selective in different places. Australia is a small country that lies in the Southern Hemisphere. The United States of America and the United Kingdom are two large countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, considering their area and resources. So, you might ask what is the time difference between Australia and USA and what is the time difference between Australia and UK? Continue reading to get the answer.

1. What is the Time Difference Between Australia and USA?

It is interesting to note that Australia and USA are two countries where day and night appear at different times. On 22nd April 2022, when the time in the USA is 8:37 am, the Australian clock shows the time as 10:37 pm and so the Australian time is ahead of the USA time. The time difference is such that when a person from Australia goes to sleep, an average individual residing in the USA has just woken up. (See Why Do We Have Different Time Zones?)

2. What’s the Hour Difference Between American and Australian Time?

America and Australia lie on two opposite poles of the planet. The change in hours depends on the change in the day and the night in these places. Different time zones represent different time and hour differences between America and Australia. So, exactly what is the time difference between Australia and USA? Well, the hour difference between American and Australian time in terms of Eastern Standard Time comes out to be 15 hours. If you are traveling to the USA from Australia, you will get a chance to say good morning twice in one day! But be prepared for jetlag. Jetlag is the exhaustion and weakness caused due to a journey across different time zones. (See What is A.M. and P.M. in Time?)

3. Is Australia 10 Hours Ahead or Behind?

Yes, Australia is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. This is represented as GMT+ 10. Greenwich Mean Time or GMT can be defined as the solar time that appears at the Shepherd Gate Clock at the Royal Observatory in London. The time differences ahead are pointed out by using GMT+. It is similar to the Coordinated Universal Time Standard represented by UTC+/− 00:00. (See How many Islands in the Philippines are Known?)

4. How far ahead is Australia to America?

Australian time depends on Daylight-Saving Time to measure time differences. The time difference between Australia and the USA shows that Australia is far ahead of the USA.

  • During the months beginning from June till October, also called boreal summer, the time difference is calculated as 14 hours in terms of DST.
  • However, Australia is ahead of America during December, January, and February by 16 hours.
  • If the DST is not considered, the Australian time zone is ahead of the American time zone by 15 hours. (See Is Bahamas part of US?)

5. How many Hours apart is California and Australia?

The state of California belongs to the southwestern region of the United States of America. The largest city in the Australian nation, Sydney, belongs to New South Wales. The hour difference between California and Sydney is measured as 17 hours. (See How to Write 1 Million in Numbers?)

It can be represented as UTC− 7 hours in California and UTC+ 10 hours in Sydney. This is interesting as the time difference between Australia and USA is only 15 hours. Wonder, what is the time difference between Australia and UK? Check the following paragraph to soothe your curiosity. Also, check out what is a Circle Degree Chart?

6. What is the Time Difference Between Australia and UK?

If the clock in Canberra, Australia, shows 11:20 pm, then the clock in London, UK, will show 2:20 pm. Australia has three different time zones. According to the Australian Eastern Standard Time, the time is UTC+ 10.

If the Daylight-Saving Time is considered, it is UTC +11. The standard time in the UK is UTC+ 0. Whereas, according to the DST, it is represented as UTC+ 1. The time difference between Australia and UK is lower compared to the time difference between Australia and USA. Check out the date format UK vs US.

7. Is Australia in Front or Behind UK?

Yes, Australia is in front when compared to the time of the UK. Australia is ahead by 9 hours in time.

  • Different areas in Australia show varied time differences from the UK. Based on Eastern Standard Time, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory observe a time difference of 10 hours ahead of the UK.
  • According to the Central Standard Time of Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory have a time difference of 9.5 hours compared with the UK time.
  • According to the Western Standard Time, the Western Australian region depicts GMT+ 8 as the time difference. (See How many Minutes are there in a Year?)

8. Which two Countries have the Biggest Time Difference?

The standard time differences between countries vary from 0 to 24 hours. But the biggest time difference on the planet exceeds 24 hours. The Howland Islands in the USA are situated on the western part of the earth. The Republic of Kiribati, Line Islands, is located in the extreme eastern part of the planet. These two places have a time zone of UTC− 12 and UTC+ 14 respectively. The hour difference between these two places is calculated as 26 hours. (See How Do You Say 12:30 In Spanish?)

Interestingly, these two places lie closer to each other near the Pacific Ocean. The time difference is only associated with the dates that appear opposite in the international dateline. This means that The Line Islands would be the first country to start a new day ahead of all the countries in the world. Must read why is Europe called the Peninsula of Peninsulas?

Time differences contribute to the perplexing reality of the complexity of time. You might have your neighbors roaming around in the same environment within a different time zone. The time difference between Australia and USA indicates the possibility of time travel on earth itself. Likewise, imagine your time travel to the Line Islands, and on your return, you meet the same day in the USA. (See 6 Official Languages of UN)

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