Why some immigrants leave Canada?

Why are immigrants leaving Canada? Why some immigrants leave Canada?
  1. Bad weather conditions

    Some immigrants fail to adapt to Canada’s cold weather which can be harsh in some areas. The inability to deal with cold weather might motivate some people to leave Canada.

  2. Unable to progress in their career

    According to the accounts of some immigrants who left Canada, they found it hard to move up the ladder and find positions that can allow them to grow to match their ambition. Some of those pointed out that Canada provides lower opportunities for the individual’s growth.

  3. Hefty taxes

    Many immigrants leave Canada because of the very high taxes imposed on citizens, which is 50%. Many people pointed out that their incomes get reduced to half because of taxes.

  4. They arrived at a bad time

    According to statistics, those who arrived in the 1990 and 1991 had a higher chance of leaving because of the bad economic conditions during that phase.

  5. Overqualified for their jobs

    According to 2008 statistics, 42% of immigrants aged between 25 and 54 were overqualified for their jobs. This is aligned with the accounts of some immigrants who claimed that they can’t get a job that suits their qualifications. (See Why do some people want to migrate to the United States?)

  6. Unable to find a good job

    Many immigrants leave Canada because of their inability to find a good and satisfying job. Those people might struggle with job rejection or get not-so-good jobs.

  7. Credentials not recognized

    Some immigrants leave Canada because their credentials don’t get recognized by the Canadian system. In such a case, those immigrants will have to study more before they can get a job in their field.

  8. Cultural differences

    Some immigrants find it hard to adapt to a totally new multicultural society. Some people might find it hard to adapt in such a culture. (See Why the United States is called a nation of immigrants?)

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