Why do some people want to migrate to the United States?

Why do People want to Migrate to the United States? Top 10 Reasons to Move to America
  1. “Land of Opportunity”

    The US is dubbed the “land of opportunity” because of the diversity of businesses, ways of thinking, and culture. The US’s GDP is $16 trillion making it the most profitable country and is home to a majority of the most well-known brands.

  2. More Money

    The average wage of an American is $44,888.16 per year. The average yearly wage is $18,000, however most of the world lives on $2 or less per day. So it is obvious that living in the US gives someone better chances of making more money to provide for a better life.

  3. Better Lifestyle

    When comparing to a developing country, the lifestyle in the US is regarded as cleaner, organized, and structured. In addition, the food, medicine, and other products are regulated under the USDA, FDA, among others so there is a better sense of trust when purchasing goods.

  4. More Freedom

    In some countries, there are some basic human rights that are not granted such as religious freedom. So many potential immigrants look to the US as a safe haven for religious and basic human freedoms.

  5. Melted Culture and Diversity

    The US is founded on diversity fueled by immigration. The US officially has six different ethnic groups: White, Native American and Alaska Native, Asian American, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. This makes the US a melting pot and a society of acceptance.

  6. Political Asylum

    In countries of political unrest, the US provides asylum and safety for individuals and their families. People who qualify for asylum are those who are in fear of prosecution based on their religion, race, caste, nationality, or political opinions. In this case, the US is also a safe haven. (See Why the United States is called a nation of immigrants?)

  7. Democracy

    Along the lines of political asylum, the US offers a rigid democratic system that is relatively fair. People come to the US for justice and for equality which is what democracy provides.

  8. Business Investment

    From 2013 to 2014, foreign investments have increased by over $20 million. This is likely due to the large GDP mentioned and the expansion of American born companies. In addition to the investment opportunities, there are many more opportunities for immigrants to open a successful small business. (See How to Choose a Business Partner?)

  9. Better Education

    Although the US does not provide the best education, the US provides better education with better opportunities when compared to developing countries. The US spends over $115,000 on each child’s education.

  10. Better Healthcare

    The US ranks 11 in healthcare with the UK at #1 and Canada at #10. The US does not have the best healthcare system, however being at #11 beats 185 other countries.

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