Why do I look ugly from the side?

You think you look ugly in photos from a particular side is because no one has a perfectly symmetrical face.
  1. You are not used to a certain angle

    Maybe you are not familiar with the angle you are looking at yourself from. What happens is that you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself from the front view, but not the side angle. So whenever you see your side view, it may seem less attractive because you do not see it often.

  2. You are looking at the wrong side

    No human on this earth has a 100% symmetrical face. It is pretty much possible that your left side looks are better than the right one or vice-versa.

  3. Due to the lighting conditions

    Lighting conditions are crucial as if we are looking at ourselves in the mirror, and the lights are too dim or extraordinarily bright or not at the right focus, you might see your ugly reflection. (See Why do I look ugly in Sunlight?)

  4. Your belief about good-looks does not match your features

    It may be your perception towards your looks that you do not look charming, but in reality, you look good. You might be beautiful, but your facial features do not match your personal opinion, and you end up thinking that you look ugly.

  5. Your side view is comparatively less charming

    If we compare the side looks with the front looks, be it any human in this world, the frontal view is better than the side view. It may be the case that you have just looked at yourself in the mirror from the front and then looked at yourself from the side; this made you think that you look ugly from the side angle. But maybe that’s not true! (See Why we hate to see photos of ourselves?)

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