Why we hate to see photos of ourselves?

Why Seeing Photos of Ourselves Disappoints Us? Why we hate to see photos of ourselves?
  1. Pictures reverse the image we see in a Mirror

    Because most humans have imperfect faces , where the left side isn’t identical to the right side, they feel awkward when they see an inverted picture of their faces.

  2. Our features are projected on a 2D image

    While the human Eye sees a 3D picture of people images project those images on 2D surfaces. Some people don’t look good in the 2D form.

  3. Pictures show how we look from one angle

    Most people don’t look good from all angles. Pictures usually focus on one angle and as a result some people might hate to see their pictures taken.

  4. The brain alters the perception of pictures

    The brain alters the perception of the images we see depends on our beliefs. If a person thinks he is ugly then he will see an ugly image when looking at his picture.

  5. We are unfamiliar with our camera photos

    People feel more familiar with the images they see often in the mirror but because pictures aren’t taken everyday a person can easily find his pictures looking unfamiliar. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  6. They are not photogenic

    Some people look bad on pictures even if they look good in real life. Those people usually hate to see pictures of themselves as they make them look bad.

  7. They are used to a certain level of lighting

    People are usually used to a certain level of lighting when they see themselves in their preferred mirrors. Because Camera’s change that people feel unfamiliar when they see their pictures.

  8. We want to look more attractive

    Many people avoid taking pictures of themselves because they want to look more attractive than their photos. Those people hate their photos because they make them feel less attractive. (See What makes a person attractive?)

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