Why do we look ugly when we wake up?

Why does my face look very ugly after waking up? Why does my face look ugly in the morning?

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  1. 1 We check ourselves in sunlight

    Sunlight is known to show the imperfections in the face and to make most people look less attractive than they truly are. See why sunlight makes us less attractive.

  2. 2 Face muscles are relaxed

    When we wake up our face muscles are usually relaxed. This can result in puffy eyes and a tired look.

  3. 3 You didn't sleep well

    Poor quality sleep can lead to a tired looking face in the morning. See how to sleep well.

  4. 4 Your hair gets messed up

    As a result of sleeping, people with long hair, especially women, might find their hair messed up in the morning. See also: why you look ugly in videos.

  5. 5 Dehydration

    People stay without water for hours during their sleep. If a person doesn't drink enough water before sleeping then his body might become dehydrated and he might look ugly in the morning.

  6. 6 The pillow can result in facial lines

    If a person sleeps in the wrong position then the pillow might result in temporary facial lines in the morning. Those lines can make a face look less attractive. See why you don't look good in photos.

  7. 7 Skin pores are partially blocked

    Some wrong habits, such as sleeping with makeup on, can result in partial blocking of skin pores during sleep. This can lead to a bad looking face in the morning. See why you look bad in some mirrors.

  8. 8 Skin can look paler in the morning

    Our skin can look paler after a long night sleep. This can make imperfections in the skin seem more obvious right after waking up. See why you look ugly from the side view.

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