Why do we look ugly when we wake up?

Why does my face look very ugly after waking up? Why does my face look ugly in the morning?
  1. Skin pores are partially blocked

    Our skin is sensitive. It is easily prone to partial blocking just after you wake up in the morning, especially when you succumb to certain bad habits such as sleeping with makeup on, not washing your face before sleeping; all this can make your skin look bad in the morning.

  2. Your hair gets messed up

    Your hair will look messy when you wake up. Looking into the mirror in the first place as soon as you wake up might scare you.

  3. Face muscles are relaxed

    Your sleep may make your eyes look puffy, as your face muscles are usually relaxed when you wake up.

  4. We check ourselves in sunlight

    Sunlight makes scare, pores, and all other imperfections prominent, due to which many people may find themselves unattractive at that time.

  5. You did not sleep well

    You may have a short sleep due to some reason, resulting in a tired and exhausted look. (See Why do I look Ugly in Videos?)

  6. Dehydration

    Staying hydrated is very important to keep our skin healthy. Hours of sleep and not consuming a little bit of water before you sleep might make your body dehydrated, and you may look ugly in the morning.

  7. The skin may look paler in the morning

    Your face may look pale if you view yourself in the mirror immediately after waking up. (See Why do I look ugly from the side?)

  8. The pillow can result in facial lines

    Sleeping in the wrong position might result in leaving temporary facial lines in the morning.

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