What is the difference between a Manicure and a Pedicure?

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  1. What is a Manicure?

    This one is mainly a beauty treatment for fingernails and hand. There are many things done in the manicure treatment, such as nails are trimmed, hands are drenched, buffing and forming of nails, the skin of fingernail are pushed back and evacuated, and the dead skin is removed.

  2. What is a Pedicure?

    Just like manicure, the beauty treatment for legs and feet is referred to as a pedicure. In this, the toenails are groomed just like the hand nails are treated in a manicure. One of the significant differences between them is that in pedicure, the feet’ back is scrubbed for removing the dead skin.

  3. Tools used for manicure and pedicure

    Some of the standard tools which are required for performing a manicure are a bowl of warm water, cuticle pusher, cuticle knife, cuticle cream, acetone, cotton balls, nail filer, base coat, nail bleach, nail conditioner, cuticle oil, cuticle creams, nail polish, clippers and manicure table.

    For pedicure, the tools needed are cotton balls, acetone, cuticle nipper, foot bath, cuticle cream, massage lotion, nail filer, lotion, toenail clippers, nail polish, orangewood sticks, towels, toe spacers, pumice stone, Pedicure spa and paper towels.

  4. Pedicures centre on callus

    The significant difference between the two is that pedicures centre more on callus smoothing and reduction, also called exfoliation. Our feet have to get extra attention and care as our feet get a very different level of use and type than hands. Usually, the maximum time goes in working on callus in pedicure, although no such time is consumed while doing a manicure.

  5. Cost

    Although the price range varies for both manicure and pedicure, usually the latter is comparatively expensive. If you go to a regular shop, they will charge you around $10 – $15 for a standard manicure treatment and $20-$25 for a deluxe treatment. Whereas, for a pedicure, they charge $15-$20 for routine treatment and $25-$35 for exclusive treatment.

  6. Process

    Let us understand the process in detail:

    a) What is done- In a manicure, if you opt for a nail trim, then the file and shape your nails, plus you also get a hand massage. In pedicure, the nail is recorded and moulded, and they also give a massage to your feet.
    b) Scrubbing- Pedicure involved more scrubbing and cleaning so that the bottoms become gentler and free from dead skin cells.
    c) Nails- When you opt for a nail treatment for your hands, they trim your hand nails and make them clean and alluring. Similarly, nail treatment for foot, trim your toenails and make them look appealing.

  7. How is it done

    If you opt for a basic manicure, they would first apply cream or oil to the cuticles and put your hands in the bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes. After that, they would dry them and cut the cuticles. Then, they would trim and shape the nails as per your desire and then they would apply the nail polish.

    In a pedicure, they focus more on scrubbing. First, they soak your feet in the warm water and then do the scrubbing and cleaning with a pumice stone. Then the nails are cut and filed. Later they remove the cuticles and apply the nail polish.

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