Why do I look different in different lighting?

Alex Williams
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  1. Luminous lights highlight your flaws

    Fluorescent lights will make your imperfections very clear. You will notice if you look at yourself in the mirror located below a bright light, you will look way too different as that when you look at yourself in the home mirror.

  2. White light can change the colour of makeup

    Lighting plays a significant role in exhibiting the colour and effect of the makeup. If the makeup is applied in intense white light, it could change the colour of the makeup. This could further lead to an entirely undesired look that you never wanted but done because of the different lighting.

  3. Skin flaws become more visible

    In the bright lights, whatever skin imperfections you may have, they will become prominent.

  4. Certain type of lights can make scars prominent

    The scars, pits, blackheads, eye-bags, forehead lines, smile lines, or any other imperfection on your skin, will be highlighted in fluorescent lights. (See why do I look ugly in sunlight)

  5. A part of your face gets more light

    You may look weird and less attractive if the lighting on one side of your face is getting more light than the other side.

  6. Curves can become more visible

    The visibility of certain types of curves on your skin will make you look less attractive. It can also make the person look older than their actual age.

  7. The angle of light may change your looks

    Every person has different flaws on their faces. Some may have more scars, while some may need to hide their pigmentation. It depends on the angle of lighting that falls on the face, making imperfections look more or less visible. (See why do I look different in different mirrors)

  8. Due to different CRI

    CRI is the colour rendering index, which is one of the attributes of light sources. Only the light sources consisting of higher CRI will reflect true colours compared to lightings with low CRI.

  9. Depends on Light intensity

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