What makes female face attractive?

What makes a girl’s face attractive? What makes a woman’s face attractive
  1. Full lips

    Men are generally attracted to women who have fuller lips. The brains of Men see this as a sign that the woman is healthy and fertile.

  2. Symmetrical faces

    Both men and women find symmetrical faces highly attractive. The more symmetrical a woman’s face is, the right side is similar to the left side, the more attractive the woman is considered to be.

  3. Thin eyebrows

    Men are generally attracted to women with feminine facial features such as thin eyebrows.

  4. Big eyes

    Big eyes make a female’s face more like a baby face. Big eyes make the person seem more receptive and kind. (See Why Do Men Find Women With Big Eyes Attractive?)

  5. Small nose

    A small nose is considered a sign of femininity. The more feminine a woman’s face looks, the more attractive it’s considered to be.

  6. Cheekbones

    Cheekbones are more of a personal preference than a universal beauty standard for women. Some men prefer women with prominent cheekbones while others don’t.

  7. Proportional face

    Facial proportions can make a person more or less attractive. If one feature is too big, then it might reduce the overall attractiveness of the face. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

  8. Soft hair

    Men generally find women with soft hair more attractive than those with coarse hair. Generally, long hair makes the woman seem more attractive to men since it signifies health.

  9. Personal preferences

    According to psychologists, the personal preferences a person develops can force him to get attracted to a certain type of face. Some men, for example, might only prefer women with sharp facial features, while others might only like women with round facial features.

  10. Small neck

    Men in general prefer women who are not overweight. Any increase in weight that makes the face overly wide and the neck thicker is considered unattractive by most men.

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