Why Do Men Find Women With Big Eyes Attractive?

Do Guys Like Girls With Big Beautiful Eyes? Why Do Men Find Women With Big Eyes Attractive?

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  1. 1 A sign of high estrogen

    Big eyes along with full lips are signs of high estrogen in women. Men are hard wired to find women with higher level of estrogen more attractive.

  2. 2 They make women look younger

    Larger eyes make women look younger. Men in general prefer younger women to older ones.

  3. 3 A sign of fertility

    Because Youth is considered a good sign of fertility men usually find women who look younger more attractive as men are hard wired to get attracted to fertile women. See also what makes a woman attractive to a man.

  4. 4 Connected to innocence

    Since babies have large eyes people have learned to associate some traits such as honesty and innocence with large eyes.

  5. 5 A sign of femininity

    Testosterone makes a person's eyes small. A woman who has large eyes is perceived to be more feminine. See also how to tell if a man has high testosterone.

  6. 6 They signal the need for protection

    Women with bigger eyes make men unconsciously believe that they need protection since they resemble babies. This makes those women more attractive to men.

  7. 7 They make a woman look agreeable

    Large eyes can make women look agreeable and submissive. Many men like to see those traits in women.

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